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Garden_FairyMay 5, 2014


I have only owned my home for a little over a year. Along my fence line I have about 8 of these bushes. Last year they did not look to good. They were very sparse. They did not get any flowers on them. Does anyone have any idea what it is? Thank you in advance :)

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Here is a close up of the leaves.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I'd say Ribes. For the species wait for another opinion from your neck of the woods.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i was going to say it looks like my alpine currant... which is a type of ribes ... but they would have bright yellow flowers.. small.. en mass... with a red eye.. and smell of clove ....

are they in full sun??? ....

these are usually very old plantings.... and often.. were in full sun when planted .. 10.. 20.. 30 years ago ... but as shade trees grow.. they begin to underperform in shade ...

since we dont know the history.. nor much other info.. its all speculation .... but the bottom line is... if you arent lovin them.. then think long and hard about just being done with them ...

the happiest day at my first house.. when i got rid of the last problem the prior owners had left... why it took me 5 years to finally do it.. is beyond me.. in hindsight.. lol.. mostly because there was no WWW, and some guy telling me to get rid of problem plants.. lol ...

get rid of them.. and plant your own nightmares for the next owner.. lol...


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There is Ribes alpinum with very insignificant flowers, which has very similar foliage

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Thank you all for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it. They are in a very heavily shaded area - 3 tall pine trees and 2 other trees. Moss grows in this area because the ground gets wet and is heavily shaded. I did a google search, now that I know what it is, and saw what the bushes should look like when performing well. My bushes are pitiful in comparison! I think I will get rid of them. Again, thank you all for your help :)

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

As far as I know we haven't definitely identified it yet any more precisely than deciding on the genus. So you can't yet know for certain what it should look like. There are many Ribes species. Ken's 'alpine currant' sounds like Ribes odoratum. Linaria's is Ribes alpina. There are many others. If it flowers we can probably help you further.

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