Vine ID help

treeguy123(AL 7b)May 27, 2014

I saw some wild vines that grow by a large creek, and they have large rounded leaves that are fuzzy and up to the size of a mans hand (if growing in the shade). The leaves look very much like Legnephora moorei, but that plant not native, so it's likely a native vine that look similar. The leaves have no lobes, and they have smooth margins.

Anybody know?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe Aristolochia.

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treeguy123(AL 7b)

Thanks very much, you are right, I searched some more and I think it's:
Aristolochia tomentosa

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I grow that, as well as another aristolochia not quite so hardy.......good guess on that, and when it blooms, you should be able to nail it. I grow them as host plants for the pipevine swallowtail butterfly.

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