Eclipse/ew Moon Poem

lilosophieMay 21, 2012

Overly hyped, raising expectation

Shadows lengthened

Air cooled

Clouds moved in

Chickens roosted early

Dogs and cats were restless

Thought something not right

Small plane cruised by

To see spectacle from above

No usual noises

No dogs barked

No traffic or ATV's

I looked out my window

Meditating on "how many shades of green

Are surrounding me"

A glass of wine to celebrate

The new moon

Darkness fell, as it usually does

This time of night

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Like it, Lilo. We here were not in the sighting area and if we would have been, we would have had clouds too. Did the last two times.
But I also remember the kind of eerie silence at a time of day when animals should make all kinds of noise.

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Thanks for the poem, lilo. I missed the whole thing because I was under the weather. Your poem described it well.

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From the pictures we saw on TV, it must have been spectacular; if it had been visible in our area, we wouldn't have seen it, either, b/c it's been been cloudy and drizzly for two days--and maybe wll be most of this week. However, the water table is still 4" below what it should be for this time of year, so it's needed. Sure does make the grass and flowers grow!

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Good poetry -- we watched most of it through a piece of black glass, with some clouds obscuring the very end.

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