re: honda hrx217k2hxa vs. honda hrx2172hxa

barls956November 7, 2010

I purchased a Honda HRX217K2HXA from Northern. When it was delivered, I noticed that the Model number is HRX2172HXA (no "K" before the "2HX.") What is the reason the model number changed (Honda's website only now lists the K2HXA)? Is there any difference between the 2HXA, which Consumer Reports rated #1 and the K2HXA?

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Honda adds the K in model # to basically indicate another build sequence. It is the same model with the same features- but may have slight part or spec differences. Deere does a similar thing adding an A,B, C etc following a model #. the next Honda of that model # will have a K3 and so on. I've said a lot and really did not answer your question. The only way I can think of finding the differences, would be to compare parts list using the model and serial #s - or to ask a dealer that may be knowledgeable or be willing to look at his service material. Be assured, the difference would be negligable. I've heard too that the dealers get the K's when they first come out.

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Interesting, thanks. Northern told me they were going to ask their rep tomorrow about the difference. I'll post what they tell me.

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Have an answer finally as to the k. Honda ran out of a carburetor part,and the k denotes the new run with the new carburetor part. Apparently this happens typically between the fall and spring. No other difference, but next spring's models will have the k in the model number so dealer knows for part reordering.

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