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whizmow83November 30, 2005

Hi everyone,

I just signed up for this forum and it seems there's not many lawnmower enthusiast sites or forums on the internet. Hopefully some of you may be able to help me.

I have been trying to find information and history on a brand of lawnmower known as the Whiz Mow.

Whiz Mows were made by the Red-Tip company. Those of you who have been around a few years may remember Red-Tip lawnmower blades, made by the same company (easily recognizable by their red painted tips).

The mowers are very easily recognizeable as they were painted either medium red or bright yellow, the red ones being the older models. The mower decks were made of magnesium, and they had a staggered front wheel design just like many older Lawnboys. They also used the same type of plate attachment as the Lawnboys used to change between side discharge and bagging. As far as I know, they all used 4-stroke Briggs and Stratton engines.

The thing that makes them especially recognizeable is the optional rider/sulky attachment that was offered. There was a large pulley mounted on the rear of the mower deck, which was run off a belt from the camshaft of the engine. there was separate a 2 wheeled attachment with a seat that hitched up to the pulley, and a belt that ran from the pulley back to the wheels of the sulky. When you push the pedals down on the sulky, the belt tightened and off it went, propelled along by the sulky wheels. You could use the mower as a standard rotary push mower, or mount the sulky up and fold down the handle, and you had a neat little rider.

The primary reason I am so interested in this company and these mowers is that my grandfather Jack Laws was one of two people who founded and ran this company back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Albert Knipe was the name of the other man. The Red-Tip/Whiz-Mow company was based in Hamilton, IL. The manufacturing plant was located just a few miles away in Warsaw, IL.

If anyone knows of any information, history, or has seen/owned one of these mowers, I would love to hear from you. I am also looking for mowers for sale.

Thank You,

Tony Kimmell

Bloomington, IL

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Awhile back, someone on here found an old mower with a sulky hooked to it that looked exactly like the one you're describing. I don't remember who it was, but I remember the picture they posted.

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Tarheelman...good memory..I recall that yellow picture. I do recall none of us could identify it at the time. I remember the picture had the name Red Tip on it. Searches on the internet found nothing for me at the time.

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fordman_1(z7 ri)

yes i remember that one to. in fact it was somebody local to me NH or VT i was going to look at it but my pc crashed and lost contact. anyway check out harrys old engine. somebody there may have info.

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Thanks for the replys, guys. I once got in contact with a man on one of the old Yahoo lawnmower groups who had found a couple of them at auctions. One was complete and the other was missing the sulky and the engine was not original. He was not to far from me in central IL, but I lost contact with him before I could buy them.

if anyone ever finds out who posted the picture from before, I'd appreciate it if you send them my way.

Thanks again,

Tony Kimmell
Bloomington, IL

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ajer16(z5b MI)

I think it was our old buddy Jim in Vt.


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peoriamurph(USA 61603)


I'm just down the road from you in Peoria if you need any scouting done over here.


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Yup it was me ,The mower was yellow and complete,I sold it to a fellow in Plattsburgh N.Y. off of Ebay ,I never saw it run ,but it was in good enough shape so it should have ,I may still have the pic's on my harddrive,but I'm not sure that I do .....I wanted it to sell it to someone that had more time than I did ,for this old mower .....
Good memory for some of you guys !

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Hi Jim, where did you originally find the Whiz Mow? From what I've found, they are almost non-existent anymore once you get 40-50 miles outside of Hamilton/Warsaw. Kinda cool to hear about one all the way over in Vermont.

If you find that you still have those pics, I'd love to see them. And if it's alright, I'd like to know how much you got for it on ebay, if you don't mind me asking. The gentleman who I was going to buy a couple from before seemed to think they had a gold nugget hidden somwhere in the engine. lol


Tony Kimmell
Bloomington, IL

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The golden nugget was hidden in a Garage in Fairfax Vt,after a divorce the wife wanted the husbands nuggets gone !The red tip was in excellent shape,but I had to store it outside under a tarp,my life has become increasing busy ,so I wanted someone to have it/restoreit/enjoy it ,before it turned to rust ....I sold it for around 50 to a retired School bus driver .....he drove over to pick it up,unfortunatley I was hunting when he came ,and never got to meet him wife kept my money also.

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".my wife kept my money also. "

Man, that is worse than me selling my LB parts too cheap, at least I got the money. (grin)

Walt Conner

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Thanks again for the info. It's a shame I missed that one... 50 bucks is a steal compared to the $300 that one guy wanted for one that was in pretty rough shape! From what I've been told by people who have owned them, $90-150 is a decent price depending on condition. My uncle bought one from a gentleman not too long ago for $200 but it was in IMACCULATE shape. Probably hadn't been used more than a few times in it's life. Even had the instruction manual with it.

Oh by the way Jim, was your Whiz Mow painted red or yellow?'


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My Red-Tip was yellow and in very good condition,thinking back I expected to get $100.00 or so for it ,but shipping was the I$$ue....the money was probably green....but I did't see it .....
Walt I gave her cash because she was there to get the cash while the gentlemen loaded the mower .....I was hunting....
I traded an old,.... IH CC 100 that was set up for pulling for some work on a rifle for my son that was given to me by a doctor I hunt with ,no sense paying cash when you can barter .....
I love it !!!!

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I'm really sorry ,but I have no pictures of the Red-Tip.....if you had been 6 months earlier ,it could have been yours....Maybe the new owner will see your post ???

Good Luck Jim

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I would like to help you with the history of Whiz Mow/Red Tip. My father Jack Feil was Albert Knipe's first salesman at Whiz Mow in 1951. He became Albert's best friend and they remained so the rest of their lives dying within a year of one another. Your grandfather Jack went to work for Albert in 1953 as GM for Whiz Mow. Him an Albert founded Red Tip in and around 1954-5. At nine years old in 1957, I was the test pilot of the first riding lawn mower (with the sulky). Albert said if a nine year old could operate it anybody could. The following year when the riders went into production Albert financed the first one for me to mow lawns with. I knew your grand father well and was the same age as his son Mike. I could tell you stories for days, probably write 3 books on Albert. Go to my website, send an email and let's see if we can talk some more.

Here is a link that might be useful: michaelfeilarts

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Hello,im a new member! I have 2 of the first whiz-mow mowers that never had sulkys,the decks were made out of stamped steel with 8 inch wheels. I have 2 whiz-mows that use sulkys ,,but i dont have any sulkys. I one redtip lawn mower also. If you need a copy of the original dealers operational manual or sales brochure i can get you one.

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I just picked up a Whiz Mow today . It seems to be an older one. Its red in color with two white stripes on it. Appers to be either a 6BS or an 8 BS Briggs engine on it. I would say I should have it running in a day or so.I had one of these mowers about 40 years ago . A neighbor tossed it out on junk day but the rod was out the block so I never did do much with it. It would be great if someone had some more history on these mowers.I'm all ears thats for sure!!I restore old mowers. I have about 260 in my collection at this time.I am also a contributing editor for Lawn and Garden Collector Magazine.This mower would be a great feature story for the magazine. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mowermaniac

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I have a Wiz-Mow Rider I'll post pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I just found a yellow Whiz-mow locally today for sale in a man's yard. With sulky. Was told it works fine. Mower wheels really worn down, but sulky was in great shape. The owner wants $300 for it though. It's one interesting looking contraption though.

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I just came across this forum by accident. I have a 22 inch Red-Tip lawn mower that i still use. I`m 65 years old and i believe i purchased the lawn mower new in 1968 or 1969. It`s painted yellow with a red screen on the flywheel cover. I allways assumed that the deck was aluminum not Magnesium, anyway, after 42 years it hasn`t rusted and still looks like new. The engine is a Brigs & Stratton 9 cubic inch bore that`s called a "special rotator valve" model. The wheels are 10 inches high and have roller bearings and dust covers. Also have three spoke "knock off" wheel nuts, like a sports car would have. In all these years of use, the only thing i`ve done is change the blade a few times and change the oil every spring. It was the first lawn mower that i saw with a oil dip-stick to check the oil level. This has been one hell of a machine. Always starts,easy to push,a real quality machine. I plan on getting it out of the barn the first week of april, change the oil, and use it like i have for the past 42 years. OH yes,I will sharpen the blade and oil those roller bearings !
Jim Scharf
Salamanca,New York

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Anyone collecting these? E me if so.

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Well, I just found this forum and this old thread. I don't know if this is still any interest or not but I have a Whiz Mow Rider that is all but complete and running at least when I put it in the corner of my garage many years ago, the only reason I quit using it is because the part that holds the blade onto the motor shaft was broken and I could not find a replacement for it . J.T.

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