Running out of ways to use them

gandle(4 NE)April 6, 2012

We are taking care of a friends place while they are gone for 5 days. will be back Monday. They asked us to see that their chickens had water and to make sure the feeders were full. She said "keep the eggs, give them away or do what you want". We do use quite a few eggs but are getting an average of 22 per day. There are always some green ones and even a couple of little ones. A couple of bantams are with the rest. These are just hobby chickens and I have no idea how many varieties they have. Some are really beautiful. There are I think 3 she called porcelains, really pretty

We are eating scrambled eggs, making custards. Neither of us likes angel food cake so that is out. Any ideas for using a surplus of eggs. We have given quite a few away but still have 2 days to collect them.

They are so good fried when the white stands up firm against the yoke.

We have to see that the cat herd has food too. They are barn cats, not really friendly but are curious about us too and don't run away, just stand back and watch. Think I counted 8 cats.

These friends live in the country but are not really farmers but they have a lot of outbuildings and really good chicken houses. Oh, yes, he has a lot of roller pigeons still in their winter quarters. When he lets them fly it is fun to see them roll in the air. They always seem to keep an eye on home base and don't stray too far. I would guess they have at least 50 roller pigeons.

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You can freeze eggs very nicely. Be sure to scramble them up well, place in a zip bag. Be sure to mark each bag with how many eggs might be in there. When you defrost them they will be thick but still make great breakfast or quiches.

Both of you are great neighbors and freinds to do this. And if I were closer, I would gladly take some eggs.

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I know you said that you didn't like angel food cakes, but have you tried Chiffon Cake? One will use about 7 eggs yolks and whites.

Even the husband guy can make one.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Pickle 'em!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Make quiches; I've found that most freeze and reheat very nicely. My favorite is crustless spinach with a bit of onion and garlice and Parmesan; second favorite is broccoli (chop small) with bits of bacon and/or diced kielbasi. Make and freeze them in custard cups or muffin pans and they reheat quickly for lunch.

Frittatas, especially with lots of potato, also freeze well.

As pk says, stir and freeze. Use plastic ice cube trays to freeze individual eggs, one per cube section. Pack cubes into zip-bags, slurp out excess air and seal, then pack into another zip-bag to help prevent freezer-burn.

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OMG.........I've been in egg mode since early this year and can relate. I just took two twelve-yolk pound cakes out of the oven. They are great for use as the base for strawberry short cakes or trifle. I make them in loaf pans and freeze. I take the whites from when I make the cakes and freeze them six per small freezer bag. They shall be used for meringue for baking or pavlovas. Noodles..........make noodles. They freeze and I'm going to take some I've made earlier to serve for the Easter meal.

I don't like the ice-cube egg routine. Mine always seem to dry up, no matter how well sealed or how quickly used. But it is an option. When I was freezing the whites last year, I put a pan of water on to a low simmer and would slip the yolks into it. They cook up perfectly round and freeze very well to crumble on salads or spinach.

Custards. We had some two nights ago. Homemade mayo. If all else fails and you have more than you can possibly use, the local food kitchen for the poor really appreciates the cage-free dozens we have taken them. The same eggs I am scrambling to use up go for three and up a dozen at the local markets.

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Great suggestions above, I'm taking notes.
Pickle some eggs in beet juice, they take on a nice red color, make some develed eggs, using both white and red eggs, decorate with some fresh parsley, a colorful dish.

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Miss the fresh eggs from way back, had a variety so various sizes and the green ones came from the Auracanas.

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