Quote, May 10, 2011

ejmoore510(7)May 10, 2011

Let us have birthdays every day,

(I had the thought while I was shaving)

Because a birthday should be gay,

And full of grace and good behaving.

We can't have cakes and candles bright,

And presents are beyond our giving,

But let lt us cherish with delight

The birthday way of lovely living.

For I have passed three-score and ten

And I can count upon my fingers

The years I hope to bide with men,

(Though by God's grace one often lingers.)

So in the summers left to me,

Because I'm blest beyond my merit,

I hope with gratitude and glee

To sparkle with the birthday spirit.

Let me inform myself each day

Who's proudmost on the natal roster;

If Washington or Henry Clay,

Or Eugene Field or Stephen Foster.

oh lots of famous folks I'll find

Who more than measure to my rating,

And so thanksgivingly inclined

Their birthdays I'll be celebrating.

For Oh I know the cheery glow:

Of Anniversary rejoicing;

Let me reflect its radiance so

My daily gladness I'll be voicing.

And though I'm stooped and silver-haired,

Let me with laughter make the hearth gay,

So by the gods I may be spared

Each year to hear: "Pop, Happy Birthday."

Birthdays by Robert William Service

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ej; that poem was just beautiful and
very profound in its' happy glow.
Thank you for cheering up my coffee cup and sore back!

I hope you have a really good day!

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Service did lots of good ones. Steve in Stevens County.

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That one hit the spot! Thank you!

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Great poem-- one to think about every morning and be thankful for another day.

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Great poem and I agree totally. No matter what else is going on, we celebrate birthdays.

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