A wild honeysuckle or what?

sandyslopes z5 n. UTMay 25, 2014

This was flowering in mid-March, 4-6 weeks before the ornamental honeysuckles flower around here. I found two different ones both growing under and through two different scrub oaks, so not getting full sun.
It has the form of a viny shrub, meaning the older part is somewhat woody, but is sprawling. It hasn't grown fast so doesn't seem aggressive. Very fragrant flowers so was guessing honeysuckle, but the leaves don't seem right. I haven't been able to match any pictures. Any ideas?

Flower shape

Leaf shape

My hand to show size

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Ribes odoratum.

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Check out Ribes aureum, golden currant.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i call mine.. alpine current ... and incredible clove like scent .. very musky ...

cut what you dont want.. to the ground.. it will come back ...

host to juniper rusts... i think .. but i dont care... due to the scent ...

in full sun.. properly pruned.. it is a 4 foot shrub.. nothing viney about it... your form most likely indicates.. it is starved for proper light ...


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It seems that R odoratus is a synonym/ other name for R aureum

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

You are all AWESOME!

My neighbor took a piece to some professional groundskeepers who keep up beautiful gardens in Temple Square, Salt Lake City, and they couldn't identify it. I told her I'd try this forum and you got it.

Many thanks! I want to try and grow more of it in a proper location.

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