Curious - What Height setting to you use to mulch leaves

kenmc5(USDA 5)November 3, 2011

I've been mulching my leaves for about 5 years. My mower is a LB 10247 with a Gator blade. I actually get a better mulch when I pull the mower backwards on the 2nd pass. I think the flap of the deck bounces the leaves up for one last round of mulching.

Anyway I was wondering what height was used for people who mulch leaves. I use the 3 inch setting but I was wondering about setting it to 2.5 inches as I get a lot of leaf debris blowing out the sides.

I'm in Southern Michigan and I'm guessing my grass is rye or fescue. I don't fertilize or apply week killer, just aerate then over seed with the cheapest perennial grass I can find. I do this later in the fall after the leaves are mulched. I may spread some lime but that's about every 3 years.

So far I've had really good results mulching and keeping the grass at 3 to 3.5 inches during the warm season. Wondered if lowering the height to 2.5 inches to mulch would hurt as we've had several frosts?

Thx, Ken

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2.5" should be fine . My zone is about the same as you. I have been mulching since early Sept. but will have to start picking them up because they get far too deep to leave on the grass. I'll use my Troybilt vac to pick them up and compost them for future use.
I agree with you on backing over the leaves. I've found that whether mulching or bagging, the mower does a better job going backwards. My mower(LB10323) has the factory blade which seems to do a good job. I like to give the lawn a low mow at about 2" after all the leaves are down. It makes the lawn look neat for the winter.

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kenmc5(USDA 5)

Bogman, glad to see someone has noticed the same results (going backwards) with the LB. I am looking for a used SP mower just for leaves. After a bunch of googling seams like a Toro or Snapper Hi-Vac w/ gator blades are good at mulching leaves. LB works good going forwards & backward mowing from right to left but the pull backwards has left me sore at times.

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I think the mower is mulching more than it can handle. Try slowing down or cutting a somewhat narrower swath. Going lower will add more cut grass to the mulch material.

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