Not in my garden, 4/17/14

jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)April 16, 2014

Sorry that this is early, but I gotta be on the road real, real early on Thursday.

On Wednesday, I showed the base of a banyan tree in Lahaina. No way to get a decent shot of the entire tree. It is so huge that the park is devoted to this one tree. Here is a longer shot of this tree. Not even close to encompassing the entire thing. Yep, that is one tree! You gotta see it to believe it!


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I remember Ronald Reagan say "you see one tree you see them all" - not that one tree - it is one of a kind

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Truly amazing.

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What a wonderful tree. If it could talk, what stories would we hear?

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I wonder how far into the earth the roots go in order to support/hold up that huge tree? And who gets to rake all those leaves? :>)

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Good question, anneliese. The neat thing about this tree is that it is right downtown Lahaina so it has had a front row view to history.,So there must be thousands or millions of voices that the tree has "heard".
I guess it could talk about the whales that migrated in the sea, the storms it has seen, the people it has met that sought shade, the people that protected it.

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