Sigh. April on the high plains.

gandle(4 NE)April 13, 2014

Three beautiful days in the high 60's and even the low 70's. Seven inches of snow on the ground and still snowing lightly.The streets and sidewalks were warm enough so that there will be very little shoveling. Wood burner going full blast. Beginning to think we don't haave enough wood to finish the season.

But, we need moisture so badly that this snow is welcome although it did kind of put a damper on Palm Sunday services.

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I hear you! Now we did have nice, warm sunny weather, but would appreciate a bit (or a lot) more moisture in whatever form. We are 61% of "normal", which is better than last season, but not much and come May chances of rain will be minuscule, and after May, forget it until late October, if we are lucky. Still, we shall carry on the best we can.

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Odd weather, high 80's and 90's here.

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gmatx zone 6

Yup, temps in the 70-80 range and then yesterday we had a norther move in mid-day. Started snowing late last night and the wind is blowing from the North at 30 mph. Not much snow, at least compared to what Gandle has, but we will take whatever amount of moisture we can get. The snow seems fairly wet, so even though the wind is blowing, the snow that hits the pastures seems to be clinging on the stubs of grass - thankfully.

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Spring and 60 degr. on Friday, Saturday 75, Sunday summer and 81, tonight - snow and light frost.

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The human condition.,lol. The weather is doing it's own thing.
We, DH and I are trying to keep up. The last week we've had the AC/heater on. Opened the windows/closed the windows. Water the lawn/not water the lawn.
Mother nature just keeps going on.

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Had the A/C on until it got cold enough last evening. Right up to bedtime. Then turned on the heat for this morning. Tomorrow is even colder (covering up my flowers tonight). Then back to Spring!

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Rob, that is so pretty. You have a good eye for color.
Mother nature just does what she wants.
We do try to regulate temps both for our plants and us.
Yes, cover those beauties.

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