My first music video, starring Scout! :-)

Full_Bloom(z5 IL)April 24, 2006

The Young rascals - Groovin'

Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon

Really couldn't get away too soon...

I can't imagine anything that's better

The world is ours whenever we're together

There ain't a place I'd like to be instead of...


down a crowded avenue


anything we like to do

There's always lots of things that we can see

We can be anyone we like to be

All those happy people we could meet

Just groovin' on a Sunday afternoon

Really, couldn't get away too soon

We'll keep on spending sunny days this way

We're gonna talk and laugh our time away

I feel it coming closer day by day

Life could be ecstasy!

You and me endlessly...

Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon

Really couldn't get away to soon

No, No, No, No

Ah, ah, ah

Ah, ah, AH



Uh ha, Uh ha, Uh ha....


Hi Guys! Let me apologize ahead of time, I know this is hoggy...but I was just having too much fun! :-) Hope you like my first music video! LOL! Ill be taking it down late tonight.

So, in case you havenÂt guessed Scouty and I spent a splendiferous afternoon in the garden on Sunday! Boy have we been having the beautiful weather. Still, I hope we get some more rain! Even though weÂve had some rain, it really hasnÂt been enough for my soil to recover from last year...hereÂs hoping some more raindrops are heading our way soon

I plan to post a regular Idyll post tonight when I come back to delete this, but it probably wonÂt be until late tonight! Anyway, itÂs time to go pick up sis from chemo so IÂll be back (probably late tonight)! Ei

P.S. LOL! I just, one of my eyebrows is not *MUCH* thicker than the other...that's a curly lock of my hair hanging in my face...LOL!

Have a great one all! Ei

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Very nice, but where's the music?????
What a lovely picture of you. Scout is 'okay' too. :-)
Why do you need to delete this?

Can you post a pic of the forget-me-not's leaves so I can have some idea of what to look for in my bed? Would the plants bloom this year, or will they wait until next year to bloom? Surely some of them will grow! The lupines are doing well.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Marian! The music is suppose to be in your head; can't you hear it?...LOL! :-) Anyway, just a quick pop in as I need to get dinner on the table, I will "talk" to you tonight! Just wanted to let you know that I will dig up pics of the myosotis leaves for you. Some of mine are beginning to bloom now, with more a little later, I'm sure. Glad the lupines are doing well.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Ei and Scout that was GREAT!!!

Please don't delete it!! Glenn would enjoy it and he's at work!

Now Groovin' is on repeat mode in my head, lol!

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Hi Ei

I LOVE IT!! Please leave it up for a bit longer so that we can all get to enjoy the pics. Scout has such an adorable face - and so do you! Thank you for that treat - I'm going to hum through one more time. Your gardens are looking just lovely.


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Hey EI!!! You groovin' kinda gal! Scout is such a fun poochie :0)and he *really* has a sweet smile! Thanks for the music video.Yeah, what's up with the caterpillar eyebrow? lol just teasin'~You look mah-va-lous! How'd you do those funky pics of the daff? fun stuff,missy!: )
I'm happy you found some time for fun and visited us...AND I'm glad that for a change I didn't miss those gorgeous pics-since this is its own thread you should leave it up-don'cha think?
So will you and Scout be going on tour?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And the swinging vote comes from Charlotte! Keep this one up for a few days at least!!!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

No need to delete this at all, Ei. It's wonderful! We get to see Scout, your beautiful garden and you too.


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Hi Ei, thanks for this, I love it! Especially the pictures of Scout. He really does smile doesn't he? Please leave it up, I've already looked at it twice and would like to show it to Brad in the morning. I'll be humming along the rest of the evening.


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Oh Ei! How creative. I enjoyed it very much. Glad I didn't miss this one. Norma

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi Eileen, Love this!!! It looks like your tulips are just fabu-fabu right now. I really enjoyed your garden pics and especially Scout. What a ham...LOL

Do not delete please?


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Scout has a very very clever & Fun Mother!!! Thanks for sharing such a terrific original idea, Eileen. It's lovely - and love the spring photos of your garden & Scout & friends. (can you hear us all doing chorus?)


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I enjoyed this so much! You're often on my mind and it is wonderful to 'see' you (and Scout!). :o)


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I'm sure glad you didn't delete this. LOL I just got a chance to really look at it. What fun you two had. Your garden is looking lovely already. Thanks for sharing your fun time with us.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Ei, I can hear the music! Thanks for sharing your garden stroll.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

LOL almost made me spill my coffee! Caterpillar eyebrow! :-) Now every time I look at that pic that's exactly what I see...LOL!

Thanks guys! I decided to go ahead and leave them up since you asked. I was just a little embarrassed about my hogginess! :-) Anyway, It was a lot of fun to do and a good way to amuse myself while waiting on sis.

Thanks about the garden Michelle...I am still sitting on pins and needles wondering *what* was lost to last year's drought. I can see that I did lose one of my roses, a red meidiland and I'm sure there will be other losses too, but hopefully nothing that can't be replaced.

Ya guys think I'm in love with my little Scout? ;-)
I don't think he's too spoiled's hard to spoil a sheltie, they have more common sense than that! :-) But I do admit he's the joy of my life...Well, of course my husband and son are joys in my life too! :-) LOL!

Anyway, thanks again! Ei

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