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lilosophieMay 2, 2013

A trembling in the bones may carry a more convincing testimony than the dry, documented deductions of the brain
Llewelyn Powys

Q: You have said that "the spirit is the body". What do you mean by that?
A: I guess I need to qualify or modify that. The body is the spirit, too. For me there is no materiality. In our bodies, 3 billion cells are dying and being reborn. So our bodies look solid, but they aren't. How many minutes have just gone by and how many cells have died and been reborn? We're like a fountain. A fountain of water looks solid, but you can put your fingers right through it. Our bodies look like things,, but there is no thingness to them. We are forces of God.
Li-Young Lee

Let him cry whoever feels like crying, for we were animals before we became reasoning beings, and the shedding of a tear, whether forgiveness or of pity or of sheer delight at beauty, will do him a lot of good.
Lin Yutang

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Lots of open area between those electrons, protons and neutrons.

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Right now there seems to be more space in me between all those electrons, protons and neutrons, especially in my brain.

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