Buying a Troy Bilt

42420November 27, 2013

I'm looking at buying the high rated Troy Bilt 42-in. Mustang zero turn mower. The only dealers I can find is Lowes, and neither of the area Lowes stores stocks TB zero turns. What's the best way to purchase this mower? Direct from factory? Special order from Lowes, Other?

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Maybe contact MTD directly?

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I myself am not a fan of MTD products.
Years ago Troy Bilt was a company that made durable products, I personally wouldn't buy one today.
When the big fish swallows the smaller ones, things are never the same.

See the history of MTD at the link below.

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Would they have a Cub cadet model that is similarly spec'd out? (Same happy family)

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According to the prior link I posted, it appears MTD also owns Cub Cadet. I'm wondering if that is indeed fact.

In 1981 the Cub Cadet product line was acquired from International Harvester, and the White Outdoor Products Company was acquired from the old White Motor Company.

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I looked at a Cut Cadet 42" zero turn --looked just like the Troy Bilt and Lowes had one in stock. But it was $700 more than the Troy Bilt! And, the Cub evidently doesn't have a mulch kit available (which I need) and the Troy Bilt does. I don't want to start something with a Consumer Report comment and I know they're not always right, etc. But they rated that Troy Bilt I mentioned tops!

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I can't say that I know the differences between the two. I would assume that the decks are the same or that digging a little deeper that there would be one available. The typical MTD mulch kit on a 2 blade is a basic chute cover and different blades. If you can't locate the info, I would get the specific model from the Cub at Lowes (behind the seat area) and put it on parts look up(just entering it in Google is fine) and compare the decks. If you have challenges, let me know. One thing I can tell you is that Lowes would love to put you into something they have in stock. I've heard from two different customers how much they lowered the price when they bought their riders- and I was simply floored! I do not sell new equipment now, but know the ropes as I did for years. You could very well make that 7 bills up and then some. An update: When I searched Lowes for a potential model # on these, the Cub was no longer listed on the site. Maybe they won't carry them in the future? MAybe an even better bargain to be had. Also, the model of the Troy seems to be 17AFCACS011 From the Home Depot site, their Cub MFG Model # : RZT L42 MFG Part # : 17AFCACS010. They both show the same decks from what I see less the paint code.

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I'm going to Home Depot this week to see if I can get a deal on a Cub. Maybe they'll have one of the zero turns with a steering wheel left. Again, don't pop me for using CR, but the Cub owner judged dependability rating is not that great. It's interesting that some MTD brands have much better dependability ratings than others...

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You know 42420, it's your dime and you should buy what you want. Problem is, everything is so feature intensive no matter what you buy. Reviews of an item by CR or the ultimate users are a great place to start. The ratings don't tend to follow the logic is true. If they are the same same, what would sway the reviews? It has been a while since I looked at these two. Are engines the same between the two?

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Cub Cadet is owned by MTD. I bought a 26" Cub Cadet snow thrower 2 years ago. The dealer replaced the first one as the auger housing was welded on crooked. While the replacement works fine, I get the impression that both the parts and assembly are cheap. Bolts look like they were forced in crooked, cylinder head starting to rust badly, PowerMore Engine made in China. Who knows, time will tell, it just looks and feels cheap. I hope it lasts a long time as I do the routine maintenance and keep fuel stabilizer in the gas.

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