The Hairdo

kathyjane(z6VA)April 9, 2011

There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror,

and noticed she had only three hairs on her head.

"Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today!"

So she did and she

had a wonderful day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror

and saw that she had only two hairs on her head.

"H-M-M," she said, "I think I'll part my hair

down the middle today!"

So she did and she had a grand day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror

and noticed that she had only one hair on her head.

"Well," she said, "today I'm going to wear my

hair in a pony tail!

"So she did and she had a fun, fun day.

The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror

and noticed that there wasn't a single hair

on her head.

"YAY!" she exclaimed,

"I don't have to fix my hair today!"

Attitude is everything.

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KJ! Guffaw! and smile! and you are so right! It's all in the perspective.
I accidentally dumped Taffy's dish of cat food this morning,on the floor and on my bath-robe.
Gussie cleaned the floor for me, and I washed my bath-robe, but the cats probably would have just thought I was finally wearing a perfume to their liking

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Love it!

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What a great way to start the day with a smile!

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Thought provoking humor is the best.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Thank you! :-)

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Somebody posted this on the bulletin board at the cancer center. Later somebody else framed it and left it on the wall. I think it is still in the chemo section. Attitude definitely helped.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

And if you are bald, you don't have to worry about blending your make up in to your hair line, you can use facial cleanser all the way up and skip the shampoo and conditioner....and you don't have to worry about mussing your hair when you pull on a sweater.

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Very poignant,KJ.

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I love this,and obviously I would as well as others here I suspect. LOL

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To ANYONE here who may have been hurt in any way by this post; I sincerely apologize.

I posted it as I saw it----not for a minute thinking of others who may have lost their hair due to a catastrophic illness.

Please forgive me if I hurt any of you---I don't think things through very well sometimes.

I must say, those of you who have been through this, have a wonderful outlook on life,
accepting it as it is!
That is true beauty...

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Hey KJ, I have a small story to tell. When I took my body work training way back in '86 we had to choose a body work partner. The one that chose me was a nice young lady who had Alopecia areata universalis. She had the best wig, so good you could not tell. She never let any one see her with out it.

During the three month training program at a secluded yoga ashram she became much more sure and at peace with herself and about half way through started going without the wig, at least around the twenty some in the class and the residents of the ashram. She was a beautiful young lady either way and became much more at ease with herself and others.

I tell this as a help to ease your mind and those that have similar situations for any reason. As was mentioned in previous posts attitude is every thing, vanity is only a fleeting thing and over hyped. The true essence of ones being is much more important. People that truly care will see that essence as the real person.

Chin up Sis

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Well, since I don't have internet over the weekend, and I have had a horrible horrible infection of the sinuses inside my brain, literally... I didn't see this until today.

KathyJane! I'm just gonna have to git you and then hug you hard. You were just funny. You weren't insensitive. Because we know you. You would never hurt a flea and just have the greatest outlook. You're ok in my book.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Kathyjane-I wouldn't worry about it, I think most people that deal with this take it stride...I had the most fun with a best friend while she was going through chemo...she lost every hair on her body...darn we had fun trying to give her eyebrows...seems like it would be easy and you would know where they belong but nooooooooooo...we always ended up in hysterics. I don't think anyone took your post it in a negative or hurtful way.

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Thank you, ALL of you, for helping me feel more at ease---each person here has something to give to each other and also as a group.
I appreciate so much these beautiful, soulful stories. How wonderful to face the unknown and be able dance around it with friends and laughter, seeing only so much, but choosing to live LIFE as it comes!

You bring to mind my best friend----she cooks, cooks, cooks for others who are sick or going through hard times. She laughs and hoots and shows up...... is THERE.

When she was going through a divorce 'way years back, I helped her move to an apt....I carried TONS of clothes over and hung them up in her new closet---quite a number I'd made for her 20 years before!
When she remarried, I was the only witness at the little civil ceremony in their farmhouse.

I always gave her advice about her cars---how much to ask for them when she sold one, where to take one to be serviced.

When she dislodged one of her hip replacements and had to get it fixed, I helped get her husband get her set up in the bedroom after the hospital dumped her out only two days after the repair.
I was so afraid to see her like that, so pale and hurting, I didn't go back for three months to visit.
I couldn't do it.
She forgave me.
If it happens again, I still don't think I could face it.
What a wimp.
I was thinking all those years how strong I was, helping her in lots of ways as she went through life transistions.
But, when I saw saw how vulnerable, how fragile life was,
I caved.
She knows my strengths and she really knows my weaknesses and she still loves me, thank God.....

---I guess that's sort of what's happening here.....
I'm glad we are sharing what was funny/sad and I can now laugh, too, instead of being fearful of hurting people I respect and love.
I appreciate the insights and stories!

OK: now we can all sit around the campfire and sing 'Kumbayah'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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