We see some strange things at the museum

gandle(4 NE)April 14, 2011

Two years ago I had a woman that after I told her about the Pony Express she kind of sideled up to me and said in a low voice "did you know I am a reincarnation of an acient Egyptian princess"? How does one answer such a question. She was rambling on about her past lives and when she stood near me her clothing smelled just like the carpet was on fire. Kind of figured that one out.

Then I had a man swear that he was a ghost and he went on and on about being able to pass through closed doors and walls. Didn't offer th show me an example though. Since he must have weighed close to 400 pounds would have liked to see that. He was very serious. I almost asked him where they sent your paycheck but thought it wise just to see him go.

Yesterday I had a couple from Indiana stop, they were driving a very full Volkswagen and she brought a large lampshade to the door of the Pony Express station and said they were takinfg it to California to please his sister. She apparently thought it would look better on a lamp than the one that was there. They had me take their picture with them holding the lampshade just below the Pony Express sign. think they were going to tell her it was shipped Pony Express. Have had a lot of other odd things happen, Leone has too but it really is fun.

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It must be interesting at times, there are some deluded souls around and I think when they hit the road, their quirkiness really blossoms. Can be scary at times, can it?

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When one is open to the public, all kinds of stuff can happen. I worked in a very high end department store in DC in my youth and I certainly had some "strange" requests. My thinking is that if one chooses to work with the public, it takes a lot of tact.

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Gandle, you never know who/what is going to walk through the door, do you?

Sounds like you have plenty of quippy answers to keep them all happy enough.

(Now it's thundering---with more wind. I HATE these storms!)

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Working the nightshift in the reception of a hotel makes for some funny stories too, especially if people can't sleep or feel lonely and a desk clerk can't run off and claim to have to go somewhere.

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We have treasures here of story tellers with a wonderful awareness and tales to learn from. Thank you.

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