Sometimes I wonder????

agnespuffinApril 7, 2012

Sometimes I wonder about the education of some posters. I go to a geneolgy forum from time to time..

There was this thread about so many Americans having Native Americans amoung their ancestors.

One poster just sort of pooh-poohed the whole idea. She said that back in the 19th century it was not socially acceptable to marry Native Americans. Therefore that would have cut down on the breeding with them.

OH??? Think About how the West was back in the 1800s.

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Nothing you can do about that but roll your eyes

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There were few women that would venture into the wild west so the men found wives among the natives, just as has been the case in many countries the world over when war or exploration happens. We likely have more ancestors from slightly different peoples to very different peoples as a result.

The title of the thread made me think of the opening line of this song...

Here is a link that might be useful: Stardust

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By the 1800s there was already two hundred years of 'mingling' going on, and it started on the Eastern Seaboard when caucasians were the minority and often dependent on Indians to survive. Much of that 'mingling' happened before the push to the West, with the Eastern tribes before the great displacements. There were great pockets of those populations through Appalachia who stayed, relatively intact in obscurity as relocations happened and their roots to the old nations maintained soley through oral tradition. The census never even had the capacity to define native heritage until the roles were officially taken. So many families who mention stories of native heritage probably do have some, especially if they can trace their lineage in this country back early enough.'s an eye roller. My aunt was born on an Eastern reservation and I asked her btw if it offended her when someone referred to as Indian, instead of Native American and she just laughed and said Indian is easier to say and she was too old to bother changing it over to politically correct lingo.

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