don_socalApril 6, 2011


Needed a part for my truck today

went to the junkyard to see what they'd say.

"There's a truck with that part way out in the back.

Go see if you like it we'll send Juan to hack."

As I walked down the rows of cars and trucks

I thought of the people and their bit of luck.

The car that they loved that carried them far

was now on rims, stripped of all that they are.

The kiss at the drive in the song in their head

the space that was treasured now sitting dead.

Pieces and parts in the dirt in each row

what happens to old ones do they really know?


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Oh my, that is really good! should be put to music and have Willie Nelson sing it!

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Beautiful, Don.
You are on a roll or in love!!!!! I mean this stuff is coming straight from your HEART!
---Keep up the good work.

I can't even remember how many junkyards I've walked through over the years.
Every vehicle had a story....

When I worked for the salvage auction a few years back, I would stand in front
of some of the hundreds of vehicles, wondering if anyone had made it out alive.
The minivans were the worst and truck rollovers came in next.

The very worst one was where a guy had stolen an SUV
in the middle of a hot summer
and had run it off the road and into the woods.
A County cop found it a couple of weeks later
and made the mistake of opening the door...........
it didn't bring much at the auction, but it sold.
(You oughta make up one about THAT! :o)

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Lilo has it right. Love it.

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Don, I often wonder the same thing when I pass an old shed or barn: once they were brand new and useful to someone. Now, they just look abandoned and sad.

There's a huge auto parts business in the area where I live. It must be 500 acres, at least; it's surrounded by fencing, but the land is rolling and most of the cars can be seen from the road. I often wondered what would ever be done with them; then, not long ago, I was checking for my daughter for a back seat for her SUV--her dog has almost destroyed it--and lo and behold, they had a vehicle of the year needed with the back seat intact! Guess there is a demand and need, but there sure are a lot of vehicles, there. BTW, I enjoyed your poem.

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You are speaking my language, Don. I love trucks, old Ford pickups to eighteen wheelers.

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DH says there is no way the salvage yard I mentioned could be 500 acres! 50, maybe-- or even 15? Anyway, there are way too many vehicles there, IMO!

(But I read on line that their yearly business is in the 2 million dollar range; guess somebody needs those old parts.

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There is an auto salvage yard right smack here in Silicon Valley, it has tons of auto parts. DH and DS practically built a "new" car from those parts. We have very dated cars and we go there whenever we need a part. It's recycling at it's best.

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Such a wonderful poem! Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for reading, always wonder how they got there and why they were given up. I drive mine till there is not much left and try to keep them going way beyond normal. Want to get my moneys worth.

Putting the Chevy hydra boost unit in my international today. The vacuum boost gave up and this is an upgrade I have wanted to do for some time. Next will be drum to disc brakes as the drums keep getting harder to find. That upgrade will be a bit more expensive but save in the long run. Been too rainy and or cold for a while and cannot do things like I used to.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Thank you. I have a sentimental attachment to vehicles, and can relate to what you're saying.

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April is Poetry month, and I think Don's Truck Poetry is worth another read.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click to the top.

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BTW, directly beneath my last post, there was an ad from Google. They are mining the posts here at the GP. I chose not to put the links in the quote below.

"Ads by Google
Local Salvage Yards
Find Auto Salvage Yards and Junk Car Removal Services in Your Area.".

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Thanks West, it pleases me to see a connection with the thinking of friends.

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Don, I think I've said before that I luv trucks and your poem speaks to me.
Now, the reality of me owning a truck is nill. I don't know anything about cars or trucks. But if I had a vision, it would be to buy an old truck, go with you and Kathy Jane to all the salvage yards, find parts and build a beauty.

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Sounds like fun to me, West!

My former boss from the old car lot said I could borrow Old Blue whenever I wanted to---but it has farm tags on it, and they're only good for 5 miles within the radius of his house---he said I could chance it, but I don't want to.

I loved that old GMC more than any truck I ever drove---just under 300K on it!
Smelled just right--AM radio--trick to closing the tailgate sometimes---made it more fun. I had special tarps and tie-downs for hauling trash out to the dump. Best of all, there's a gas station right on the way, that sells Dunkin' Donuts coffee---my favorite!--and great donuts
to go with it.
Life is just about perfect with a set-up like that.

I know I've told you guys this before----selling a truck to a guy was the easiest job in the world---he already knew what he wanted, he knew my boss was honest and all he had to do was sign the papers, let me slap tags on it, and off he could go.
My boss, Ed, used to laugh at how excited I'd get over trucks when he'd bring more in from the dealer auctions---so much more fun than cars! Don't get me wrong; cars were fun, too---and he'd get ones I enjoyed driving and selling---how did I ever get to be so lucky?!!!!

Didn't mean to go on like this---couldn't help it!

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