Hocking Pics

babs_clareApril 12, 2008

I decided to put this here so I wouldn't overload the regular idyll thread.

These are some pics from our easter break trip to Hocking Hills,OH a few weeks ago-I think it was Cynthia that asked for visuals. Since I was busy having fun I didn't get the volume of pics I normally would.

This was our cabin. Behind us the deck wraps around the back and there's balcony off of which we could cast our fishing line into a pond directly below-very cool. To the bottom left of this shot you can see the edge of the pond. I think there's one pic I didn't upload that shows what I mean-I will add that later.

This is a view off the top rim of Conkle's Hollow-you can see the sandstone in the foreground which makes up the rim-if you walked to the edge you'd look down a steep 200 feet-photography doesn't do it justice. The hiking trail is essentially three or four feet from this stone edge for much of the first half of the 2-1/2 mi. trail. The plant life up there is really amazing-many conifers such as Virginia pine & hemlock for sure. To think that these trees are growing in the shallow pits of soil & sand ontop of standstone is something to think about-many of the trees had a bonsai-like appearance-very gnarled and stunted. Lots of mossy carpeting too in areas. I was in such awe that I didn't get pics of half of what I saw there.

Well,I did find this chunk of a guy: )Isn't he CUTE? There were whole areas big enough to lay on that were completely moss covered with the type of moss shown near Mr. Toad.I also found moss that was pale bluegreen-I've never seen that before. I do have a pic of that if anyone wants to see it.

The guys-four feet beyond AJ is the drop off.I kept thinking as he leaned on that tree, 'that better be a strong tree.': ) I was pretty proud of Ryan since he kept focus and listened well on such a potentially dangerous terrain-or else we'd never had done it. Notice how Chris(who's afraid of heights)has BOTH hands on him!

Hope you liked a glimpse of my trip! more pics to come.


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What an idyllic spot, Babs...can't get much better than fishing off the porch!

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Thanks for posting those! The critter is cool, and yes I did notice that moss. I'm up for the blue moss if you do another round. I think I need to go read about Hocking Hills, it really does look unusual and special.

Boys are so tall!

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AJ has your smile. And YOU have a handsome family. I breathe a little bit easier when I remind myself that so many of you have kids and there IS hope for the world. Thanks!

I love toads, salamanders, frogs... I just really like animals (except dogs).

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Here's the pond side of the cabin.

This pic almost looks like it's fall but it's just some oaks still holding onto their leaves. The plants were only just starting to bud up-and the peepers were surprisingly loud. Later we realized that just down the road there was a swamp where the sound was coming from.

Cynthia,we found clumps of moss like this(it's golf ball sized) but the color in this pic doesn't appear as bluegreen as as it really was. I had wondered if it was growing on individual stones because of its shape-I didn't check because I didn't want to disturb its home. I saw another type of moss(no pic)that looked like teal sea coral and it was less pastel than the ball-like moss. I obviously need to research what it was I found: )

Two of my favorite colors here-mossy green moss(hmm redundant?) and bluegreen lichens on an interesting host.

Another example of the sandstone rim-lots of places to sit and think on a sunny warm afternoon.

I thought this was a cool tree ; )


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Wonderful pics of a wonderful area. Sort of reminds me of the terrain, vegetation and critters here. Like Chelone, I too am fond of toads, frogs, lizards etc, And moss....:-)
( as you probably gathered from my mossy rock pic.) You took pics of the same things that I look for when out in the woods.
I also agree....you have a handsome family ( including yourself).


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Ah Babs, what an attractive family and a beautiful setting !
I particularly like the pic of the two young men in front of the pond-nothing fake or insincere about those smiles and the obvious affection...very cool.

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Two years ago we did a family gathering that was very very similar, just 4 months before Sarah's wedding. It is a great tradition, one I hope both our families continue for a long time. Rocks, trees, moss, critters and family help us through the rest of the year.

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What a wonderful spot to commune with nature and spend family time together. Your family are growing up so fast! What a handsome group of guys you have. Thanks for sharing all with us.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wonderful pics of a gorgeous location! Thanks for posting these Babs! What fun!

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Aside from the fact that poor Chris does look absolutely ready to bolt as soon as the camera clicked, I can't think of a more wonderful, relaxing place to be with people you love so much. Thanks, Babs!! for taking me to a place I haven't been in years.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Neat place, Babs. Through my internet travels a few months ago I happened on an album of someone's antique log cabin vacation in Hocking Hills and immediately started googling the area.

Are those the same boys I met a Honey's a few years ago? Jeez, they look like young men.

Thanks for the glimpse.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I just did a google search of that area. What a gorgeous place! I found so many awesome pics. It caused me to think of all the equally marvelous spots in the USA and the rest of the world. I never got to see nearly all of those in my native State, and I will never see all of them in Arkansas. There just is not enough time!!!
I added one gorgeous fall pic of Conkle's Hollow to My Pictures.
You are so fortunate to get to go there.

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Hello Babs!!!!! Wonderful photos and the boys have grown so much! I hope you'll have time to share more pics of this trip.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Babs, you know how to pick a great vacation spot! I have always loved log cabins and think I could be pretty content to live in one. Especially with all the windows that one has. You all look quite relaxed and happy. Photo #1, self timer? Photo#3, AJ looks so confident and like he was really getting a lot out of the experience. Photo#5, the boys look like they actually get along. [g] What is the difference in ages? Love that moss ball! I am really getting into mosses and trying to encourage them in the garden. I just caught an episode of Gardener's Diary recently about 'The Moss Lady' from Richmond VA, who had an acre of moss in her very wooded 5 acre lot. Very cool to see that much moss used as a lawn. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love to see faces to go with the names!

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I can see why you like going there. I love how the cabin is right on the ponds edge. You are such a happy and attractive family.


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