Fastest way to cut my lawn

elvis_presley(Minnesota)November 24, 2013

My lawn tractor just threw a rod. Hoping to get a good deal this time of year on whatever I can use to quickly cut my 1/2 acre with a fair number of obstacles.
I have bad allergies and where long sleeves and a respirator, so i like to get it overwith quick without exerting myself too much in the heat. Would the one below be a good solution, and is it a good deal for 1,100?

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Hey the Kings cutting grass in Minnesota !

Seriously , probably not a great deal . Lots to go wrong with these units. I would just contract the work out for this season and save up some money for a new unit next season . The spring sales have a lot to offer , and you don't need someone elses problems to repair after a $1000.00 + expenditure ! If your up to it I would suggest a Toro Self Propelled unit , since you have numerous obstructions to cut around.

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IMO here's flip side to that coin

Heck that engine on that mower new alone goes for 1100 to 1300 bucks.

IMO Not much to go wrong with that unit and it's not that old if " you have the ability to figure out if it's in good working order"? Blades now and then, maybe belt other than routine oil and filter changes. Vanguards are very good engines. IMO it's worth making offer on? 800. would be dandy price if he's willing to budge on the price plus with the silky no walking.

Now question is why did your tractor throw rod? I hope it was just worn out and not from lack of; checking the oil, routine oil and filter changes? If so you have to get around that problem so it won't transfer to what even you get new or old???

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