The Reward after digging, amending and planting.

west_gardenerApril 8, 2011

I've planned our front border for some time.

I've pulled out old growth, amended our heavy clay soil, dug holes and planted the plants. Bought a "tamper" at the flea market to tamp the soil so I could put in a brick border. It has been a lot of work but I think it was all worth it when I see the colorful border.

I'm getting up in years now, and don't know if I can do that kind of hard work again. I'll enjoy the border for a long time.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's beautiful, I can tell you spent a long time on that.Good for you!

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Oh, it is just gorgeous - lots of work, but worthwhile work, be proud of it!

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Love it, wished mine would look half as good. You worked hard and it shows.

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Can you come and help weed ours? Beautiful, shows the hard work to those that have done the same, the rest need to get their hands in the dirt to feel the real essence of life.

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Next time you have a spare hour or two you can journey over and go to work on my beds! I make good coffee and cookies!
Awesome beds. Are those this year? We still have mounds of snow.

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West, your front border garden is lovely; your hard work really paid off. As I sit at my computer and look out the front window at our garden area, I'm embarrassed! Hopefully, once it gets warm enough--if ever--your beautiful garden will inspire me to get to work! :>)

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Well done, West!
Neat, well-spaced.
It all works as a gracious curve for the eye to follow.

(The brick-work would've done my wrists in!!)

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Thanks for all the kind words. The photo was taken a few days ago when all the plants were blooming at the same time. That is what I was hoping for when I planned this border. But, when you are dealing with living things, there is no sure thing. This year all the planets aligned properly.

Regarding the bricks, they are not set in concrete, they are placed tightly between two plastic border thingies, the kind that you sink into the soil. I wish I knew the name, but I don't.
In about a month, most of the color will be gone from this early spring bed, so I planned to build a summer bed in front of that bed and move the bricks.
I have the vision of the summer bed, but I don't know if I have the stamina or muscle power to make it happen.
Spring is here and I have the gardening bug.

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Well done.
I know how much work you put into it.
Don't do like I did at the lake house and
plant so many beds you can't maintain it when the knees
and the stamina goes.

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janis_g, thanks for the "well done". Your point about being able to maintain is well taken and I'll think about that when my gardening bug hits. Planning and planting is a lot more fun than maintaining. I'll use my three little 3x4 raised beds for my flights of fancy.

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