Idyll #374 - Spring has Sprung!

saucydog(z5MA)April 17, 2008

I'm jumping the gun a bit, but it seems as if the new Idyll Title holds some back.

I'm just feeling chatty tonight. Fill up 373 and join me here for some Idle Chatter :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A great deal was accomplished today in terms of garden cleanup. In addition to the flood damage, there are groundhogs and their holes to deal with, a muskrat building a nest etc. Yesterday DH and I saw a red fox too. But there are hepatica in bloom, drumstick primulas, daffodils and so on. So much was buried in sticks and leaves. Once the beds are completed, there are huge patches of lawn to deal with and tree pruning to complete. All the grasses are cut back now. Tonight the neighbour took his first plow pass on the field next to ours. This one is fairly dry, so he didn't get stuck.

Here are a few shots from this afternoon.

Phoebe is full of mischief....She just had a drink from the creek, so her chin whiskers are wet.

Phoebe is wearing her Gentle Leader.

Ann, my friend, helped with the garden cleanup and Phoebe thinks she's a great help- too.


Tomorrow is the last warm sunny day before rain and cooler temperatures. I hope to make more progress.

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Hi everyone. I've just had two full days of gardening and yes I'm "pooped'. My grasses are not all cut back but I'm working on them amongst the rest of the clean up. We have some rainy days coming in too. I will probably need the break, but I sure would like to get more cleaning up done before it is to wet.

GB, I hope they find Indy soon. She is such a nice dog.
Pheobe is really growing. Does the gentle leader just go around her nose? And do you attach a lead to it?

Danielle's wedding last Sat was real nice and we had lots of fun. The weather was cold and blustery for running in and out but the festivities were all indoors so we were good. The houseguest have returned to Florida. Luckily their flights wern't affected but it was close.

Now I feel like my time is my own again for awhile but dang if there aren't five things already scheulded for May.

I can't even remember what I have read on the Idylls so please forgive me. I am thinking of Eden and wondering about her Mom.

The leaves are starting to break on the shrubs and hostas here. I sure hope we don't get an extended freeze like last year. So far the spring bloom has been good.

Going for a cold drink (working in the wind sure drys me out) then crashing for the night. Norma

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Since I was lazy this winter and didn't save any containers I am wintersowing one milk jug at a time. I'm up to 8 now :-)

I did a little water fowl watching tonight. I don't believe I have seen a pair of ringed necks before. There were a pair of those and 2 pairs of Northern Shovelers and some geese. I also counted 6 different kinds of birds in my bird feeding area.

'bug, it seems to be positive news that Indy is being spotted. It means he's alive and not stolen. Fingers crossed for a safe and quick return.

I accomplished nothing in the garden tonight, it was damp today and cooler and it just didn't seem appealing. I need sunshine!!!

I have nothing at all in bloom. I need some more early stuff or I need to have things warm up earlier than it did this year.

That all I have to be chatty about tonight.


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Aren't these two sedums pretty together? N

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Good morning!

So the wedding went off with a hitch, huh Norma :) I'm punny sometimes....those two sedums do look good together!

Spring really has sprung with everyone in the garden doing various degrees of clean up. I am eager for this weekend to begin because there will be lots of changes in my landscape. I am desperately looking for the camera charger to no avail. I may have to buy a disposable! I think I brought the charger to St. John.....

Zeus spends a lot of time trying to remove the gentle leader, GB. Phoebe looks full of mischief in that first if she's been scolded :) I hope your daughter finds Indy. Her heart must be sick.

Michelle, what are you sowing? I'd like to compare notes :)

I guess I'd better get moving this morning. It is the last day before school lets out for school vacation. I think I might put my kids to work making hypertufa this next week! I have a pond that needs a hole dug, too :) labor, LOL!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good sunny morning to all!

I continue to feel helpless and miserable about Indy. So many sightings, but we never know for sure if they are the right animal. The kids at schools want to be helpful and every kid says they've seen her...Sigh. One lady phoned about her but didn't show up at the meeting spot and is leaving on holiday this morning! Geez. So tough. DSIL is really down too. They continue to visit the pound. Skyler said to Sarah: "Well at least the house didn't burn down!" and Sarah cried and said she'd rather have Indy than the house any day....And the search continues.

Very nice spring like forecast for the next 5 days. One day with showers is predicted, and that's fine because I'll need the rest from gardening!

Enjoy that new toy Deanne! We will too! ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

PM, the gentle leader fits around the nose and also behind the ears, not around the neck. Both sections are adjustable. The lead is attached to a strap under her chin, connected to the nose piece. The dog is able to control any pressure to her nose area by walking with head up and not pulling. It takes a short period of time to get to the stage where they don't resist wearing it, one or two weeks, but there is a procedure to follow to get them to like it..associated with food of course. If people don't read the instructions and tighten the straps improperly or put the collar around the neck, the poor dogs really hate it- and the owner gives up on training. There are similar gadgets that look very much the same but which operate on a different principle. One I know of encourages the dog to always turn its head toward the master, not a great idea from my point of view.
My hope is that Phoebe can be trained quickly and then not need it any more. But she is frisky and has a mind of her we'll just wait and see.

Still damp out and so I must wait a bit before garden work is possible. I guess there are always dishes to wash etc to fill the void. :)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'm heartsick about Indy too. Being in rescue we help find a lot of dogs so I'm giving you and Sarah free advice. ;)
Of course this is geared to the south were a lot of 'shelters' are second only to he!! itself:

Post fliers of Indy on every street corner, store, and Vet in town - everywhere you can. A lot of people will not take an animal to the shelter since they are only kept 3 days before being put down.

Call the Dog Detective - you'll find several online. They place calls to all rescues, Vets, shelters within a 10-25 mile radious. It's a pay service but not too pricey and VERY effective.

Post photos on all the major animal Web sites - here are a few and most have a section to post lost animal photos.
Global Pet Finder
Lost Pet Detection
7th Scent Investigations

Anywhere you get a chance on the Web sites take the option to have then send emails to their network. That gets a lot of rescues and animal crazy pet owners. :)

We have had great luck with Pet PIs. I have no idea what they cost since they donate services to rescue. Below is one in Oklahoma. She is wonderful. The web page points to one of the trackers who was one of my fosters (I loved Karin the tracker before she adopted 'Twister')!

The pet PI sites usually have lost and found tips on the Web sites. Follow them, they have a lot of experience.



Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Investigater

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I was talking to a friend who helps with Pet tracking earlier today about Twister (see the link above). Twister was Lucy when I had her. She is just as big a handfull as ever but she has turned out to be very intuitive. On jobs tracking lost animals she has proven several times to be able to sense when the animal is no longer alive. She will go to the owner (who she can pick out in a group of people) and she always gives them kisses. She has never done this with an animal that they later found alive. I don't understand but it's pretty amazing. I'm sure this is due to extraordinary fostering in her past. LOL


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

FOUND! She's on her way home!
Wayne & Skyler checked the pound yet one more time...and there she was.
Oh my....I'm in tears.
It has been a very long 4 days.
You can uncross everything now! Thanks for all the support!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh boy, a happy ending! :-) Very happy for all of you. I have been reading along and thinking of how I would have felt if it had been our last dog...completely heartsick and scared we wouldn't find him. Hope you all can have a relaxing, destressing weekend!


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I am once more terribly behind. I seem to be perpetually in that state these days.

But am delighted to learn that naughty Indy is once more at home with her family. I'll bet there is a really good story to go along with it, too. When the helpmeet found the Chihuahua puppy and we called the "dog catcher" the FIRST thing he did was wand the dog to check for a chip. He passed the wand over every inch of her tiny body, too. I am certain everyone in Indy's family is ready for a good night's sleep. :)

Rex is out of surgery and is in his cage, recovering. The surgeon thought it best that he "sleep over", but the practice's vet. said it would be OK to bring him home. I hae opted to leave him there for the night. I want to throw up when I think about the price of this latest junket. But the helpmeet says, "what the -uck, it's only money!". Gotta love that spirit and it's a good thing he has lil ol' me to keep it under wraps. ;)

We had to go "on extension" again this year... apparently there was missing paperwork that would have established the "basis" for some stock sales... . I have swallowed my irritation yet again and decided that, like the medical profession, you cannot trust anyone to actually get the work DONE and on a TIMELY basis. Xlearly, I will have to "ride herd" on the repeat offender next year.

Then, yesterday, the tax assessor dropped by for an inspection of the bahn. I invited him to tour the entire building and see for himself what it's all about. No water or provision for septic to it so the assessment is not nearly as crushing as it COULD have been otherwise. But on top of everything else...

I'm looking forward to the weekend, picking Rex up and figuring out how to keep him reasonably still while I work outdoors.

Want Eden to know she's been in my thoughts. Thinking about your Mom and all the rest of the junk that's fallen into your lap. I know how it feels and want you to know that I'm thinking of you. Hang tough.

Hello to all.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I think I'm in a contest with Chelone to see who is more behind. But I'm so happy to have seen the happy ending to the Indy story. The most I've had to go is 4 hours with a lost dog - can't imagine 4 days!

Things have sprung at work and the personal side has been busy as well. We're off to visit the kids this weekend so I won't catch up, but I wanted to pop in and say hello.

The big event was waking up about 4:30 am to an unusual noise - I thought Sunrise was having a seizure. No, it was just a freaking EARTHQUAKE! Tornado in January, earthquake in April, can't wait to see what's next. No damage, and the dogs surprisingly not all that disturbed by it. It was much harder at DS's house, and they had a good aftershock later this morning. So I'm off to spend the night there - why?

Rockin' and rollin',


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Lovely thread.

Indy is home (and I didn't know she was gone.)

Rex is recovering nicely. (Chelone, your helpmate is a winner and absolutely right about what's important.)

And Monty doesn't need a penis-ectomy! Turns out he has a swollen gland at the base which caused his penny to be stuck outside of the sheath for over a day. Of course his public part was nicely tucked away when I got him to the vet, but she's no fool and found the problem. And we talked about Katie, since she's the general vet and doesn't get to see her anymore but has reports pouring in from all the other vets involved. She says Katie needs her own FAX machine there :) She gave me a hug before I left. And I stopped at McDonalds on the way home to get french fries for Katie. Katie lost communication to her rear legs on Sunday, so it's been a really bad week here. The left one is working with heavy drugs, but the right one isn't. It's day by day and more appts next week so that I can make the right decision.

So neither Cindy nor I could figure out a place to put one of the gorgeous (6 foot?) Katsura trees that were available for $35 (not a typo) at the AHS sale today. Beautiful day in Maryland and Virginia and still 83F as I type. I got two Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight' and have those planted already. Plus a tiny little Daphne 'Summer Ice' in honor of Monique and Sue who have bought up all the large specimens on the East coast. That I potted up so that it can put on some size before going in ground. And a Yucca 'Colorguard'. I have two that have been in ground since Frank's went out of business, and they just look great all year so couldn't resist another for a great price. Prices were really good at this event. Cindy found some stuff too, and I hope she provides a list, as I lost track.

I'm going to spend the rest of the evening in the yard and try to get the new clems (mail order) planted. Help Katie empty her storage compartments and then settle her in safe grassy spot so she can enjoy the air too. That wheelchair would be a big help about now. Another week I guess.

Later, Cynthia

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V., I wondered if you had been affected by the 'quake!

I fear, Cynthia, you and I will be working in concert, though miles apart, with respect to emptying storage compartments. When does Katie get her "wheels", any idea of ETA?

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Locusts, V, that's what's

Marie, add me to Indy's welcome home party guestlist. I lost Zak once for about 15 minutes one morning and it was a horrible feeling. Nick and Zoe have escaped briefly a couple of times but I've always been alerted by neighbors or caught them leaving and called them back. Lucky for me they are pretty much a couple of homebodies.

It's no secret that I'm way behind here as well. For a variety of reasons I'm down in the dumps right now and just haven't felt much like participating in anything. Hopefully stuff will start to right itself soon and I'll be back.

At any rate, enjoy your night!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - great news about Indy!

Chelone - I hope you don't have to empty the big boy's storage compartments for too long! i.e. I hope he's back on his feet quickly...

Cynthia - Poor Katie. But it sounds like she has a great nurse and I hope her wheels come soon.

V - that earthquake must have been a startling event!

We got the backyard about half cleaned up today. I am severely out of shape!

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Im behind too-doesnÂt seem to take too long does it ? Miss a couple of days and Idyll-life passes you by. Made resÂs for me and DS to journey up to meet Mr Baby and visit with the family. We will fly up the weekend of May 3rd. Toyed (briefly ) with the idea of driving, but the air fare was only 49 each wayÂhell I canÂt hardly drive to San Francisco for that these days ! IÂll just rent a car when I get up there. The time was more the issue anyway-it takes 10 hours to drive and a day is shot. Had my pre-op appt today for my implant surgery next Wednesday. Thank god itÂs baseball season-IÂll be sitting in a chair eating yogurt , watching ball games and popping pills for a couple of days.

I wondered if any of my Midwest Idyll-friends had felt the quake when I heard about it this morning.. were you an earthquake virgin V ?? We havenÂt had a decent one around here in a whileÂok by me !

Welcome home Indy ! Do you know where she was found and how far she had roamed Âbug? So glad for the happy ending for your lovely family. Maybe your DD needs to ship Indy off for a few days with Chelone to make sure appropriate punishment is administered ÂRe: the pic of your friend with Phoebe-shucks I have that same pair of

And Chelone, hope Rex enjoys a speedy recovery .

Yikes Cynthia-I think I missed the looming penis-ectomy post  all you needed was another doggie surgery ! Re Ms Katie.. I know that you will in fact make the right decision.

This is all for me tonight Âa big wave to all-Oh and glad to see you check in Norma !

Happy Friday PM to all

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I can't seem to say all the things I feel to everyone here, but Cynthia, here's to Katie. Carolina Moonlight is a gorgeous colour! A very special plant to me. I'm waiting for more stems on mine this year.

V, I hope your visit with DS is especially good for all. I went through years of troubles with DS and am happy to say we still communicate, and not just when there is trouble!

Sue, DH & I celebrated Indy's return out with Chinese food. Everyone is looking forward to a good night's rest at last. Please get back into your usual high spirits soon! There are always reasons to be depressed, but check it out if it lasts too long. Being fit sure helps though. I care! Hugs!

Chelone, we have tax stuff that never arrived too, having to do with investments. Always so annoying. Not much we can do about it though, so our tax lady will deal with that herself. Our taxes are always very complex and in this case, I am more than happy that this lady helps us. Usually we prefer to do stuff ourselves though. Wrecks, lay low for Momma, OK? Later she'll enjoy walkies with you, I promise!

Phoebe is going to meet Woody & family next weekend. I pray she doesn't knock anyone over! We always look forward to the visit there...and the dinner part too! Hope the weather is good so that we can poke around the gardens.

PM2, you can imagine that over the 4 days that Indy was missing, every awful thought went through our minds...They are so lucky to have her back. I hope to hear a story, but perhaps Indy won't share it? We'll see.

At the risk of repeating, Indy is needed at home by her family!


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"Indy" is short for "Independent" maybe? Glad to hear of the happy homecoming!

Kathy, Mr. Baby will surely don his tux for your visit! He must be all cute and cuddly by this stage! Probably cooing and smiling those gas-ey smiles, no doubt.

Sue, GB gave good advice. Having been through a rough patch myself, I totally empathize. Life really does suck sometimes, but that's what makes the sweet parts sweeter :) I hated it when people pointed that out to me....:)

Jerri, we conspired with Indy to get you to come out of the woodwork :)

Chelone, I found pictures of my house online that the "tax man" took from my backyard....uh, hello? Where was I when he was lurking around and why didn't the dog chew his leg off? LOL....wish I'd been home like you...I would've given him a tour :)

I got to go to the commercial nursery operation today and came home with some mondo grass and toffee twist favorite viola mix, too....not much yet, but you can't believe how heavenly the greenhouse full of pansies smelled.

I'm beat.

Gotta go to bed :) School vacation week has begun (will be ending for Mary!).


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I forgot to tell you all that the reason I've had a really full day (mentally) is because I got asked to come back to work for someone I haven't worked for in 10 yrs.

I don't know how to feel/what I'm gonna do. My brain is working overtime.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh my, I missed the Monty issues! How did I manage to miss THAT?! LOL
Wishing Katie well. I know a Dal that had wonderful times with the little carts. She will do well too.
Rex, slow down buddy! (Yeah right) I'm happy he got to come home and is doing well.

I am in love with Phoebe. Can't you see trouble in those eyes! LOL

I just got a doggie 'repo' yesterday. The owner let Annie escape the fence twice and she chases cars. She was hit twice. It's a miracle she wasn't seriously injured.
Then he got married and decided poor Annie didn't fit into his new life. Poor girl. She had been stuck in the back yard all the time because she was hyper. What does any thinking adult expect from a 9 mo old, BORED shep. mix?

I'll post a photo tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to download my favorite FTP software on my new computer.
I'm too pooped for that right now.



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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh I forgot to mention our most exciting news! We go to pick up the new lawn tractor tomorrow. It's a Deere. John Deere - the real thing. Chi-ching! Everyone says it's worth the extra money. The grass is up to my knees. I think a couple of mini-goats would be cute and very eco-friendly.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Jerri, I know someone in NH who raises goats! Think of the free fertilizer too! You come to IU5 and make a small detour to pick up the kids before you return. Simple. ;)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I worry that the dogs would think they are fast food.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, G'bug, you sound like you're on cloud 9. Nothing like a close call to make you grateful. :-) It's probably been over 30 years since we lost a dog but I can still remember that awful feeling. Wouldn't it be amusing if she had a little camera around her neck to give us all a replay of everywhere she has been the last four days.? While all of you were wringing your hands, she was probably having a very nice adventure. [g]

Chelone, I completely forgot that it was Rex's big day yesterday. Finally! I hope he will have a speedy recovery and be a good patient for you. I can't imagine how much the bill is...but I wonder how many of you with pets have health insurance for the dog? Last time I checked it didn't seem like that much money to me. From the sounds of how many on this list have health problems with their pets, it seems like it is a given that the Vet bills are going to be significant. I know it is not always easy to fit that into a budget though, but looks like either way you are paying. glad you are finally going to see Mr Baby. Hope you all have a wonderful visit. Plenty of batteries and extra memory card in the camera? :-) I was just wondering the other day if you had your implants done yet. Glad you are getting that over with before your trip. Gee, what you will do to get a few days off with baseball...but no beer I guess? [g]

Has anyone heard any news from Eden? Or Ei? Marian has also been absent awhile.

Gosh, earthquake in the Mid West V?? I didn't think you got those there? Glad everyone is ok and hope those are few and far between. I'll have to try to find a news story on it. Very surprising. I think I have it in my head that California is the only place they have them. Locusts is right,

Cynthia...sorry to hear that Katie's condition has taken a turn for the worse. Hope she gets her wheels soon. Glad you were able to get out and take your mind off it with a little plant shopping. Love the sound of all your new plants. I have just a plain old vanilla type Baptisia and I really enjoy that plant. Love to know where you will be placing your new one. I've had my eye on that 'Twilight Prairie Blues' but I vaguely remember hearing it was a disappointment. I haven't seen one in person.

Congrats on the John Derre Jerri!

Saucy, I haven't any pansies yet...*sigh* that fragrance!

Sue...I hope things straighten out for you soon. Would enjoy hearing from you more and LOVE your garden and always enjoy photos you post. Hope your problem with your leg is not keeping you from your exercise routine. You nee...d all those endorphins! See link below. I'm sure it's nothing you didn't know. I just wondered if since you are so used to a LOT of exercise, if a reduced amount could leave you a little chemically in the lurch?

I am also in the dumps. Just doesn't seem fair for things to start going haywire at the best days of the gardening season, but obviously I'm not alone. Actually, seems like quite a few in Idyll-land have something going on right now. I had a few days of not wanting to participate and probably would have kept going that way if it weren't for Indy. :-) I seem to have developed the habit of trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other and sticking to the routine even when I don't feel like it. That at least distracts me from dwelling on things too much. Gardening itself is a wonderful way to help yourself to a better state of mind, but I am out of the garden at the moment and even gardening doesn't solve your problems. I was listening to a radio broadcast this morning...a singer I never had heard of before called Susan Warner. She has a new album out called 'Time Between Trains'. She was being interviewed and she evidently is also very funny and the interviewer was asking her about that. He said that a lot of her songs were very sad, talking about loss but that in her concerts, she really used a lot of comedy that really is uplifting to the audience. She said something that I had never thought about...'Comedy can be just another way of expressing sadness. She said that when she sings a sad song about loss, she can feel the audience separating from each other, but when she adds some humor, everyone laughs together and they connect with each other more.' I am paraphrasing but I think that was the gist of it. It reminded me of how many comedians came out of a background of pain and loss with unhappy childhoods etc. Makes me wish I were But since I'm not...I have to depend on all the comedians around me including quite a few on this list. :-)


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Happy Saturday morning! With the heat, the bluebells will be gone soon.

Crabapples are out too, and weeping cherry just came out last week-end and now its petals are floating off with the heat. Sand cherries and S.R. 'Sutherland's Gold' are clashing. White lilacs are out, and all the trees are pushing leaves in that great spring haze of green. It's a perfect morning to mow the lawn and weed, but I'm taking Dannie lure coursing instead :)

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Happy Patriot's Day, you guys! (one of my favorite holidays). Mum and Dad were history buffs and their love of it was instilled in me from my earliest memory. I walked the Isaac Davis trail every year from the time I was about 7-8 until we moved in 1973. I walked it for the bicentennial in 1975, and it was very stirring. We need to celebrate this seminal holiday on the 19th., not the next convenient Monday!

Kitchen is cleaned, first of 3 loads of laundry is in the machine, I've taken care of bills, balanced my checkbook, and am preparing my itinerary for the rescue of the huge one, somewhere between 9 and 11. I think the second time around is worse than the first time. I KNOW what will greet me and I know how hard it's going to be to watch him hop around on 3 legs and how hard it's going to be to keep him reasonably quiet. :(

It's understandable that you don't feel much like participating, Sue. I am in awe of the steadfast way you've maintained the TGIF that cheerily greets on those days. I for one, though, miss your droll sense of humor and practical approach to things. I think we really ought to get to Garden in the Woods as a little "pick me up", sounds as though you could use it, too.

I like Saucy's observation that Indy is short for Independent.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL, Chelone...I'll 'pop up' here and let all know that I am still amongst the living. :-)
I have found a new diversion, and it has kept me very busy the last couple of days. It is a forum where I can 'speak my piece' and not be chastized for doing it. :-)
Before that I have been doing more work on our driveway, whenever my back allows. I am gaining on it, and hope there will be no more deluges this spring to wash it away. We did get a gentle rain night before last...Only 1/4th inch, but that was enough for now.
It was cold enough last night for me to have a night stick in the stove. Looks like I won't have to do that again for awhile.
Nolon saw our first spring hummingbird a week ago yesterday. I finally saw it Wed. Since there were no honeysuckles open yet, and little other hummingbird type blooms, I put out a feeder. Almost immediately it was being used! At least 2 more have arrived, and they are still only the males.
On the way to town last tuesday I saw a groundhog beside the road, waiting to cross. Thank goodness it was a long ways from our place.
We had a freeze few days ago, that wiped out the tender kiwi's emerging leaves. They will return. It also nipped back the exposed hydrangea leaves, I hope that does not mean no blooms on them again this year.
It is getting prettier and prettier here, with the new leaves coming on and the redbuds and dogwoods blooming. The dogwoods are not fully open yet, at our place. I hope they are farther south since yesterday was the annual Dogwood Tour in our county. My fenced in beds are looking good, except for the fences.:-( Sorry to hear that the deer and rabbit damage is so wide spread.
AS I told Marie on Jerri's thread, I am so happy that Indy has been found. I do know how heartbreaking it is to have a lost beloved pet.
I am also very happy to see that you more northern folk are seeing spring flowers at your homes!

Chelone, good to hear that Rex is done with his surgery, and home recovering.

So glad the earthquake didn't cause any serious harm, but it appears that is is not 'done' yet?? WE did no feel it at our house, but I noticed some slightly tilted pics on the living room wall. May not been due to the quake.

Jerry, lucky you...getting a new lawn tractor. Wish I had a new, differant, one.

Woody, good to see you posting again dispite the long lost post! I really hate when that happens. Shoot! I meant to type this on Wordpad, as suggested by someone smarter than I, but forgot!

That's enough for now. I am going back to 'contend for the faith' on that other forum...:-)


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Today should be a super gardening day! Finally! After the rain this week and now the much warmer temps the garden should begin to pop.

Last night we ate supper at Kenzies house and enjoyed some play time.

DH is in a funk as he was somewhat forced to quit his day job. They refuse to give him time off for planting. Hes been there for 7 years but now the bosses kids are taking over and things are changing. Its actually a blessing in my eyes as the whole lot of them are nasty as far as employers go. Maybe Im spoiled where I work, but he doesnt deserve the crap that he had to deal with there. It is hard though when you are 61 to find a job and then one that works with farming.
. Saucy, the things Ive planted so far are variegated Kiss me over the garden gate, angelica gigas, purple feather celosia, a chartreuse petaled blackeyed susan, red and yellow ornamental peppers and black pearl peppers and hardy hibiscus. How about you what have you planted? Im always curious to know what does well with ws as Im too lazy to deal with seedlings under lights.

Norma, the sedums look great together. I have s. angelina and dragons blood near each other, is that what yours are?

Cynthia, what a lovely shot. I could use and would have had a place for one of those katsura trees.

Im sure that Kathy will come back smitten ;o)

I hope all who are under the weather, not feeling well, down or healing feel better.

Have a great Saturday!


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Aarrgh....they just called no burning in town today! There goes the day's planned events....hmm....wonder if I can steer Nick towards the front of the house for spruce up? I will have to mull over this evil plan before I unleash it on the minions :)

A friend brought over a three legged turtle that she rescued from the road to release in the pond/wetlands. Her daughter had dubbed it "Turty" the turtle....I LOL'd at that one :) It looked like he was doing just fine with only 3 limbs - big and healthy. Probably spent too much time in the road last year :)

Michelle, so far I have started my elephant ears as well as larkspur (good old fashioned blue) and hyacinth bean vine. The kids are trying to find a spot to grow those giant pumpkins....I fear my lawn is the only place sunny enough :)

Too bad about DH's job. I hope he looks back and sees it as a positive :)

I have been puttering outside this morning. I've got a pretty little viola to plant - cream colored petals that are rimmed in deep purple. Violas always stand at attention better than their pansy cousins :)

Thanks for the history lesson, Chelone....I enjoyed reading that. I hope to make the trek to Concord again one day. It's a really pretty area full of history.

Zeus is full of vim and vigor this morning....must be spring for real :) Hope Katie enjoys her spring days and Rex is able to relax a bit. Indy will sleep for three days straight, no doubt, leaving her family to wonder what the heck she was up to! is spring....perhaps she has a Tramp :)


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What a day outside -- where I'll be in about 5 minutes but wanted to stop in for a moment! Happy for those with great news, Feeling for those who are not so great. This week I feel grateful to be somewhere in between :-)

HEY V!!!!! I need you to remind me again that there's no such thing as a miniature variegated kiwi. The corner of the house is now home to three huge Helianthus and there's just the perfect spot for the kiwi to anchor the arrangement to the house. Convince me I don't want to do this, please :-)

Hoses came out this morning, always a good Spring sign.

Saucy!! How flattering is that offer?? What you do with it can be a bit secondary to someone remembering you and wanting your skills back. The offer will be there on Monday ,. enjoy it :-)

Chelone - Rich has pain meds he'd be glad to share with Rex that will keep him quiet. Love helpmeet all over again :-)

Cynthia: A friend of mine does Reiki mixed with massage (fully trained and I can vouch for its effectiveness) and she's just starting to work with non-human animals. It can't hurt?? Katie has such a spirit that her body may "get it." There's a whole network of folks so if you have an interest and can't find anyone near you, let me know and I'll see if she can hook you up.

Marian - Don't abandon us!!

So much more I want to say ((((Sue)))) but I just can't be inside anymore.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

We are in for a really lovely spring weekend. What a gift! Doug decided to take the afternoon off yesterday and we finally got the driveway garden cleaned out and also put out the bird bath. It feels so great to have that job done. Now I just have to clean out the pond, shed corner, wisteria corner and the spring cleanup is done. Im hoping to be able to tackle the pond today and perhaps get the fish outside. Yesterdays temps got somewhere around 80 or so and the growth is really accelerating. A few of the hosta are finally popping and Im hoping the rodents left my Francis Williams and Sum and Substance alone over the winter. Our weeping cherry tree is just about to pop and Ill bet by Sunday its a froth of flowers.

Marian, thats really neat about the hummingbirds. Ive not put a hummer feeder out for a while and think I might just try one again this year.

Bug, what great news! So happy to hear Indy is home.

Chelone, Best of luck with Wrecks return home. Once hes healed from this I hope this is the last you see of the vets office for a while.

Cynthia great pic!!! Thanks for your spring update. A pic of Sutherland Gold would be appreciated? I lost mine last year and miss it. ~~ So sorry for Katies continued problems. I surely wish her wheels would arrive soon. Glad to hear that Monty is OK.

PM, you are so right that gardening is a good way to put ourselves in a better state of mind. I find that Im immersed in the present and the task at hand when in the garden and it keeps me from dwelling on negatives.

Sue, sorry youre in the dumps. Sounds like we need to do some nursery crawling. Let me know if you want some company?

V. I was wondering if youd felt that earthquake. Yikes! We had a fairly strong one here about ten years or so ago and it sounded like a truck hit the front of the house. Scary stuff.

Michelle, sorry about your DH's job. Doug is in the same age bracket and we cross our fingers he can keep his current position.

Saucy, no brush fires around here either. It's been dry for too long. ~~ LOL about the pumpkins. I'll bet you wind up with them on the lawn.

So here are a few spring pics from my SALATING this morning.

The King Alfred daffs are so cheerful right now.

And the hellebores are so pretty.

The tulips will be done after todays warm temps.

And the Weeping Cherry is about to pop open.

Ranunculus, one from this morning..

And one from the other day..

Have a great day all!

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We're home. And I'm feeling pretty bad looking at the result of the surgery... . He's hopping on 3 legs and it breaks even my cold, reptilian heart. I'm inside right now so I may remain alert for signs that he needs to go out (no BM so far and after anesthesia the urge can come on quickly/urgently). He will need some support to accomplish the job.

Great shots, Deanne. I'm amazed at how much more you have in bloom in your yard than I do in mine. It's that coastal thing... late spring, lingering fall and relatively mild winters. Never ceases to amaze me.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sleep and rest the hopping for later. Hi Katie and Monty! All my thoughts are with the dogs this Saturday I guess!

Tell Rick, (the old dog) that my thoughts are with him! We went through that job scare thing last year and it was a miserable process. Just because you have birthdays after 60 doesn't mean you are stupid or useless! There are so many farmers in our community who work at machine shops, the post office, wherever. Best wishes!

Off to walk Phoebe..

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Hi everyone, just in from the garden. Things are really starting to sprout out there and with all of the snow cover we had I don't think I lost much at all this year. I even finally succeeded in getting daphne carol mackie to return!

For those who don't know, my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer last week and underwent surgery yesterday. She's doing well today so that's a relief. Thanks to those of you who sent comforting words. They helped so much! As far as an update on my mom, she and my dad will be staying in Houston for at least a couple of months while she undergoes treatment there. She's participating in a trial for a treatment that's been successful in treating other types of cancer and now is being tried for lymphomia.

It's been great to see pictures of spring flowers from your gardens.

I'm glad Indy's been found Marie. I once lost my little kitty Buttercup for 2 weeks. We did all of the searching and fliers too and I remember the great feeling when she was finally found so I know how relieved Sarah feels.

Cynthia, I wish there was better news on sweet Katie for her and you. Glad Monty's problem is taken care of and sorry to hear George is ailing.

Chelone, good thoughts that Rex has a speedy and complete recovery. You're a great doggie mom whether you want to admit it or not.

Kathy, I'm excited to hear that you're finally meeting Mr. Baby. He's going to melt your heart!

Neat that Cythia and Cindy got to spend the day together at a garden related activity. Fun!

Sue, keep your chin up girl! It'll all come together for you.

Michelle, sorry Rick is going through job woes. That's a worry. Brad will be working for years to come before he has enough time at his company to retire. My dad was able to retire at 56 but I think retirement age should be an individuals choice. Older employees have much to offer and companies are losing valuable resources that they need these days by forcing them out. Unfortunately in the auto industry it's come down to much lower wages, by close to 1/2 as much for new employees, so time will tell what the repercussions will end up being for those with seniority. Scary times!

That's all I can recall to comment on at the moment. I mostly just wanted to check in and fill you all in. I've got Bella here helping me garden today. We're having grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner at her request since it's just the two of us. Time to get going on those.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

We had wonderful gardening weather today too. We spent most of morning hauling off the old mower and getting the new one. Nothing runs like a Deere, I just love it! I seem to do most of the mowing here. DH is doing laundry so I'm not complaining a bit.
On the way to the mower place we stopped for a quick lunch at Chili's. It was nothing fancy, just nice to go out and not have moocher kitties and dirty dishes.
The front yard areas are mowed and some lawn pickup done.

I'm off to cut down some seedling mulberry trees and brambles that are trying to take over the fence row and some places around the house. They grow so fast it just amazes me. If only the plants I wanted here would do that! ;)


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Eden, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I can't imagine dealing with all of that at once. Good thoughts for your sister, Mom, and you.
I wish I had gardening help today, I'm sure it was fun. Grilled cheese sounds good to me!


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Thanks Jerri, and it's great seeing you back here posting more! A new tractor, how cool!

Great gardening weather here today too. I even did a little plant shopping this morning, euphorbia glacier blue, euphorbia blackbird and echinacea summer sky. Now where to squeeze them in...


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Not exactly sure what I accomplished today, but I was outside , and do recall doing some DD and DBILS got snow today in Oregon of all things-very uncommon for this late in spring and there is worry about the orchards in the Hood River Valley.

Eden ,thanks for checking in and so sorry to hear of the challenges in your world. I hope your day with Bella and times in the garden help you move through the rough patches. My garden has certainly served as a sanctuary for me through the years. Hard to imagine retiring at 56 ..Impossible if you have no health insurance. I dont even know when the last time I had a grilled cheese was !

Hoping that Rex is behaving and staying as immobile as required.

Hello to all , Im out of time tonight !

Kathy in Napa

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What a fabu fabu day! I got so much accomplished in the beautiful weather. Gardening on a day like this certainly helps the state of mind.

We started our front yard renovation. I wrangled a massive clematis and 3 shrubs out. The clematis went into the Secret Garden as Kenzie wants yellow and purple. 11 years ago, before I got started gardening we put shrubs, black plastic and 2" river rock down all around the house. The front is the only area where it remains. What a stupid thing to do, Ive learned a lot about gardening since then. 2 of Ricks grandsons were going to stay overnight so I told them I would pay them if they would help remove rock. We have a long way to go. I especially want to move the shrubs and there are a few more to go. I started at 8:30 this a.m. and quit at 6:45. Im pooped.

I spent some time in the Secret Garden, mostly cleaning up large branches. I hung the bell too. I had fun ringing it. It is quite loud. Im having a creative freeze when it comes to laying out this garden. I got a fair amount of garden clean up done as well.

Deanne, its amazing the amount of bloom you have already. I have zilch except I did notice some little bulbs just starting today. I cut back all the ivy today to reveal the crocus that are slow to come up with all that ivy over top.

Thanks for the sympathy for Rick. I know theres got to be something better out there for him. He probably wont work for a while since it is farming season.

Eden, Im glad to hear that the surgery went well and your sis is doing well. Will she need treatments?

Jerri, around here there is a great rivalry between what we call red and green tractors. At our place we are on the red side. For Christmas SIL who is a red fan gave a pair of boxers to a friend who is a big green fan. The front was the IH side and said "power to perform" and the back was the JD side and said "nothing runs like a Deere" Im sure you will enjoy yours though ;o)

Time for a long hot soak.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh Michelle, it's not a 'real' tractor. I don't think I ever saw any really large tractors until I lived in Iowa. LOL
It's a lawn tractor. They are more heavy duty and not as 'disposable' as those in the big box stores so we are happy. We only mow about 2 acres with it.


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A new definition of "being 50" happiness: Pulling out the summer clothes box and shorts still fit :-)

Like so many of you we had a perfect day here yesterday. Lots of finicky cleanup and compost spreading.

We're on the green side, Jerri and Michelle :-) The biggest/baddest lawn tractor and accessories were Rich's housewarming gift to himself. I about passed out cold when I first saw the bill, but we can do everything we need to do ourselves and sometime around 2015 we'll break even. LOL

Yesterday was a wildlife spotting frenzy. Hawks, rabbits, fox, pheasant or turkey (no one got a really good look through the brush), birds galore, night crawlers (good to have a five-year-old around who adores putting them in a jar of dirt and moving them to the raised bed). Word went out and domesticated animals are in "Spring Rules" lockdown.

Perhaps all the 50's+ DH's should get together and start a business. Between all households, what talent is going to waste just when it's needed most in this economy! Rich fell into an appt yesterday and we're keeping everything crossed.

We've decided that today is going to be rest for body and mind. SALATING is on the list along with exponential breathing in the sweetness. Hope all of you have the chance to do some of the same!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Adding to Martie's list, we saw our first snapping turtle of the season sink into the pond last night. Also began to hear frogs. Lots of groundhogs are about :(, and there are raccoon babies in the barn DH says. We saw a red fox last week and we also have a mink lurking about. DH saw Mr & Mrs muskrat yesterday too while he finished sawing the trees stuck under the bridge.

I'm hoping to get more cleanup done this morning while DH is off to a meeting. 10 acres takes so much cleanup especially after flooding. It is exciting to discover what is under the trash and leaves though.

The hellebores are wonderful this year! The best in our 11 years here.

Carl cardinal is singing away right this minute! Enjoy your weekend now! That means YOU too Sue! :)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well instead of cleaning the gardens Doug and I decided to go for a bicycle ride yesterday and we were able to get in a 17 mile ride! My knees (and bum LOL) are a bit sore this AM but other than that Im raring to go. So today Im off to try and finish up the garden cleanup. Id really like to get that wisteria corner cleaned out before it starts blooming. The form of that tree is looking quite nice this year.

Last night Doug and I and friends went out to a Patty Larkin concert at a local small concert venue and had a ball. She has to be the finest female guitarist Ive ever heard. An amazing talent. Last night the hall was set up with tables so we bought a table for six. They also have a BYOB and you pay a 5$ cover to bring in your own wine and they provide the glasses. Great way to enjoy a concert! WE are going back to hear Arlo Guthrie in August. They are beginning to attract better and bigger names so I think thats going to be on our agenda fairly often. Anyone else interested in joining us? Let me know and Ill email you when there is something coming up we want to go to.

Eden, great to hear from you! All best wishes going to your sister and Mom. ~~ Glad to hear your gardens are beginning to wake up and that youve not lost anything over the winter. Thats terrific! Great score on those Euphorbias. Love that E. Blackbird. Are you going to use them in containers?

Jerri, sounds like you are enjoying that new John Deere! Good for you!

Kathy, I cant believe places in Oregon got snow yesterday!!! Amazing. We had a perfect 72 degree spring day.

Michelle, sooo. Happy you are finally getting some lovely weather. Doesnt it feel great to be working outside again??? I cant wait to see Kenzies Secret Garden.

Martie, congratulations on fitting into your summer shorts! Mine are still OK but if I dont get a handle on this they wont be. LOL Sounds like you had a great day in the gardens.

Bug, more hellebore photographs please??? Mine are the best theyve ever been here as well but they dont hold a candle to yours.

Sue, how about you come up and wash my windows and Ill come down and clean out your garden???? I HATE window washing.

OK Im off to go and enjoy this gorgeous day. Have a good one everybody!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm in a rush or I'd post these separately for you...


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im in that same contest to see who's more behind....

But it was a perfect garden day here yesterday as well and I worked very hard amidst greeting a couple of contractors and the furniture folks (delivering the dining table) -- no chainsaw in my hand, but covered in "dew" and soil running up and down the garments - needless to say no one stayed long, thank goodness!

It was great to see Cynthia and both of us taking breaks from our worries and stresses of the day to go to the AHS plant sale at River Farm -- I glombed onto phlox divericata Montrose Tricolor, amsonia hubrechtii, a couple of hosta (what a shock, Im thinking hostas now..), and a flat of sedums and sempervivums -- at $4 each it was really realy hard to resist them - the vendor had wonderful hypertufa pots filled w/ them and mini conifers - I probably should have gotten a couple of those. The prices for annuals was amazing too but neither Cynthia nor I could yet get enthused to lug 'em home to care for til the last frost in this area.

Would you believe my clematis Asao is starting to bloom? It's raining here today, so no more gardening -- still so much to do, but the rain takes care of lugging hoses around (it was mid 80s here yesterday and things really dried out quickly)- I've got about 15 clems to get in the ground but not today -- but I will hope to get pics of Asao when a few more blooms have opened -- I can't believe it's blooming already. I really needed this day too to do so many outside chores, but maybe Mother Nature is telling me to work on the inside instead - or even rest -- I confess the 5 hr garden workouts are still making me feel them the next day.

Im sorry PM and Sue that you're in the dumps -- just getting out of my own I can only suggest that a bit of garden hops w/ friends to a garden or nursery (or both) is great mental diversion and uplifting..... Im sure Eden can offer that knowledge as well.

Glad to hear Indy was found safely and Rex is come where he should be as well -- now if only we could provide some more happy endings for Katie and her Mom. I hope the wheels come quickly and she loves them.

Michelle, Im so sorry to hear Rick's got that challenge of jobhunting - I hope something better and more rewarding comes his way soon! It's certainly hard not to be in a funk when that challenge comes along; it's hard to think that we're lucky now if we get to stay at the same company for 7 years....

Off to do some errands. I hope the rain lets up for me to take some more photos -- the tulips and things are really looking great.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I met a friend at a local Mexican Rest. for lunch and a little shopping. I ended up with 4 pairs of shoes. I have no idea how that happened, I'm not really a 'shoe person' in general. After 2 surgeries on my foot, it is hard to find cute shoes that are comfortable so I just bought them all. :)
Then I finished mowing in the back. My only addition to the wildlife list was a snake den I found while mowing.
:-O I really hate snakes. I do not care if they are 'harmless' or not. I don't want them living close to my house. We will be 'moving' them as soon as it's warm enough. I knew we were in the country when I had to purchase a pair of snake tongs.

I'm off to shower. What's for dinner?


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Shucks, aint spring grand ? Something new every day. Today I planted a neglected corner of my front yard that borders the driveway . I had a very aggressive tree removed from the spot last year and have been working on the soil in my spare time I have put off planting because I was indecisive about what to plant my plans changed knowing I would not be here for a third-year-leap with perennials, and why invest in roses ? I decided to fill the whole thing with summer annuals , and a few salvias. Dumped two bales of compost in and planted two 6-paks of cosmos and 2 paks of State Fair Zinnias. Left spots for three of the low growing branching varieties of sunflowers and popped an Salvia Anthony Parker in the center , which is a 4-footer.

Have enjoyed re-living the beginnings of spring with pics from Marie, Deanne , Marian and Cynthia. Its almost time for Norma to post a new seasonal shot of her pond area How bout it Norma ?

Interesting to hear of Marians first Hummer-We have them all year here, but seems like a smaller population in winter.

Cindy-way cool that you and Cynthia had an Idyll shopping event! We had frost of our rooftops this morning (again) but my zinnias, impatiens etc are all unaffected. This time of year it seems to stay off the ground.

Michelle, Im sure you will have moments of inspiration creeping up on you when you least expect it ..the Secret Garden will all come together in due course !

Hoping that Chelone and Wrecks are negotiating the recovery period, PM is feeling better, Katie gets the Katie-Mover soon, and that every Idyller has something good happen to them this week..

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I'm very happy to hear our back yard residents are non-venomous. They are Speckled Kingsnakes.
I hate snakes.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

eeew, Jerri -- I hate snakes - it's one reason I dont walk barefoot in my backyard since we discovered one years ago... just tooo scarey even if non-venomous! I love that you're having a great time w/ your new toys - the tractor and the shoes -- I tend to buy shoes in "spurts" myself - I can go a year or two and then buy 6 pairs at once....

Well, knocked another decision re patio door off the list today...little by little Im zeroing in on choices and "decisions" for the various confronting me. Lowes had some really cool pre-planted succulent gardens, and then a bunch of singles -- their prices were great - aeoniums came come along w/ a euphorb. fire stick.... to keep the other agaves company, hehehe.

I wish I had the photo magic of Deanne and Gardenbug -- those shots of the hellebores and others are to die for....

I took a couple of not so good in the rain shots today:

I wish I could capture those Bluebells along w/ the bleeding heart adequately.

I found this sweet little bench a month ago in a hardware store - I've been looking for a small one for about 3 years - I think it goes here pretty well - now I just need to dress it up w/ some foliage.

And the tulips are suprisingly holding their heads up despite all the rain we've been getting:

Nite, nite - no dreaming of snakes, please.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, Its a cloudy day here today and I'm hoping to get some rain. Cindy, would you send a bit of that up this way???? I just love your spring pics! The bench is perfect there and I love the whole 'feel' of your garden. I could move right in! LOL I have that same ball decoration that is shown in your last photograph. The Loews here have some nice plants as well but I didnt see the succulents you mentioned. ~~ How neat that your Asao is blooming. That is always the first one here to bloom. I thought I lost it a couple years ago but there is a bit of a clematis coming up where it was planted so Im crossing my fingers.

RE: snakes, Im lucky that Im not the least afraid of snakes, even the venomous kind. We only get little garter snakes in our gardens here but I can remember birding I n SW Arizona years ago and coming across a very large Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake. It really had the most beautiful markings on its back. Now if we start talking about spiders that is another issue. I loathe and detest spiders and freak out if I get one on me. Dont know why it just is.

Chelone, hows Wrecks doing? How are you doing? Hope all is well.

Cynthia, Thinking of Katie, George and all your furbies. I hope all is as well as can be your way as well.

Jerri, great score on the shoes. Im a bit of a shoe collector myself but havent bought a new pair in a while. Maybe I need to get to DSW soon. LOL

Kathy, that annual garden sounds like its going to be lovely! Cant wait to see pics.

Bug, thanks for the link to the Hellebore pics. Wow! You have a significant collection and such variety! Beautiful.

OK Im off to start my day, have a good one everybody.

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Happy dew sparkling Monday! Took a bunch of progress pics yesterday but Photobucket changed their configuration and now I need to change mine. Suffice to say things are greening up, everything moved last weekend has survived, and darned if I'm not grinning from ear to ear :-)

I'm so hopeful that everyone in the dumps or who are perpetually pooped can get up the gumption to SALAT for a few minutes. I know how hard it is some days to pull oneself off the couch/chair and put one foot in front of the other. Been there more times than I care to know. But the energy is worth it even if you sleep for the next two hours.

The seedlings had their first exposure to the big outside yesterday. No worse for the wear. Will definitely wait for rain before planting, but everything is looking FF and tons to share :-)

Was thinking about Kenzie's secret garden in purple and yellow and immediately thought of pansies to start. It's something that can be done now and may just get the creative juices flowing. Also thought of tall marigolds, coreopsis, petunias, SUNFLOWERS (of course) and Grandpa Ott morning glories.

Kath -- I think it's a hoot that you're planting State Fair zinnias. They are a childhood memory from my grandmother's garden and are planted every year in a place of honor. Have fun with your plans to meet Mr. Baby!

So glad the mid-Atlantic contingent got together. Nothing like plant shopping with fellow fanatics.

So when Phoebe meets Woody, 'bug, there will be a camera around, right? Are mink still prolific where you are?

Deanne: Your little venue sounds wonderful.

And I have the same ball, too! LOL

Yikes and waving! Time!!!! To all a good day ....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good morning one and all!

DH woke up and took Ms Phoebe for her first walk which allowed me a few extra moments in bed. Aaaaah! Last evening we took her to town and she met 2 standard poodles, a yellow Lab (Farley) and also a funny long haired mixed breed (Ariel). Farley was by far the most relaxed about the mischief maker. DH and I had our first ice creams of the season. Mine was ginger, DH's was mint chip (but not green)!

On our walk we passed a friend's house. She was not home, but we saw that she has been laying rocks around newly created borders. She's a photographer and has built an adorable new studio in the garden. I noticed some beautiful Corydalis growing prolifically under a lilac. When I got home I just had to phone her and ask about it. She is not a gardener really, so she hadn't even known it was there! She said I should come this morning to collect some! YES!

Unbelievable, but we are experiencing 'warm and sunny' for our second week. I need to set up hoses today to deal with the dry areas. If it isn't flooding here, it's drought! This is just the best time of year, BEFORE BUGS! As to snakes, spiders, etc, I'm fine with those...but ants drive me nuts. I'm always surprised that DH gets queasy about snakes.

I'll try to remember the camera for you Martie...About mink, I wouldn't say prolific....but not uncommon. Groundhogs are beyond prolific though. Raccoons too. Yesterday we saw three large pike in our creek. Haven't seen them here in years.

I hope you are all enjoying salating after work when it is still light!


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We had our first ice cream of the season too Marie! Hot fudge sundaes for us at a dairy that makes their own ice cream and hot fudge. Plant purchase for yesterday was a High Noon tree peony. I also picked up 6 DeGroots Spire arborvitae to screen our deck from the UGLY house next door. The fish have moved out to their summer home in the pond too. On today's agenda is sowing some ricinus, hyacynth beans, ornamental peppers, nasturtiums etc.

Cindy, your garden is looking just beautiful. I need to stop by Lowes now, lol. Last week I repotted my agaves purchased from Yucca Do last fall. They really grew over the winter.

Hope Rex is moving along well with his recovery. And wondering if Katie's cart has arrived yet, hope so or very soon!

Off for some coffee and backgammon. Hope you all have a beautiful spring day and get to enjoy some of it outside!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I have to post this. It was buried in a post to Bug last week about Indy but it's such a cool story!
It's about one of my rescued fosters, Lucy, who was adopted by a Dog Detective. She is such a good girl!

Recently while working a case in the wilderness, Twist began to pull hard on her harness demanding that we go up the side of a mountain to the cliffs above. As always I "trust the dogs", so our small group of observers and pet owner, followed the little dog up the steep hillside. When we reached the top Twist looked back at me and then went to the pet owner and jumped up on her. She was clearly asking the pet owner to follow her which she did. Twist trailed her way along the rim of the cliff and alerted at a predator's den. In her own way, little Twist was trying to tell woman that her pet had unfortunately met with a predator. It was truly a sad moment and soon Dodger found evidence confirming what Twist was trying to explain. It was a bittersweet moment; sadness at the passing of a much loved family member but also admiration for Twist and what can only be explained as canine compassion by selecting the dog's owner from the group and asking her to follow. Although I was sad at the elderly dogs passing, I was very proud of Twist.

Twist proves my philosophy that it is not about the breed of the dog... but the heart of the dog. And Twist has the heart of a lion.


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We went to the city yesterday to spend a little time with DS to celebrate his birthday. We did a little shopping as well. I was able to find some lovely fabric for some pillows to go with our new bedspread. We have zilch around here anymore for fabric stores.

bug, Im extremely impressed with your collection of hellebores. I planted my first 2 last fall, both Ivory Prince

Martie, thanks for all the great plant suggestions. LOL I should post a picture of it. It definitely needs some structure added to it, but first Rick needs to get in the area with a skidloader to remove more rocks etc. Maybe a container of pansies near the front door would help.

I hope Rex is perking up.

Cindy, I love, love, love your garden pictures. It has such a courtyard feel to it. Lowes had those succulents last fall, but I didnt think I needed anymore indoor plants to deal with, but there were some nice ones.

Neat story Jerri, how nice that a rescue has found her real talent and could become such a help. A proud moment for you Im sure.

Cloudy here today, I hope the sun is shining where you are today.


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We went out to clean up Sanitary Ridge and get started on the the bed that surrounds this morning. Rex was looking particularly downcast so we decided to move the "Sanitorium" out there. We set up his bed, one of those screw into the gound tethers with a 4' leash, and his water bowl.

That arrangement suited him perfectly. He could do his job, keeping an eye on us and alerting us to any possible threat. He also was able to practice, "down", "stay", and "leave it" (when he barked too long). We put him back inside after a few hours (when we fired up the "Cyclone Rake") and he was content to sleep on the "launch pad" (a bed with a great view out the window to the front yard and road).

In view of the extent of the surgery, I have requested that he NOT go for rides in the car for a few weeks and that he be strictly supervised at this critical phase of recovery. (gotta protect the "investment"!). Helpmeet tends to push the "rules" too far, I think, and I hope the vet. reinforces what I've said when he takes him down to have the bandage removed tomorrow afternoon. The staples will be removed on May 1st.. But it's really important that he be restricted so the plates and the bone have a chance to fuse.

We raked the Sanitary Ridge lawn, the pergola beds, about 1/2 of the SR bed, and the front beds. It really looks a lot nicer! And, alas! my pot ghetto has grown... including some tortured Bearded Iris and some bulbs that have been living in recycled kitty litter bucket for close to one year, along with several others. I noticed some minor vole damage but I've been seeing dead ones for over a month now. As usual, lots to do and many plans to make. And I'm excited to rediscover some of my old friends. My face feels "pinkened", too.

The only plant I'm wondering about (so far) is a Sweet Autumn clematis; but it's early and not yet time to despair. I'm going to hit send, and contemplate my next move. Or not.

I'm still way, way behind. But did zero right in on Eden's post, want to hear more about the wedding Norma, and a million other things that I now can't quite remember. :/

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So it's gorgeous outside and I'm in the office all day and Home Depot is a ten minute drive, perfect for a breather, and I get there and notice Burpee seeds small packs for $1.07 each and well, the rest is history :-) My raised bed is now officially full!

I've been meaning to let Cindy know how much delight her garden pics have brought. My yard is so open that I have to wait for little nooks and crannies to place benches, etc. Looking at yours, I get this nice cozy feeling.

Eden - All positive thoughts are headed straight to your house along with your sister's and parents' car. Enough, already, yes?????

Deanne: One of the last times I had the honor to talk with her, Joy Martin of Logee's told me to wait to water Rex begonias until "they look like they're going to droop below the pot rim." Who's to argue?? LOL Since then I've actually gotten three to live. If they stick around long enough for leaf cuttings, I'll do some up for you.

Still waiting for V's and others reassurance that there's a vine out there as attractive as variegated kiwi that stays "small", as in under 20'.


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Rex looks very well-behaved for his recovery portrait. A model patient to be sure. My zinnias are still intact after a really heavy frost last night that I could see on lawns as well as rooftops. We are expecting some overcast and maybe even a bit of rain Wednesday, so that should curtail the frost thing.

Martie, I kept getting errors and internet shut-downs when I tried to use Photobucket yesterday. State Fair was one of the first Zinnias I planted from seed when I lived in San Diego and was a new gardener also Cut and Come Again .Zinnas and Cosmos, the perfect new gardener plants-oh and Nastursiums too !

Deanne-spiders I have them everywhere ! since I dont spray and my house is always open during good weather I seem to collect them . I promise to vacuum them all up before we have an IU in Oregon, lol !

kay. Gotta do the dishes and a few other chores to prep this place for my post-surgical rest and dont do anything mode. Hate that.

Yoo-hoo PM ?

Hi to everyone

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Silly joke for Jerri:
A woman was leaving a convenience store with her morning coffee when she noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery.
A long black hearse was followed by a second long black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one. Behind the second hearse was a solitary woman walking a pit bull on a leash. Behind her, a short distance back, were about 200 women walking single file.
The woman couldn't stand her curiosity. She respectfully approached the woman walking the dog and said, "I am so sorry for your loss, and I know now is a bad time to disturb you, but I've never seen a funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?"
"My husband's."
"What happened to him?"
The woman replied, "My dog attacked and killed him."
She inquired further, "Well, who is in the second hearse?"
The woman answered, "My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my husband when the dog turned on her."
A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passed between the two women.
"Can I borrow the dog?"
"Get in line."

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Yea! Indy is home. Thank the powers that be.

We had a boxer go missing for at least three weeks. when he came home on his own his feet were raw. So he either traveled far or had to dig out of somewhere.

Rex be a good boy and rest those legs.

Cynthia, You are a trooper, dealing with the fur babies. Thank goodness they have you. Nice that you and Cindy could connect.
Ah Bluebells. I long for a nice stand of those. So far no luck, I can't even keep one plant going.

Jerri, the Deer is worth the money. We have had ours for 23 years.

V, we were awakened by the quake also. First things rattleing and then the whole house shaking. I think DH and I exclaimed "Earthquake" at the same time.

Saucy, It seems like those kind of offers come along when so many other things in life are happening too. Really gives you something to think about.
LoL the hitch pun. I see you rebought toffee twist, that was a favorite for me last year too, In fact I enjoyed it all winter as I had left it in the pot visible from the window and it had good winter interest.

Sue I care too, and will be glad when you can work through things and be back Idylling. We miss your regular posts. I hope your wrong about the locusts.

Ah Woody, you get to see Pheobe for real soon. I'm severely out of shape too. And I desperately need to lose 20 or more pounds so getting up and down is not so difficult.

Kathy, It's good you are getting to go see Mr Baby ( geeze that name is going to stick) I've already forgotten his real name. Oh I think it was Aiden wasn't it ?
I hope you get to do a little house hunting too.
I don't envy you your implant surgery, but I wish I could have had that done.

Hi pm2, Sorry to hear you are bumming too. I'm glad you decided to keep posting .You always have interesting things . I have problems responding to everyone sometimes so it's easier to just not post. But I really don't mind when people just talk about what is going on with them, so I guess its okay.

My grasses are now all cut back all 22 of them !

Michelle, That red sedum is not dragons Blood but one that holds the red color all summer. I haven't run across the tag yet and don't remember the name.
I hope Rick will be able to find another job that he likes better.
Good to hear you are finally getting to do some garden work.

Eden, good to hear from you. I wish your sister a speedy recovery, and am glad to hear that they are trying to help your mom in Houston.
Euphorbia glacier blue, sounds interesting. I don't have any euphorbia at all. What kind of conditions do they like?

I started this post on Sat before Wyatt and Jake decided to come spend the night so I didn't get to finish. We spent a lot of time at the creek and LoL Martie , Wyatt wanted to dig worms but what he didn't realize was that we pulled a lot of weeds in the process. Congrats on fitting into the shorts.

Deanne we went to an Arlo Guthrie concert once . We really enjoyed it. I don't think I've heard Patty Larkin.

Kathy , I should get a pond picture since some of the shrubs are in bloom, but I need to clear my camera cards of wedding pics. Its on my to do list. The ponds are a little muddy from all the rain we have had. And I'm way behind on weeds.

Cindy nice glimpse into your backyard. I like that sphere by your tulips. Good to hear things are moving along for you.

Ok, I'm going to post this book before I lose it. Hi to everyone I failed to mention. Norma

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Norma , Hi ! I will continue to nag about the pond pics..
Aiden is right. DD has no computer (we are taking a hand-me-down laptop to her when we go up ) so she mailed a photo which we got today- she says that since he started smiling there are pics o'plenty being taken. He looks pretty cute for a baby. I hate babies.

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Bug, I love it. LOL
I just got back from a presentation by a specialist in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. She was interesting. I had a needle stuck in my head in what is the Gorverning Vessel Meridian. It didnt hurt at all.
I want to try it for my foor problem. 3 surgeries and numerous other things have left me with a lot of pain in it. The more I try the worse it hurts. This will not make it worse at least!

Gotta run. DH just informed me that Chloe has a snake in the front yard!!!!! AHH!!!!!!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"I hate babies."

Now where have I heard that before????
Oh yeah, that was me a year ago!
Now I have TWO baby loves!

But they do work their way into your heart, so watch out! Now I have TWO loves!
Last about 3 months.

Baby There's a muskrat den she is very interested in checking out.

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A fond good mohnin' wish from the coast. May your day be brilliant. Happy Earth Day!

Kathy, I could tie you out on Sanitary Ridge along with Wrecks. Misery lovin' company, 'n all. Can't chitty chat too much right now.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning :-)

Spent the day at back to back doctor appointments yesterday, which I usually try not to do. Didn't I read someone posting recently that you have to be pretty healthy to be sick? [g] One appointment was with a Naturopath, whose suggestions seem promising, so we'll see. Happy that I can rest today and the weather is so gorgeous, I plan on getting outside with DS who is going to work on more spring clean up for me. :-)

Thanks to all who sent good wishes my way, I appreciated it very much. :-) Suggestions for nursery visits are just what I need, but have to put that on hold for the time being. Can't wait though. I did get out in the garden on Sunday. It always amazes me how excited I feel when I see some happy surprise in the garden. Quite a bit of new germination in the winter sown containers..a Callirhoe seedling that I wasn't expecting, since a whole pkt of them never germinated last year. A few other neat surprises...anemone that is borderline here, came back, more volunteer seedlings of some of my favorite plants. My favorite surprise, an area along the street that after five attempts to get something to grow there, I finally decided to buy 2 sixpacks of portulaca Apricot Sundial last year, which performed perfectly. I was hoping it would reseed every year and I will finally have a solution. Sunday I saw quite a few little seedlings in that area that all look the same, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that is what they are. Oh, almost forgot...a pot of pansies I just left out all winter, is full of little pansy seedlings of one of my favorite pansies.

Eden....What a time of it you are all having. Doesn't it seem to always work that way that as my Mom used to say...'when it rains, it pours'. So glad to hear that your sister is doing well and that Mom has been given an opportunity with this new experimental treatment. Glad you've had Bella to garden with. I am sure she is the best garden buddy. :-)

Cindy....didn't realize you were also in the dumps recently. Glad you are feelng better. It was great that you and Cynthia got together. Yes, a trip to the nursery with a van full of plants to bring home always hits the spot! Maybe next weekend for me, for sure. Love your garden photos. The pink tulips with the white dicentra was a great combo. loved your bluebell photo. Quite a stand of them, along with the other nearby spring flowers. Some kind of phlox? I have one tiny little plant that I am very happy to see coming back. Mine are not open yet.

Norma....It is hard to keep up with the posting here for sure. I don't work and my kids are grown, no grandchildren and no pets so I have more time than most, so it is easier for me. I always enjoy when you post too. I can't believe you have 22 grasses. I only have four I think. Would love to know which you have and how you like them.

Cynthia....I agree with are amazing with your dogs. Hope you post more photos of your garden, it looks like you have a lot of mature plants and trees which I am lacking right now, so I really enjoy yours. :-)

Sorry to see Marian deserting us...for greener pastures. [g] Just kidding Marian. :-) I am sure you will be back and happy you found a place that keeps things interesting for you. Aren't you lucky to have hummingbirds already!

Michelle...sorry to hear of your DH's job changes. Must be pretty stressful for him. I hope they at least are giving him enough notice to allow him to figure out what his next step is. Any chance he could become self employed? Consulting? One of our kids who wanted a second job with a lot of flexibility, found an arrangement with a catering outfit in our area that has a great system. They post which parties they need help with on their website, you can sign up for which fit your schedule and pass on those that don't. So far it is working really well. Michelle, your angelica giga, and black pearl peppers sound great. Hope you will post some photos. Of the front yard renovation too.

My Winter Sowing this year was minimal, I did 20 containers only because I knew I would have a busy spring dividing and moving. I did Delphiniums, just starting to come up, 2 varieties of Lupine which my DD loves, a new one to me was Ammi, also coming up, Dianthus and Snapdragons, which seem to me to be one of the easiest to winter sow, they germinate really well. Callirhoe, Pansies, Primula and Polyanthus that are not doing anything yet. I tried one pot of my own collected seed from an Astilbe and some traded Hosta seed that was a year old, not showing yet. One container of Foxglove. I think that is it. I was planning on starting a whole lot of annual seeds but might have to buy this year.

Saucy....I planted viola odorata a couple of years ago. It has spread a little this year. I've had a very bland white one in the yard forever, that gets into everything that I disliked, but this one, is fragrant with a capital F. and is a nice deep purple color and a neat habit. I won't mind if this one gets out of hand. with the blue container and the tulips and hyacinths in the background is such a cheerful sight! Where did you find ranunculus this time of year? I never see those.

Chelone....your Rex is so lucky to have you. Big handsome guy too! Thank you very much for those two photos of the ocean! I love the ocean and have to try to get there more this year.

Martie...I can just see that grin on your face that all your transplants are settling in. :-) Good job! Thanks for the tip on the Rexes. I am going to have to give them another try then. Very disappointed you were unable to post photos. Hope you will add more to the thread you started when you can. :-)

Kathy....Your Annual corner sounds like a great idea for that corner. I enjoy annuals a lot. Love everything you planted. Especially the tall Salvias. Hummingbird attractors? Photos, please. :-) When is the trip to see Aiden again? Looking forward to more photos.

Hate snakes jerri! Something I cannot tolerate. Haven't seen one around here in awhile. I know they have to live too and probably good for keeping the rodent population down, but..

Gardenbug...your Hellebores are tremendous. My favs are photo #3 and #10. Glad you are having a happy spring! Enjoy every minute of it! :-)

Sorry, my yard looks like a construction area still, so no spring pics yet.

Deep furrows crease the bark of a cottonwood tree in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada.
Photograph by Raymond Gehman

Happy Tuesday :-)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im most impressed that Rex is looking so "content" in those shots - I guess he was happy to be home and near his family ... probably going to be more of a challenge once he's starting to feel a bit better, right, Chelone? That's a mighty leg shot!

PM2 -- that sounds like a lot of seed sowing to me -- Im impressed - I've never had much luck doing it and pretty much have given up on trying...hence the plant hunts for me.

Eden -- again, I am thinking good thoughts re your Mom and sister -- hopefully they'll be mending well. I hope your Mom and Dad manage to enjoy Houston in some fashion while they're there. Yum, first ice cream of the season -- I have yet to do that -- sounds like a good idea for this weekend. I've got the Euphorbia Blackbird to plant now; I saw the Blue Glacier at one of the AHS vendor stands but resisted -- they had about 5 types including Tasmanian Tiger, that I've killed twice now.

Thanks, all, for the nice words re the spring photos -- I think it's starting to "come together" a bit more for me and the garden -- Im always learning from you all here though -- and feel like this year is kind of just luck -- the tulips got planted in clumps (I finally learned that trick) and the deer didnt eat too many too early, LOL...

'bug - I love that shot of Phoebe's hunting -- you managed to instill her playfulness and puppyhood -- you've got such a terrific eye. We can certainly see the twinkle in Reed's as well!

Kathy - that combo of annuals sounds perfect for the spot you pick -- I can imagine it's hard to make those kinds of decisions - you dont want to invest any more in something you've got to leave behind. Wow - you got frost? The last frost date in my area is April 27 usually -- I would not be surprised either to see us get a last chill this year as it's been such a begrudging one. I learned my lesson about planting up containers too early and subscribe to no tenders out there until after the frost date -- otherwise my yard looks like a ghost cemetary when Im plopping sheets all over the beds....

It's gangbusters at the awfuice here so gotta get to work. Happy Earth Day to all as well -- beautiful shots, Chelone!!!!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Gorgeous AM photographs Chelone! Beautiful sunrise. I'd thought to catch it here but by the time I put the coffee on it was too late. LOL

Hello to all! This is a 'drive by' post to say good morning on this very beautiful day here in the North East. I'm thinking I'm going to get on my bicycle and do a nice long ride, maybe 20 miles or so. We'll see how I feel. The gardens are popping into life at an amazing rate here and I'm loving it except for the big 'holes' in the beds from the rodents.

PM the Ranunculus come from a small family operation here in Nashua, the Pitarys family. They have the loveliest plants a really good prices in comparison to the nurseries. Sometimes a bit more than HD but worth the price. They have the most beautiful selection of pansies anywhere.

Norma, you'd like Patty Larkin. She reminds me a bit of Bonnie Raitt.

Kathy good luck with your surgery. Hope all goes perfect.

Hi to all, I really have to get out of here for now.


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Good morning. The elk are grazing in line of the driveway alarm so it keeps going off which makes the dogs crazy so there is a lot of tattling (barking) going on this morning. It is still too dark for a photo op so not even going to give it a try.

Photo op.....reminds me that I've probably not thanked Deanne for sharing her new camera with us. Absolutely gorgeous photos and I wish I knew how to use my camera as well as she uses hers. I have the 30D so should be able to capture stunning photos, too.......but I do not have her eye nor smarts so it isn't happening here.

Rex looks quite content on his outdoor chaise. I hope his recovery is without any snafus.

Katie's medical problems are heart wrenching and I hope a solution, to get her back to her twirly girly self, happens---soon. Such a sweet girl from what Cynthia has shared.....sad that she is being so limited in her ability to move on her own.

Good that the wandering has been found. I wonder if Indie was on the run or if someone took her in thinking that she wasn't cared for and allowed to run. It would be nice to be able to have a note attached to our pets: "Hi, I am Indie, well loved and wanted by my family but my one big flaw is that I diligently work towards getting out of my safe yard to go on a walk-about. Please return me to my owners who are worried and heartbroken-----they truly do care even though I wander...." LOL

We had a dusting of snow over the weekend. Weird weather.

I've already refilled the hummingbird feeders 3 times. They are a hungry bunch. I have the feeders on the front porch and lowered them down so that the twins could watch the fast little feathered buggers as they come to the feeders. I hear 'burds, burds' quite often. :oD

Mr Baby meets his grandmother for the first time soon! Neat! Kathy, you don't have to 'love' all small children to be smitten to the core by your own grandchildren. I loved having my children but am not enamored of all children, I groan inwardly when I meet up with another grandparent who talks about their grandchildren constantly or shows me snapshots of them.......but when it comes to my own? Oh heavens! I'm elbowing my way in with my cute (to me) stories and snapshots. LOL Guess that is the way of grandparents......our own are wonderful and everyone elses are okay. Speaking of such........(ROFLMAO--I am after all a grandmother)---here is an update.....the youngest, Thomas, will have his first birthday in a couple weeks. Little tyke began walking right before he turned 10 months, he is a smiling and happy little guy 98% of the time. His big brother, James, is 4.5 now and playing T-ball (oh how funny to watch that age learn baseball!) and going to pre-school. The twins are 20 months old, their chattering is increasing and mostly understandable. Yes, I am smitten by my grands.....

I see your eyes glazing over......told you, other people's grands just aren't as wonderful as your own. ;o)

Well, guess that is the news from here.....(yes, that means I'm stopping because I need more coffee!! LOL). Eden, you and yours are often in my thoughts. Michelle, I'm sorry to read about Rick's job, hopefully there is something much better waiting in the wings for him. Cindy, glad that the majority of the mold clean up is done and behind you! Honey, it was so great to see some posts from you! I noticed Ei missing, too. I hope all is okay with her & her family. Sue, hope things begin looking up soon...Hello Norma!! Okay.....sorry, that is the end of my ability to coffee and the fingers stop working (the mind quit quite awhile ago...). My apologies to people and news that I missed mentioning....darn my memory and the black holes in my mind....


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"The garden had reached the time when every day and every night it seemed as if magicians were passing through it drawing loveliness out of the earth and the boughs with wands." The Secret Garden

I picked up "The Secret Garden" and "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" from the library for some inspiration. The above quote struck me.

Chelone, what a beautiful place that you live.

PM2, I could take a picture just like that ;o) Our tallest tree on the place is a cottonwood. DH actually quit his job. It was way overdue. It will be interesting to see what your portulaca look like. I had a dark pink and ended up with pink, yellow and white seedlings.

T, Kenzie loves to watch out "burd" feeders too.

Today is a fabulous day, but its supposed to be rainy again tomorrow, so I should try to get outside tonight.


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Hi everyone. Sometimes I forget what a pretty place my area is, just the way all of you forget the very same thing. What is to Michelle a foreign and rather exotic land/seascape is really "old hat" for me. I drive by the views I posted every single day, at least twice. The sight, the smell, the sound of the ocean is "everyday" for me. I have gotten very good at maintaining a respectful distance behind "tourists" so they may feel free to crawl along or pull over to get a nice, long look. One day I was behind a couple with Kansas plates and they were C R A W L I N G. I wanted to get home! but it occured to me that maybe they'd NEVER seen an ocean, so I backed off, allowing them to pull over before passing them with a friendly wave. Both of those views are to the northeast... and that's the direction that brings the big waves during a storm. The roadway where I parked to take those shots has been partially washed out at least two times in the past 17 yrs..

Jobs, economy, etc. ... The increase in repairs has continued unabated for some time now, in canvas work and in alteration work. People "with money" shrug it off, but the ranks of those "on the margin" who have begun to economize has increased. As have the offers of "barter". On a personal level, we find ourselves rethinking trips off the compound... consolidation of errands into trips to/from work has increased. It now requires $40+ to fill the tank of my modest, 6 cylinder wagon, much more for the helpmeet's fullsize wagon. It's OK with us that we are more circumspect with regard to burning fuel. It's Earth Day, afterall!

We appreciate the nervousness that goes along with a change in jobs... be it willing or unwilling. Another reason we are knuckling down on the money we have spent without much thought. More attention to mundane, controllable expenses means the "fun stuff" we enjoy is still readily within grasp. Another reason we are pleased that cable TV is outtahere (sorry Michelle, crummy "service" for too much money), we've plugged entertainment "vampires" into surge protector strips and shut them off when we're done using them, and why we like having woodstoves. We feel the same nervousness about the the economy. My personal opinion? I think the USA is in for real big, "wake up call" very soon. Fat, dumb, and happy is a dangerous condition. Enough of my gloom, but know I share the same concerns and proactive spirit many of you do, too.

The mondo bandage is off Rex's leg. The staples look pretty sinister... YIKES. Our own little canine Frankenstein hound. We have spritzed them with bitter apple spray and will endeavor to keep him as calm and immobile as possible. Trouble is, he's a definitely a "boogie" kinda dog. Marian, pray for me, willya? can't hurt! (miss your posts).

Lay off with baby shots, will you, PLEASE? Have some respect for those of us who hate kids and dogs... sheesh.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

No way Chelone. But just pretend they are little old bald people and then you'll be OK....

Planted 3 roses today, resuscitated some trees affected by flood damage, hauled out and turned on the sprinkler, etc, etc. I'm exhausted, though it was fun.

Time to throw an omelette together for DH and leave for dinner & book talk with friends.

Thinking of V, Mary and others who are so very quiet....
Various pets too of course. Didn't mean to scare them with Phoebe's bum shot.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh Bug, you didn't scare them off. I spent all day thinking I killed the Idylls thread. Then I found out the post that I made this morning from work never made it to Gardenweb for some reason. LOL

Maybe babies are hairless dogs? They do 'run' on all fours.


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I amend my list of loathing:
Old fogies (except Marian).

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Martie, Pm2, Chelone....I'll be back. :-)

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A welcome post and update from T. We are always happy to hear about your grands, and the elk. LOL about James age group learning T Ball. I don't usually watch Letterman, but happened to last night (bright moon kept me awake) anyway he was talking about his four year olds first T Ball game.

Chelone thanks for the great photos. I always enjoy those.

Michelle great idea to get the book for inspiration. I seem to recall there being something circular in the center. Maybe a fish pond? Perhaps you could do a circular sand box in the center instead. Does the space have a particular overall shape? Would there happen to be a tree limb for a swing? Perhaps a small picnic table? I know it is to be a garden but a few fun things couldn't hurt.

It rained this morning so I tackled the garden shed. While cleaning the basement and garage everything garden related was dumped in the shed and I do mean dumped. Yesterday I wanted to get a particular pot from the shed and no way could I get to it. Barely could squeeze in the door. I didn't quite get finished because I was having DH make shelves to fit between the studs by the work benches. then I wanted to paint them because he was scraping them together from whatever odd boards we could find so they weren't dry enough to put up tonite. It will be nice to have it organized so I can lay my hands on what I need easily.
I am making some headway on the weeds but still have several beds to go. I do wish I could just get to the moving and divideing instead of all the crappy work.

The forcythia and redbuds are blooming and the dogwoods are starting too. The creeping phlox are getting going and some daffs are hanging in along with a few tulips and narcissus. The early iris are budding up. Last year I didn't have any iris because of the late freeze. I have been to busy to even take pictures or SALAT. I do position myself for optimal views while having my morning coffee though.

OK heres hoping I sleep better tonite. Nite all. Norma

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Reviewing my pre-op instructions, lining up the meds and considering what difficult to chew food I might like to have for dinner. The clouds have rolled in and a few drops are falling-nothing you could really call rain at this point. I hereby predict it will not be measurable, thereby requiring me to continue watering.

Chelone, well thanks for the offer of the stake out with Rex on Sanitary Love your sea scape shots. Its interesting to me to consider the sun rising over the sea instead of setting. Your sea looks very calm Is this a protected cove, or was it just the timing of the pic ?

T, Ill wave over the Columbia as we land at PDX ..What a nice long post from you today! DD got the snow too in Eugene. It was 80 there the previous weekend. I have not even held a baby since my DS was one ! Managed to avoid the little buggers for 22 years, lol. Hope I remember how.

Michelle, what a charming quote to share from Secret Garden. Many moons since I read that one(probably close to my last baby-holding episode).

PM, you sound pretty industrious for one who is under the weather. What a great selection of winter sown seeds. I love the Lupines too, they dont do to well here , but they are fabu-fabu in Oregon. We have a native wild lupine though that carpets whole hillsides in bluish-purple in spring. Ive had good luck growing the Russell hybrids from seed, but once they get big they seem to languish here. Ive posted a pic below of my annual corner-this would be the before pic, you can barely see the little seedlings. I still have 3 Salvias to put in, and the sunflowers. I hope to do that this weekend . I will be interested to hear what results you get from the Naturopaths suggestions. I hope you will be able to venture out to the garden center before long. Its always fun to go even if you dont buy anything- a rarity in my case.

Hi Marian !

Jerri, Ive loved all the cool stories youve been posting.

Deanne, youre going to be all buffed-up for lugging all your containers out to the garden, with your work-outs and bike rides. Im going to start walking to work next month , 1 mile each way. I always have to wait till its light out between 5:30and 6am, and choose days when Im not lugging my briefcase around.

So where is Denise ?

And Hi to Mary, Wendy, Honey, Eileen, Babs, Sue, Monique, Drema, ..did I miss anyone?

Evelyn this evening, isn't she purty ? I love roses.

The annual corner. Will post another photo in a month.

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Just a quick note...I'll be back in the morning for more...

Cindy, 20 containers is a drop in the bucket on the Winter Sowing forum. I know at least three people there that have done over 1000 containers in one season. One person that did 3000! I also love buying already grown. Always so much of a selection! I still buy plenty of annuals that I would never winter sow. I just do easy ones. :-) winter sown seeds were done in January and haven't had to touch them since. Someone in the house will water them for me when I don't feel like getting out there myself. They need to be planted soon, so I have to perk up by then.

I could say I love roses, but I actually love other people's Like yours. Evelyn is very sweet with the brush of apricot? in the center.

Good luck tomorrow! I hope it all goes as smooth as silk. Hope you stocked up on ice cream, yogurt, pudding. I enjoy Mango Smoothies when I need somethng soft. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. :-)


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PM, I'm advised against any dairy or citrus in the first 24 hours. There goes the yogurt, cottage cheese , and ice cream ! Lookin at clear soup/broth, and jello. I will not do jello! I have some organic applesauce that will suffice.

Kathy in Napa

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So today is the chopper implant day, Kathy? I stand by the offer to accomodate you along with the convalescing dog. Your roses are so pretty; my lone New Dawn is reaching thorny canes to snare any passer by... time to cut her down to size.

It's quite common for the ocean to be "flat calm", a briney bathtub when high pressure is in control of the atmosphere, esp. in the morning before convection occurs as the land temperature rises. That's a little cove, but not particularly protected, you are looking straight to the northeast with nothin' but ocean for a lot of miles.

Also missing many silent regulars, and wishing everyone well. Later!

(am in awe of Norma's cleaning efforts; I like knowing where all my "-hit" is, too).

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Kathy...24 hours of applesauce sounds pretty boring. I don't do jello either. lol I wonder if you can eat blended fruit? Banana/strawberry without the yogurt is very good and Mango or pineapple would be nice? Wonder if popsicles or gingerale would be allowed? They have some nice organic fruit bars at Whole Foods. Just think, this time next week, it will all be behind you. :-)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Norma, I am impressed with how much de-cluttering and clean up you are managing to get done. We seem to be perennially behind in that area. Most weeks we seem to barely get the essentials done. Hoping that will change soon. How about a photo of the shed once you get it organized? I have to organize all my garden gear this year.

Gardenbug...curious to know what you could do to resuscitate a tree?

Chelone....what is the bitter apple spray for and where do you get it?

Michelle...Have watched the movie The Secret Garden a few times. Very enjoyable. Pretty quote that I hadn't remembered. I probably would enjoy the book. Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor, now there is a reminder of nap time when the kids were little. :-) When I was little, 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms' was one of my first movies to interest me in 'farm life' which was as close to thinking about gardening as I got. Another one was 'The Yearling' which we cried our eyes out watching, but learned a lesson about corn and deer don't mix, among other more important lessons.

I have never seen a cottonwood tree in person. Lovely bark! Lucky you! Yes, I am expecting I am not going to get the same color on the portulaca. I will take photos of whatever I get. nice to see a post from you. :-) I would be interested to hear about your driveway alarm. Someone I know has a deer problem and wondering if that would help. Pretty late for snow there, which reminds me, I seem to remember photos you posted of the elk and one special photo taken of your backyard with snow coming down that had a blue cast to it. You might have been standing between a backdoor and a garage? It was such a gorgeous photo and it reminded me of a Christmas card, that is why I remember it. I enjoyed hearing an update of your grandkids. I also enjoyed my kids when they were small. Your Thomas is young to be walking. I heard that boys usually walk at 12 months on average. I imagine you are busy babysitting?

Deanne....very impressed with your physical abilities to tackle a 20 mile bike ride. Wow, that's a lot. You will be in the best shape of your life soon. :-) I was wondering about your rodent problem, that gorgeous fellow Rahjii doesn't help you out with that? You must love the Pitarys. I actually tried to look them up but they must be a small operation, not able to.

Nothing new here, but looks like a gorgeous day already. Eye exam later today, time for new glasses. Hello to everyone who I am imagining in the soil up to their elbows. :-)


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Thinking of Kathy today and recommending using soy "milk" instead of real dairy. If Rich could deal with it, anyone can!! LOL

Thank you, Michelle, for reminding me/us of how simple a garden's pleasure can be. For a different "purple" how about purple peppers? When I was working at the nursery I always gave kids a non-green pepper plant to grow when they came with parents in Spring and were well behaved. Many of them came back in July/August with their peppers to show me, and were amazed and proud that a little green spit of a plant could make such a wonderful thing. Anything to keep their hands legitimately dirty :-)

I want to know what the heck someone is going to do with 3000 containers of seedlings ..... LOL.

Chelone -- you're view is beautiful, and I so appreciate you respecting out-of-towners the ability to let it sink in. A small price to see that each day.

Will a dog person explain the difference other than size between a greyhound and a whippet? I met one yesterday who was absolutely engaging, but the owner said that without lots of room to run really fast, they aren't happy. True? Please forgive my complete freshman knowledge, maybe they aren't related at all?

Last night walked around (WALAT!?!?!) and made a list of where spring bulbs are needed for next year. Hoping the economy allows many orders, particularly from Brent and Becky's.

And last but not least, a most amazing Martie's garden report: I have six whole varieties of Clematis that came back! This is a first for me as I routinely lose then except for Josephine so gave up until a "wicked" sale last year. They are all type two so I don't have to do anything except get the dead stuff off, right? All have many sprouts coming off the roots. Help!!!!

All good thoughts going out.


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Good morning!

I'm behind again. I actually had to log in this morning! I've just been mulling stuff over in my head and trying to fit in more exercise since the weather is nice :) I am riding my bike, too, Deanne :)

I am flattered, but I don't think I'm in the same spot in my life to take that job. V., what you posted about leaving corporate really rings true to me, too. I just wish I could figure out which direction I'm moving in....I feel restless not knowing. I wish my bees would come so I could see if I like them as much as I think I will :)

It's really hard for me to turn that job down! Drat. Today is D-Day.

Anyway....Nick got 4 Red Sox tickets for tonight's game! I can't wait to see Sarah's face because she's never been, and for all of us to get to go together is a real treat! Funny, it's the same team I saw last fall, L.A.!

Rex must've been beaten into submission for that photo op, LOL! I can just see Kathy on her picnic blanket next to him!

Fun to see the ocean calm as a bathtub! Beauty is all around us, isn't it? Sometimes you just have to LOOK! LOL...sometimes I get caught up in looking at the ugly :)

Bouvier bum shots are the best :) She sure does grow fast....

Kathy, your roses mesmerize me! The leaves are so glossy and green. Where were we at IU4 that we saw the roses eaten up with japanese beetles? The last day....

Gotta go. Everyone's hopping around me looking for breakfast (school vacation) and Nick's looking for keys so he can make a run for it, LOL....



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is about 50F now, expected to climb to 68 today. Although this may seem cool to some, it is great compared to DD's spot in Alberta! Yesterday DSIL was shoveling off THE ROOF! After warm snowless days with bulbs popping up, they had a week with 8", then 6", then 8", then 8" more! It is beautiful she says, but the driving to work has been slow each day. It seems to be slowly melting as of yesterday afternoon.

I am in the NO JELLO crowd. My family teases me at Chinese restaurants with bowls of those jiggly cubes in varied colours. All 'taste' the same: awful. How would I know though, I don't eat them!

How to resuscitate a small tree after a major flood? Well I start by un-burying them, removing large branches caught at the base, then smaller twigs, then litter, then mud and grasses. Then they are staked using T bars and wire (wrapped in rubber hosing) to make them vertical. Then they are watered. Then sometimes prayer is added...

Book Club was fun last night. Interesting women involved in our small group of seven. We even discussed the book! Tends to be a light vegetarian supper of soup and dessert each time, with wine. It was delicious.

Yesterday afternoon was (step)DGS's birthday. His Mom & boyfriend were going to get him a Husky pup much to the dismay of DD who felt they had no idea what they were getting into. Instead of telling them they were nuts, she talked of all the dog hair, walking, digging, money for vet etc...and so they actually changed their plan and splurged (as usual) on a Wii Console and accessories. For folks without money, they get that child EVERYTHING it seems. I fear he demands it too....DD got him an inexpensive wrist watch because he is suddenly interested in timing things. She had him running around the block and she timed him with her watch. Then she did the running and he timed her. He'll lose the new one too no doubt. Party planned for the weekend with a cast of dozens...

Kathy, your addition of "I love" (roses) is refreshing. I'll add to that. I love friends, the bugless part of spring (this year in particular),(close your eyes Chelone) my children and grandchildren, my pets...and the fact that there is always beauty and hope.
Crazy day here, hope your's is SANE.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow, another Fabu-Fabu day on tap here! Its supposed to get up to 83 degrees and break a record for warm temps for this date. The gardens are exploding into growth and the daffs that were shoots two days ago are opening up. I also noticed some buds fattening up on the wisteria. I cant wait to see it as its one of my favorite things here. The weeping cherry is in full bloom and simply lovely at the moment. Ahhh spring!

Michelle, how appropriate that quote is! Thanks for sharing that.

Martie, good for you with those clematis! Most of mine are looking pretty good this year as well. The voles left them alone and concentrated on the driveway garden. LOL

PM, yes, indeed, Rahjii and Luke both help out with the rodent population but the wild next door habitat is perfect for them so we have a super abundance of both Meadow Voles and Chipmunks (brown striped rats). ~~ Yes Pitarys is a very small operation and only the locals really know about it.

Kathy, beautiful photos! Love that rose. Makes me want some of those old fashioned ones but I only give roses very limited space here as they are so labor intensive and chancy for wintering over. Can that be a daylily blooming? Incredible! ~~ Best of luck with the surgery, Im with you on the jello thing. I loathe it! ~~ RE the exercise thing. Id really gotten out of the habit of my six days of strenuous cardio and Im dedicating myself to get back to it. It really helps out my arthritis. Doug and I want to do a century ride (100 miles) sometime in the fall so its time to start training for it. We both really love cycling and its great to have an activity like that to do together.

Norma, I totally understand the not being able to get to stuff in the shed thing. Doug and I share space in there and Im constantly going in to get my stakes and I cant get to them because Doug rearranged things again. Grrrrr. Well he did a massive cleanout last weekend and I can get to everything in there which is wonderful!

T, how great to have a lovely long post from you! And thanks for the kind words about the pics. I appreciate that! I think sometimes that getting good photos is the result of taking thousands upon thousands of them. I actually burned out my shutter mechanism on my Rebel Xti after 50,000 shots in three months. LOL

Cindy, LOL "awfuice"..

Chelone, hope Rex is improving rapidly.

Cynthia, did you get Katies wheels yet?

OK time to get to the gym. I didnt do my 20 mile ride yesterday and opted instead for an hour on the Stairmaster machine because my friend called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch and then shopping at Home Goods. Hmm Anyway, today is going to be some ab work and then some time on the elliptical machine. Enjoy the day all

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Martie...I was amazed at the 3000 containers too, so I asked. They were putting in a prairie on their property. :-)

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I told you (y'all in Saucy speak?) that regular beatings are the key to training dogs. Clearly, the only one who's taken the advice to heart is Saucy. The Frankenstein dog is bored, bored, BORED. It's a challenge to find "enrichment" for a dog that is supposed to remain "immobile" for the better part of 4 wks. (we've yet pass the FIRST week). Bitter apple spray is some vile tasting substance that one spritzes on whatever it is one doesn't want the cur to mouthe. I purchased it at the vet. clinic the FIRST time we undertook this miserable exercise (lack thereof?). Apparently, ACL tears are very common in dogs; but the big ones fare the worst and the best surgery to correct the tear is (naturally!) the most expensive sort. Cynthia, are ACL tears common in Greys.? if not, can you tell us why not? Hope Katie is coping as agreeably as Wrecks is, and the new "drivetrain" is on its way. SOON!

Michelle, the quote from "The Secret GaHden" really was great. Isn't that a perfect way to explain the incredible changes that occur day to day as the days (and nights!) begin to warm. So much of what you and Eden think about and do with Kenzie and Bella reminds me of Mum (and my most dear Aunt Lois). A gentle, thoughtful, and discovery based childhood is the best option we have to raise loving, thoughtful adults. The only difference between handsome shrubs, beautiful perennial clumps, and ever increasing bulb displays is good culture. And so it is with kids (which I dislike).

Have gleaned that Cindy and Cynthia (the mid-Atlantic Idyll contingent, love that!) met at a plant thingy. You go! girls! To both of you: I have very much enjoyed your photographs, harbingers (as they are) of things to come for those of us watching winter recede.

Awfuice sums it up pretty well, Cindy. It's really busy at the shop now and tensions are running high. Sadly, that means necessary (however routine) questions are too often greeted with scorn and replies are laced with condescension or sarcasm. Definitely the most efficient way to kill any desire to work harder (which is required). I don't understand how this salient point can be so overlooked and effectively downtrodden. Good, effective "management" begins with telling people that they're doing a good job on some things BEFORE you segue into the things that require more attention. In a small shop that's critical to building "team spirit" (I hate that term, but it's the best I can conjur right now) and it's what's most required when busy season kicks in and everyone has to put forthe a bit more effort. I'm watching things carefully, have carefully considered what needs to be said and will "say something" when the time is right. I like my job. I like and respect my boss very much. And as a devoted, competent, very reliable employee I feel I must speak up when I see things hitting a negative, downward spiral. Worry and stress can erode and destroy OR they can unify and BUILD. sigh.

Again, I'm so very far behind in my reading, you guys. Forgive me, please and know I understand how everyone else feels when they're in the same position. ;)

Wedding shots? Annie's recital? (more boring shots of babies), medical updates and how "family" feels (talking is good!), etc..

I have to get the fool dog outside... ahh, the stress of it all.

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76 degrees here with sunshine.

Norma, I had the same thing last year with the irises. Although, several of the very old fashioned ones did bloom.

Kathy, heres hoping that all goes well for you today.

Martie, that book really does emphasize the wonder of a garden. Purple peppers would be perfect as Kenzie loves peppers.

Deanne, 100 mile ride is really quite something. It sure impresses me. My DB and SIL met on RAGBRAI, which if you havent heard is the Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. My DB started riding it when he was a kid and went with family friends. A big thing is to dip your bike tire in the Missouri river and then end with dipping it in the Mississippi River. Its a sight to see 10,000 bikers come through your town.

Im like a school kid today and cant wait to get "let out"


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hey Rex!
Mom just gave me a really neat toy! I've been chomping it for an HOUR now. It's one of Dad's old leather work gloves. He lost the other one. Really neat!
Be well!
PS: I swallowed a tine toy mouse last night that belonged to the felines. Mom was all upset, but I'm fine.

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Hello everyone! Im checking in here from the recovery roomthat would be a comfortable chair with ottoman , and my two feline attendants gathered round. Got my ice pack and a stack of garden magazines , of which I look at about 2 pages before dozing off again. All went very well during the procedure , and pain meds are keeping me comfy and a little loopy (or loopier) . I type slower too. I dined sumptuously on Pellagrino and applesauce for lunch. Thanks for all the well wishes !

bug, wanted to say kudos for your DD in being able to talk the DGSs family out of the dog thing . The other gift was extravagant but at least its not perishable .

And Deanne, that is actually a bearded Iris in the shot of the corner annual garden, but I do have 1 Daylily that is blooming , and scapes just coming on a couple more, Bearded Iris are coming into bloom all over town now. I do have well over 60 roses on my dinky little lot . You know the Griffith Buck roses do quite well in lower climate zones. I believe he hails from the great state of Iowa and has developed many cultivars that are winter-hardy there .

Michelle, I'm sure I don't need to tell you the importance of having snapdragons in a garden created for a child.

OK, it took me waaay to long to type this and Im due for meds in 15 minutes so Ill sign off
Greetings to Rex, I am simpatico.

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Rex, my friends doggie hurt his leg just like you did! Don't tell your Mom, but she had to have two surgeries also. It's pretty common in, umm... larger guys like you.
Feel better soon.

Aunty Jerri

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I have a question ya'll. What is agression? Is it a bad thing? I'll save you the pain and tortue of the shrink visit, but for some reason I have a REALLY big problem dealing with anything than might in any way be taken as agressive. Like going to classes, trying to better myself at work. :(

Is there a pill for this?? LOL


P.S. I'm sure I'll be mortified that I'm posting this online. ;)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

OK, other than not spelling it correctly, now I'm afraid ya'll think I'm an ax murderer!

"Currently, there is a consensus in the scientific community for at least two broad categories of aggression, variously known as hostile, affective, or retaliatory aggression, versus instrumental, predatory, or goal-oriented aggression."

I'm pretty sure this is 'goal-oriented aggression'.
Now, how many posts can I submit to start a new thread so no one will see this? LOL

Oh boy, what have I done?

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Hey Jerri, I'm on pain meds so I think everthing I read is sooo faaar out.I practice retalitory agression daily on sails
Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi Kathy, meds are a good thing at times like those! Did you get the post put in? How was it? I may have to get that done one of these days.


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Jerri, I'll jump in. That's a good question, by the way. The fine line between assertiveness versus aggression, is that it? My family thinks I'm a complete pushover in the asssertiveness dept when it comes to work. But I've got too much work to dive in at the moment! I loved your missing dog tips and wrote a post saved to email when Indy was missing. Maybe I'll search for it. Hooray the Huge One is home and on the mend, pesky as that may be. Whatever Rex can give, I've no doubt Chelone can take, and then some, lol. Dental procedures in the rearview mirror is a wonderful feeling. Good for you, Kathy. The photos have been wonderful, and Deanne's new camera's visual acuity is almost painful to these tired eyes, lol. The woodlanders thread is divine, and that fritillary! (I just saw my first pasque flwr ever in bloom at a nursery last week, what a lovely thing!) Michelle, love that book, The Secret Garden, what a great theme for Kenzie's garden. Back to work since we're leaving next week.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Spring has sprung alright. We have a thunderstorm with
60 MH winds and half dollar size hail. Time to corral the critters.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well hello...what is this going on here? [g] Hi Kathy...glad to see you are home in one piece and evidently very comfortable. :-) How long are they keeping you on the pain meds? Sending you healing vibes..Kathy!

Denise...nice to see you too. I agree 100% with the rear mirror comment. Nothing better. Are you on vacation next week?

Well...whose going to start the new thread? [g]


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Power out for 12+ hours yesterday thanks to a cheap neighbor who could have been responsible for a death when that severely leaning 4 ft diameter tree finally fell on the lines and the road. 18 trucks, red, white and yellow, on our tiny road and we were not allowed out until 8PM. I called the power company and told them I would be happy to file affadavit that this was entirely avoidable. Most of us work from home here so much money lost on account of these cheap home owners in addition to the (my estimate) minimum 30K spent by power company and highway department to clean up the mess, replace 2 poles and wire on entire street to get utilities back in here. There are burn marks and holes in the street and the power company was here all day too. Grumble grumble. Just so completely avoidable!

Chelone, nope, greys are very prone to osteosarcoma but don't have ACL troubles. I think I've read some ACL problems are caused by weight, and greys don't have weight problems. Others caused by gymnastics the dogs bodies aren't built for. Greys just run, they don't tumble or wrestle.

Kathy, you must be a pro at implants by now :) I had 3 a few years ago and 1000mg ibuprofren and a good nights sleep got me through them one at a time. But then I do have a tendency not to remember pain.

Katie's cart came today. She hates it. I've never seen Ms. Confidence tuck her tail and it was practically under her chin. She wouldn't move even for a hot dog. We'll try again tomorrow and maybe I'll coat the thing in peanut butter.

Time for doggie supper and then I need to find something to eat too.

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