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lilosophieMay 14, 2012

Bought a wast-paper basket and carried it home in a paper bag

And when I got home, I put the paper-bag in the waste-paper basket

Lily Tomlin

Simplicity in it's essence demands neither a vow of poverty nor the life of rural homesteading. As an ethic of self-conscious material moderation, it can be practiced in cities and suburbs, townhouses and condominiums. It requires neither a log-cabin nor a hair-shirt but a deliberate ordering of priorities so as to distinguish between the necessary and the superfluous, useful and wasteful, beautiful and vulgar.

David E. Shi

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I am continually amazed at the amount of trash generated just by DH and myself. In the words of my grandmother, we try to "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without", and also recycle, reuse, and renew, but almost everything that is bought comes in a box, bag, or "cellophane" wrapping--which is VERY hard for my arthritic fingers to undo--and must be disposed of. There isn't curb-side recycling in our area, so every two weeks--or more often, sometimes--we make a trip to the recycling center to get rid of the stuff. At least, it's gratifying to me to see that there are many other folks who do the same.

One thing I haven't figured out, yet, is how to dispose of two burned out, 48" long florescent bulbs. Even the man at the recycling center said he didn't know. (The bulbs contain mercury.) Any suggestions would be appreciated, b/c they've been in the corner of my bedroom closet for over two months.)

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I was gripping about the amount of trash just a couple of days ago. Granted, it was during wartime and restrictions, but things were used and re-used until they fell apart. Our kitchentable had a drawer where empty paperbags for flour, sugar, all dry grocery items where kept and taken to the store. Precut parchment paper for our school lunch sandwiches was brought home, wiped clean and lasted at least for a week and of course everybody had big grocery bags or baskets to carry stuff in.
Now I read that grocery workers complain about re-usuable shopping bags which carry germs and are dangerous to their health.
In our county a civic organisation takes in once a year neon lights and the new flurocent bulbs as well as electronic equipment, but until that time you sit with the stuff. I have 3 of those bulbs decorating a utility shelf.

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