new homeowner needs to identify what I've got!

bgaviator(7)May 27, 2014

Just got a new house and the previous owners have a ton of plants that are really neat looking, but I am not sure what a lot of them are or how to take care of them. I would like to upload the pictures I took, and if people can help me identify, and give general tips on how to make them happy during the growing season, I'd appreciate it. Right after our back deck, the yard slopes pretty steeply....I think the previous owner selected a lot of these plants for erosion control and soil stability maybe

I know these next ones are hydrangeas, and I think these are some type of knock out rose below.....the roses look scraggly with lots of dead/dried out looking flowers.

Some type of tall has multiple plantings of this stuff

Some type of white rose maybe?

Not sure what this purple stuff is..

up close with the roses...they don't seem to look too healthy.

Some type of ground cover with waxy green and white leaves

Some type of bush/plant with white colored flowers and waxy green leaves

Not sure what this stuff is at back of property line near the woods

I don't think this is a weed, but I'm not sure....looks too round and bushy to be a weed, but nothing is flowering with it

More of that grass stuff

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photo number 10 is irises.

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Shouldn't the Irisis have bloomed by now? From my quick reading it sounds like they like a lot of sun, but I don't think these get all that much sun considering they are at the edge of our woods and get shaded by the trees.......

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Some of them have bloomed. You can see the old flower stalks.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

iris in full sun may have bloomed in your area ... mine havent in MI .. but yours arent in full sun ... also... there are three levels of iris.. early.. mid and late ... and w/o knowing with some specificity what yours are... who knows if they are late ... there is a rather good iris forum... and they might be able to name it for you .. when it blooms ...

personally.. too many pix in one post... i already forgot the others i recognized... typing the above.. and dont have a lot of time to flip up and back so many times... we usually recommend just 2 or 3 per post... as there are no limits to # of posts ...


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Photo 1 is an Amaryllis

Photo 2 is Hydrangea ... and some type of small-leaved, small-bloomed rose. With blooming plants, you need to cut off the dead blooms to keep the plant looking neat (and to encourage more bloom). You can cut and discard anything that looks dead ...

Photo 3 is an ornamental grass.

Photo 4 looks like a rose plant.

Photo 5 is Clematis.

Photos 6 and 7 is that small-leaved rose I mentioned earlier. It looks healthy enough ... just needs some cleaning up ... (Google "Fairy Rose")

Photo 8 looks like a creeping variety of Euonymus Fortunei ... a common ground-cover plant.

Photo 9 looks like a Magnolia ... or close relative.

Photo 10 is irises. They probably won't bloom well in the shade.

Photo 11 is an common small ornamental plant. Don't know the name, but I've seen it planted ..

And photo 12 is the ornamental grass again.

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I would have called them exactly as aegis500 did. Actually somebody left you some decent plantings and they look pretty good, just need neated up a bit.

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I would call #8 periwinkle and #9 single Gardenia (notice the long tubular flower base)

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

11 may be one of the threadleaf coreopsis (Coreopsis verticillata), like Zagreb or Moonbeam. I think I can see a couple of flower buds at top right that would be typical for that plant. If so, it will bloom with small yellow flowers.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Botanically speaking, no.1 is Hippeastrum, although commonly called Amaryllis. And, as I mentioned above, the Irises have bloomed already, if somewhat sparsely. There are at least 6 dead flower stems visible in the picture. No.8 is Vinca minor aka Periwinkle.

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thanks everyone!

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