Quote, May 12, 2011

ejmoore510(7)May 12, 2011

No idle gold -- since this fine sun, my friend,

Is no mean miser, but doth freely spend.

No prescious stones -- since these green mornings show,

Without a charge, their pearls where'er I go.

No lifeless books -- since birds with their sweet tongues

Will read aloud to me their happier songs.

No painted scenes -- since clouds can change their skies

A hundred times a day to please my eyes.

No headstrong wine -- since, when I drink, the spring

Into my eager ears will softly sing.

No surplus clothes -- since every simple beast

Can teach me to be happy with the least.

A Plain Life by William Henry Davies

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Partly agreement from here, but "no books", that's were I draw the line.

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I yearn for that...to rid this life of every unused thing.
Beautiful old. old baskets, old, old excellent dishware, kitchenware, thisware, thatware----want it out of my hair...

Three favorite coffee cups, the picture frame with all the changing family photoes--LOVE IT!
--the lace-up shoes with the new orthodics, the everyday work clothes, eye-glasses, work gloves and garden hat and of course, my beloved garden tools...that's all I need---world; you can have the rest.

(I'm cleaning it out, bit by bit---can't wait to see it done)
Wow, ej, you really hit on the head today!!!
Thank you!

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I am with you on the books, Anneliese! I'm doing pretty good with the "divesting" otherwise, but "stuff" creeps up on one, accumulates, particularly of the paper-kind (this is the paperless society? Ha!)

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Our DD is a minimalist, I'll send the poem to her.

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I sent the poem to DD and she emailed back and said she loved the poem. I knew it would speak to her.
I agree with,lilod "this is the paperless society? Ha!)"
I'm being innudated with paper, it's worse than the emails.

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