Our new pedal boat

lilod(NoCal/8)May 25, 2011

A couple of years back so-called friends gifted us with a pedal boat and we enjoyed it a lot, but after a rather bitter falling out (a long story) they took it back and we really missed having one, so Ron, bless him, decided to get a new one, it was launched to day. Enjoy the pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: lauching the Pond Pedaler

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Oh! that looks simply grand!

just color me green with envy

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And great fun was had by all, including the doggies. Wished I had a pond, but a couple of birdbath have to do.

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And a bubbly launch, too, though it would have been extra-nice if you could have found one that looks like a giant swan (a la Chicago's Lincoln Park lagoon boats). Looks fun!

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You are now Queen of all waters you sail!
LOOOVE your sailing cap---just the way you wear it, gives you real heave-ho cappitude!
Your pond is gorgeous---so wild and free.

Daggone little Kindergarteners...here's a Bronx Cheer to THEM!

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"There is nothing.... absolutely nothing .... half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats."

Said the River Rat to the Mole.

Kenneth Grahame

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Back in my younger days we had a ski-boat, many good memories, I said: I am walking on water...:)
The boat's name was "Miasis Dragon"

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Hurray for the Wind in the Willows. Steve in Stevens County.

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I second that, Steve!--One of my all-time favorite books!
That, and 'Sailing Around The World In The Gypsy Moth', by Sir Francis Chichester. (III?)

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Oh how wonderful and such fun photos. Everyone, including the four legged friends seem to have fun. Luv the christening with the bubblies, classic touch.
I don't know if you mentioned the name of your new boat, perhaps I missed it. Could you mention it again, please.

We have pedal boats on our man made lake by the bay, and DH and I go out pedaling once in a while. It is such a relaxing thing to do.
Thanks for posting.

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West Gardener: Name is the "Pond Pedaler", actuall it does serve a purpose besides being fun - we need to control the cat-tails, they can get out of hand, and when the pond shrinks later in summer, we can pull them out and avoid wading in the muck and we can go after other floating debris - and can catch a bass or cat-fish if we like.

Scroll all the way down, see the Google ad!

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I see that the pond pedaler has many purposes. Glad to see that you're having fun along with function. Give Ron a hug from me.

Oh yes, the google ad is right there below the posts.
They are offering 75% off Pedal Boats+free shipping.
I did not click on the ad.

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That looks fun and relaxing! Congratulations

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Lilo, I am so happy for you.
Pedal boats are such fun. I had one at the lake house
and spent so much time cruising around the lake.
They are addictive. I got mine one day and by the end of
the week several neighbor ladies had one. Mine had an
electric motor so when I got tired of pedaling I could just ride.
I loved going out early in the morning with a big cup of
coffee and watching the morning activities of all the birds
from the middle of the lake.

What a wonderful gift Ron has given you.
I am looking at the pictures and feeling so happy that you
are having the time of your life in your new boat.

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Janis, I'm glad you mentioned that your legs got tired and that you had a motor on you paddle boat.That's the beauty of having your own property/lake. DH & I could use one of those motors when we get to far out and have to peddle back.

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