Toro Commercial 2 cycle 5.5 HP Suzuki

kobra_karlNovember 5, 2006

I just found a Toro Commercial 2 cycle mower on ebay. It's a 22026 and I can't find much information on it. I love my Lawn Boy and I know they're owned by the same company and they don't make these 2 cycles anymore. I just don't know what a reasonable price would be for one. Anyone know what a mower like this would be worth? It's brand new. The ebay item # is 140049614208.

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I doubt you'll get it for less than a grand. That Pro-Line is pretty much the holy grail. You'll notice that the man put it in his living room to photograph. I think it is a 'new, old stock' mower that would be several years old, but obviously has not been used. If I were you, I might look for a new 10550 or 10424, since they come up on ebay.

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That is an old mower design with the side discharge, no rear bag, and non recycler deck . For these reasons, I would look elsewhere. If it was a recycler commercial, it would interest me some.

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

It also is a push mower, no self propelled. Side discharge only commercial grade mowers really fit the bill for field mowing but who wants to push one all over the fields.

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I would not pay more than $600 for that mower for the reasons mentioned above, if I was looking for such a mower. Not many people are looking for side discharge push mowers anymore.

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I've read all I can find on it and some people say they'd rather have a push than a self propelled because the self propelled ones take power away from the engine. I also found that this one can have a bagger hooked to it, it just doesn't come with one. Anyone have an opinion on that?

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Those comments do not make sense. Come on, do you really want to push your mower around a field?

Most people are "past" side discharge deck designs. That is so 1970's. Times have changed to mulching decks and rear baggers.

Don't get caught up bidding on this thing, you will only pay too much for it.

Look for a 2 stroke LB that is newer (10550 as Saxman commented). You get rear drive self propelled, mulching deck, side discharge, side bagging, and/or rear bagging.

Plus you can get other neat options such as leaf shredder for the bagger, leaf shredder for the side discharge, and the oversized leaf bag.

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For what it is worth my neighbor has a lawn service that uses the Toro commercial with the 2 cycle engine and several other machines. My impression was the Toro 2 cycle (he has 2) was quite loud. But it did cut the grass.

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There was a Toro 2-cycle but it was the Lawn-Boy 'V' engine. The Suzuki engine in question is known to be the most durable lawn mower engine made. The projected hours on it are astounding - something like 30,000. I have to recant some of my earlier testimony, your honor - I didn't look closely at the mower and didn't see that it was side-discharge only. Not really very usable except maybe for a commercial. Lots of those guys still discharge. Maybe it won't go as high as I was thinking.

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I have a Toro Recycler with a 'Zuki engine. its an 85 model 20672. It was a dumpfind. All it needed was a good carb cleaning. It's a great mower.

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oldlawnmowerman81(Milwaukie (Oak Grove))

Actually if it is a 20672 (I have the same mower, from 1984), the engine is a Tecumseh-built TNT100 4-cycle engine.

Perhaps yours would be a model 20684 if it uses a Suzuki engine.


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