Idyll #313: Buds, Birds, Babies & Blooms!

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)April 9, 2007

Here's to less brrrrrr and more buds, birds, babies and blooms!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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Well I can add to buds and blooms but babies? I'll let Marie add more to babies lol. I can add a bday though!...

This was a pic from last year but the pulmonarias were actually blooming here this week and are now under snow!

Sorry to nudge you all on my bday but we needed some serious flower pics here ; )...yes it was happy-but more centered around Easter prep than partying. Fine by me as I plan to live it up soaking in a hot tub and a bottle of bubbley soon enough! I was impressed with my gift-the boys shopped together and came home with a ceramic water fountain with no input from me! When I figure out its placement I'll post a pic.

Mary thanks for the screaming pink wishes,the rose-how cool/clever(I'll have to steal that)& the tropical buds!My, you are conscientious!lol

Eden I love that dicentra-One that I had planted last season rotted so thanks for reminding me I need to replace it: )

Michelle-such a nice combo of weigela and heuchera-it won't be long before we actually see them(I hope).

Cindy-what pretty pansies and pink posies!

Bug! I do like that pic of periwinkle hyacinths-they look so sweet!

Chelone-I am touched since I know how frightened you are of posting pics: ) Thank you, thank you! I do like the splattered petals! must search the beaches of Maine and yonder New England for the tag for those...; )
I agree that your Kalmia(such funky flowers)and astilbe are a knockout together-Alas,the deer eat Kalmia here--despite its toxicity!

Susie-Iris is one of my favorites-and purple too! BY chance do you know the name of that one? I hear you about pine needles-an excellent protective mulch! I've too heard that the hummers are here as well-hard to believe but I suppose I'll need to drag out the feeders.

Thanks Deanne-that's a nice combo there. Thanks for thinking of me.

V-I DO love your lovely royal blue flowing script ; )'s the thought that counts most,right?

Thanks everybody for the wishes & humoring me!


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~*~Happy Birthday Babs & Drema & Kathy(!)~*~

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Cynthia, you gave me a shock thinking we'd missed another. As I was late for the last two, I'm coming in a few hours early with greetings for our West Coast Idyller.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh my goodness! Our cups runneth over with birthdays!

Babs, I think Ryan and AJ will always be your babies. My babies are 30 and 35. Others have furry babies too.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Idylls!

Just wanted to pop in to wish Babs,Drema and Kathy a very happy birthday! I will have to send a proper card...hopefully tomorrow, as I have a patient here at home right now. Hubby has a 101 degree temp. and feels just lousy!

Wishing you lots of fun on your trip Babs...some day I hope to get to Hocking Hills.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

I looked back at Babs and Drema's bday photos from me last year and they are about the same. I think I need more early flowers in my garden. Happy belated birthdays ladies! Hope they were special!

Just finished my taxes and I'm getting a refund-yeah! We've been in disarray the last few weeks and spending too much money. The roof needed replacing, the wood around the front door surround was water damaged and the entire front door/side lites were replaced in addition to a foot of hardwood flooring just inside the door. Then, we moved onto cosmetics-new kitchen tile, white beadboard wainscoting in the back of the house, new carpet in the FR, etc. The beadboard is about 70% done with the carpet to be installed early next week hopefully. The dogs are all confused-they like routine you know and we haven't had one for a few weeks. They've been staying in our bedroom during the day instead of in the dining room due to all the workers around. Ollie is hoarse from barking and Emma is confused with all the misplaced furniture. Oh well, in another week it should all be done. Fingers crossed.

Kathy, happy birthday! I didn't know about your bday. Will try to get a new photo sometime tomorrow.

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much, but have skimmed a bit during my lunches at work.

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Happy Birthday Kathy!

Hope you get to play in the garden today!


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All right already! enough with the birthdays, will ya?!

"Maidwell Hall" wishes Kathy a happy birthday:

And I'm wondering if a day like this one will ever return to my yard...

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Happy Birthday Babs!


Happy Birthday Drema!


Happy Birthday Kathy!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

In a happier Spring (from Last Year):

Happy Birthday, Kathy:

I'll lift a good beer in your honor tonite (nothing like a day late, but still the thought is sincere)...


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Chelone - love, love that clematis! surely the day will come again at some point this year.... I did hear on the radio this a.m. that this is the first April in something like 105 years that we've had 5 days of temps no higher than 50... ugh..... it doesnt make the plants any happier does it? Very cruel to all of us. It's looking very pitiful in my yard since so many things had really started to pop (yep, those peonies w/ buds, Cynthia, were an early cultivar I ordered a couple years ago from Song Sparro, thinking I'd expand the bloom to earlier in my yard, LOL -- well, they were doing their job -- but Mother Nature decided to be fickle - so much for earlier, longer looking blooms on various things). The later peonies are indeed only up about 8 inches and should be okay.

Well, we'll just have to hope that the regular stuff isn't all toast, right? I've got some lovely new ideas from all these photos, assuming we get a better Spring next year. I guess this is a test to show us what's hardy and ready for extremes - it seems like it's a lot of extreme gardening any more in one way or another.

Happy Tuesday. Im working on a Starbucks latte this a.m. to help get going - I dont often succumb, but today was necessary.


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Happy Birthday Kathy!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning.

Birthday greetings to Babs, Drema and Kathy! Edens and MichelleÂs sons, and VÂs daughter, too! HereÂs some spring from last year to give us hope.

Well, Easter dinner at DSÂs house was great. I went overboard with Easter baskets: DGD got stuffed animals, DVDÂs, stick-on Easter tattoos, hair clips and bands, a Dolphin necklace I bot her in Fla. as well as Dove chocolate bunnies, green Peeps (her fav), ReeseÂs Bunnies, etc. DGN got a small automatic bubble machine, a Lamb puppet that BaaaaaÂs, a case of beach rakes, shovels, molds, etc., and candy -- green and purple Peeps, M&MÂs, etc. As usual, DS and DN dressed her up. HereÂs the fashion plate in her dress and matching Spring coat and hat:

Oh, Eden, is that our forecast for April 22?! OMG. IÂm sick of this already. How is your painting coming along? I think IÂm going to prep and prime our vanity for painting today. DH has no idea and will be surprised. If I like the results, I might just carry the same idea elsewhere in the house. I donÂt think I can make these ugly cabinets any worse. Perhaps I can daydream about plants while IÂm doing it.

Babs, I have my fingers and toes crossed youÂll get that job. I agree. It is perfect for you.

Mary, Clousseau ate 8 Cadbury eggs! Oh my. We had a dog that ate a 2 lb. box of mixed chocolate and didnÂt get sick either. TheyÂre amazingly resilient, arenÂt they?

GB, thanks for sharing the pix and tales from your visit with your DD. Such happy times youÂre sharing in anticipation of the new arrival. I loved that Nora video, too. Thanks.

Oh, look at Kenzie. She looks like sheÂs having so much fun!

Suzy, how awful that that dish exploded! What a mess to clean up. If it had to happen, the timing was good so no one was hurt. I see Cinders was a thief, too. Hope he wasnÂt sick.

Chelone, you do know that Easter Lilies are deadly to cats? Our vet had big signs everywhere in her office. Hope yours ignore them.

Martie, IÂd sing for joy if we had 50Âs in our weather predictions, too. This weather is truly the pits.

Monique, wow youÂve been busy. I know what you mean about disturbing the Âkids routine. Yesterday, we were walking an appraiser thru our house (weÂre doing a refi), and Bullet was really upset. He hates his routine disturbed. I know IÂm going to play heck to keep him out of the paint later OR go crazy listening to him cry on the other side of the door.

Well, I'm off to wash down the vanity cabinet with TSP. Oh fun. Hope it's warmer than predicted for everyone. Leter, gaters.


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Wow ! I haven'nt seen this many birthday cards in the last 10 years put together !!! Thanks everyone , Can't wait to get off work today and look at them at a more leisurely pace. How in he world did Cynthia know Saturday was my birthday ??? I'm awestruck..

See y'all after work.

Kathy in Napa.

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I find this so amusing-nothing like a birthday or three to get some color into our idyll cheeks: ) I'm off to the archives to find just the right card for Kathy.

Cynthia I like that combo of the pulmonaria and campanula...I might have to swipe that since I have those same plants.

Sniff! I dared to look around outside and the hydrangea leaves are like mushy tissue paper..sniff.

I shall return!


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I dont have a birthday list either. I realized how little html I know and how little Ive used it lately. I hope each of you enjoyed your special day.

Yesterday after work it was 50° and I was able to do a little more garden cleanup. Theres not a lot left. The iris reticulata finally opened, usually the pop right open, but this time the buds seemed frozen. This a.m. they are surrounded by snow :o( Not a lot but enough slush on the road to slow down the commute. More predicted for Fri and Sat., but then a warm up next week. What a crazy spring!

Chelone, I would really like to see more pictures of your garden this year. The glimpses Ive seen look wonderful.

Babs, I have some tulips that I should move as each year the deer get them. They tend to only hit the one garden near the trees. So I feel your pain.

Eden, bummer that you couldnt have an outdoor egg hunt. Its just so much more fun when they can run and find the eggs.

Mary, lol 8 Cadbury eggs I didnt even eat that many.

Suzy, that is pretty scary about the casserole dish and what a mess.

Honey, your DGN is just adorable in her Easter finery. My DD prefers Old Navy type clothes for Kenzie. I love the fancy though.

Nothing like 3 birthdays to bring a little spring cheer to the Idylls.


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OK, I'm finished with the preliminary round of prom dress alterations. I sewed off the beading and cut the halter straps down by 2" on either side. I have the beads I removed sorted by color and in little dishes. I added 3 1/2" of 3/8" elastic to the side front bodic pieces to pull in the underarm area (couldn't alter the seam because the whole front of the bodice was beaded after assembly, for my convenience). I fashioned two cross pieces out of ribbon and tulle to hold the dress front together (it's cut to the waist!) and I will bead those appropriately after the fitting this afternoon. I believe the hem will be OK, but hemming the dress is a walk in the park after the bodice work, lol. The next one is a chameuse, bias cut number that has criss-cross straps in the back that are too long and that one will require hemming, but she has to find comfortable shoes first. I really do have rocks in my head... this is not the sort of alteration work I prefer... but I caved in when they begged. (fool)

I'm ready for lunch now!

I am thinking about lounging around with my copy of "Fine Gardening" to kill the early afternoon. And I have some bills I should pay, too.

How cute is the fashion plate... is something about little girls in back patent leather shoes that just personifies Easter. Our cats never bother the plants (unless it's catnip or the usual flat of grass we grow for them in the winter). I didn't know Easter lilies were toxic to them. Thanks for the information.

Wow, Monique! you have been busy! How old is your home? It's amazing how much work it can be to maintain a home. Our's is going on 16 years and there are things that have to be addressed here, too. (Restaining the shingles and fresh paint for the trim). I can only imagine how upset your dogs were, cats can run and hide, but dogs have to protect their territory. Any chance we could see some "before and afters"?

OK, time to rustle up some grub. Dazzle me with more pictures and fun reading, OK?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

If I have a GD, Honey, she will be in jeans and little boy hand-me-downs no matter how many girly things I send her way. :( Your DGN is a charmer! I haven't seen white gloves since I cleaned out my Mom's affairs.

Concerning pets and their routines: DH's dog Indy was very confused by the move last week. Though she had visited the house and nearby ravine several times, she just wasn't sure. When DD and her DH would leave on errands, she would panic and destroyed the lower half of the garden gate. In the process she split a nail which bothers her. Last night they cut it back and applied crazy glue to it. She feels much better now.

They are rebuilding her dog house with its heating pad and she finally understands that this is HOME! Unfortunately, both DD and DSIL must leave for a couple of days for work and plans for the dog are STILL up in the air. He left today, she leaves tomorrow, so I guess that will be resolved tonight.

Still white stuff around in this neck of the woods...
Last year at this time I was enjoying hellebores:

Time for Cadbury Eggs...oops, lunch I mean! Now that I've finally had my shower and shampoo, I think I can drive to town and get some potting soil too. I think planting seeds seems like an excellent activity today! Still more knitting to do too. My it's fun having DH away ;) LOL

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

I've been out and uncovered everything this morning. No more bedsheets in the yard! It's 53 but a cool 53 and the sun is actually shining. I think many plants are better off than I expected they would be, but the ferns and larger hostas took it pretty badly. The hydrangeas also have lovely blackened leaves. Hopefully they will recover. The largest hostas will, and the ferns probably will also, they have been in place for years. I was more worried about the ones I planted last fall.

Sue, what is that lovely blue blossomed plant in your birthday picture? It's gorgeous. Hope you are doing alright in preparation for your surgery.

Babs, that iris is one produced by a local grower that breeds his own varieties. He sells what he doesn't want to keep for breeding purposes - $5 for the whole thing, and sometimes they are large clumps. It most likely has no name or number. When it blooms this year, if it does, I'll mark it and see if I can get you a piece of it. All my iris need dividing badly, anyway!

Chelone, that clematis is gorgeous. I need to find one of those! I think my Blue Light has died off, and it was doing so well. No idea why that happened.

Honey, yes Cinders was fine. He's a monster for chocolate and I know it's bad for him but he sneaks when he can find it, usually from the kids. The only time he had me worried was when he ate half a pan of brownies. He was very agitated and couldn't settle down for about 18 hours, trotted all over the place. In retrospect I probably should have taken him to the vet then, but I didn't realize his agitated state was from the chocolate until later.

Bug, that's a hellebore? Wow, I've never seen one like that. It's gorgeous.

Happy Birthday, Kathy. I'll post a picture later this evening when I can.


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(I'm supposedly packing clothes right now ; )

Thanks to Sue-what are those purple flowers? I'm thinking a geranium but the leaves make me unsure. Another great combo: )

Monique when one gets as old as I am we tend to forget which card we get from year to I love the irises!

Wendy-I just love mertensia! Soon I will hike the mertensia hill down the road and hopefully get more pics to share. I was also hoping our trip to Hocking tomorrow will surprise us with some good woodland pics. I keep checking Weather Bug for that area and they've had a couple freeze warnings.

Honey-thanks for the alliums-I planted those this fall and they started sprouting-hopefully the snow didn't wreck them.
Your Grand niece is a cutey!-loved the muff pic earlier and I see she's still a knockout for spring: ) I had a muff in primary school and one of those matching hats with the ball tassle ties for winter-not sure if those had a specific name but all my sisters had them too.

Short but sweet I need to pack!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I guess all is well for my addiction. I thought it would dwindle with the other excitement in my life this year, but I just came back from shopping for potting soil. I also came home with 2 hellebores, a euphorbia, violas and aquilegias, 2 trellises, 3 obelisks, and...oh yes, potting soil and a very few groceries.
It is cool out there, about 35F, but the sun is shining and some blue anemone blanda are showing their stuff.
The resident blue heron flew off as I approached our bridge.
I don't need to shovel! YEAH!!!!!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Birthday Greetings from Scatman Scout & His Singing Fish!

Heres to remembering that woman are like a fine wine....

They only get *better* with age! My best wishes to all of you.....

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good evening to you all! Sorry I've been such a bad idyller lately. For a variety of reasons I'm a little stressed out. Obviously the upcoming surgery is contributing but I've got some other issues to work out as well. Know that I do read here every day and think of you all often.

Suzy, the plant is my picture is Anemone blanda.



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Ei, you always crack me up! Singing fish and Scatman Scout? Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Happy Birthday, Kathy - Go Dodgers!

Maybe that should have been in Dodger blue?

I'm off to educate myself on municipal wastewater treatment plants - don't ask! TTYL,


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

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Well, I think Ill be working on this catch-up post for a while tonite. And while we are on the topic..

Happy Birthday to Babs, and Drema !

Fun hearing all the tales of Easter Baskets, egg hunts and chocolate-eating canines. I have no candy what-so-ever in my house but cant say the same for my office. We are up to our elbows in pastel M&Ms.

And once again, thanks to everyone for all the beautiful cards.

Wow Monique, youve been in a major home improvement mode. Always so disruptive. I had quite the time when I had my floors done last year- since my dog is blind she was totally confused by the entire thing. Hope all turns out well for you.

Welcome back bug ! Boy, I dont blame your DD for losing the aqua living room- I like rich colors but that was a bit over the top ! By the way , I love that sofa and love seat.

Michelle, love that hat on Kenzie in the Easter pics. Im very partial to hats and have way too many of them !

Suzy, that is so scary about the exploding potato dish. Was it Pyrex ? We had an incident here many years ago but I cant quite remember what happened, but it wasnt in the oven at the time. What a mess that must have been !

Eden, love your pic of the tree peony too ! Mine is toast as of today. Think it was about a 10 day thing from start to finish.

Maidwell Hall ! Just love it dont have it. Ive got at least two more open spots for Clematis. And by the way, I loved the photo of Vera perched on the roof. I have roof cats too., but Lady Banks and Cecile Bruner have eaten up much of the area where the kitties liked to roam.

Sue, sending good vibes out to you. I hope your hospital experience goes well.

V, there is a pink ladies Dodger cap available so you are within acceptable color scheme territory. I am watching the game as we speak, with the Giants game on previous channel so no commercials intrude.

Okay, time to clean up the kitchen and watch a couple more innings before I turn in.

Hello to everyone I missed

Kathy in Napa

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Good morning everyone. "I don't want to go to school today!", I don't know what's the matter with me but I just don't feel like working, at all. I'm having trouble getting to sleep at night and that makes getting up pretty tough, too. I don't know what the problem is, but I hope it passes soon.

Kathy, that pale peach confection with the little beetle is just beautiful. Thanks for reminding me to tell Eden how pretty her Tree Peony is, too (how old is it?). In fact, I've seen some truly lovely plants in the photos shared here. One of the things I most love about this group is the way you combine plants, from the most "common" to the very choice, and how you all manage to find the prettiest aspects of them to share. Very impressive (and inspiring).

Sue, I've been thinking of you a lot, lately. I've missed your voice and humorous take on things. It's hard to focus attention when there's a lot on the plate sitting in front of you. Hang in there, kid!

Ei, when are you and the pets gonna take that show on the road? lol.

I'm relieved to learn that the bedsheets are out of the yard and things look as though they've survived the worst of it. The weatherman is forecasting 2-4" of snow for tomorrow, but it could be mostly rain, too (will Deanne defiantly drive right through it?!). And another rainstorm for Sunday... could that actually be the "April showers"?

OK, time to have another cup of coffee and mine the catbox and head off to work.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Wednesday - it's snowing here! Coming down hard enough to coat the roads. Is it May yet?

V., who thinks the great outdoors right now looks like the inside of Suzy's oven, post-explosion...

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I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.....

Happy "Belated" Birthday to Kathy!

I spent the day yesterday at the babies' house and was dead tired when I got home last night. I've not read messages, but saw all the birthday greetings when I opened the thread and began now to go back (with a fresh cuppa)and begin reading what everyone else has been up to.

Hope all the birthday ladies had a wonderful time on their 'special' days.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Sue - been thinking of you a lot lately too -- Im sure you're edgey re the surgery -- I can remember the feeling when I had the Big H done as it had been more than 20 some years before that I'd ever been in the hospital. Im sure you'll get thru it in flying colors and probably rebound way faster than I did - Im a woeful physical specimen & you're in tip-top shape.

Ei - that's truly original (as always you are!!) -- singing fish & Scout!!! Great to see ya pop-in.

We're gonna have the rain here today & over the next few days -- if we're lucky it might hit 60 I think on Saturday altho I'll probably be on the road -- at least I wont feel too guilty leaving all the garden chores (much as I want to do 'em)...

Obviously, we need to keep celebrating or re-celebrating birthdays here (even if it's old material, LOL) to keep us all cheery.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning All! Yea, good S*%WY morning! :-O Do you believe this V???!!!

Anyway, I'm up early enough to say "Hi!" before heading out for the day.

Boy all the BD cards are *Goijess"...but a little painful to look at, as I'm staring out at my snow covered garden. I'm thinking we have at least 2 inches. I thought we were *done* with this? Can you tell I'm a little bummed? Well, I remember years in the past when it snowed late enough to ruin all my daffs, so I guess this shouldn't be *that* such a surprise...ahhh, lovely Chicago weather. Well, you know what they say about Chicago weather...If you don't like the weather, wait a minute...blah, blah, blah! :-)

I have a new squirrel pal who is missing part of his tail. When I came downstairs this a.m. he was standing by the back door, hands clasped together staring in the window. I think he's a little distressed to see the snow himself. When I opened the door to throw him out a couple of nuts my heart nearly stopped cause it looked like he was going to make a mad dash into the warm house...LOL!

I have been thinking of you Sue...and I understand totally your anxiety (it's next Monday; right?). But you know it's going to be okay; right? How could it not with all these Idylls sending their positive vibes? Just remember, you are fit, you take good care of yourself, you have a highly competent, well recommended doctor, and you are young - I'm only reminding you of all this in the hopes of easing your anxiety and I *will* keep sending my good thoughts. BTW, thanks for giving me the name of the Corylus avellana 'Red Majestic'. You cracked me up about "do I have problems with JB's?". LOL, yea, I *might* have a little problem with JB's. Do you remember a couple of years ago when I told you guys about my shower escapade and finding a "live one" in my hair?!?!! Ewww, I still get shivers thinking about that! Anyway, as far as the other problems with virus and Corylus...I believe that is true of straight Harry's Lauder too; right? Well, I don't care, I am still going to give this one a shot. I've since seen pictures of it and it is just the kind of plant I lust over. :-) BTW, is that a geranium??? in your one BD card to Babs? The flowers are huge! Which one is that?

Chelone - I especially enjoyed the picture of the kitty on the prowl...what a handsome cat and your clematis is just lovely.

Deanne your card to Kathy really is a beauty. I *think* that is the fuchsia you gave me a start of. Embarrassed to say, I've lost the tags to which one is which. Anyway, one of the fuchsias you gave me has been blooming *all winter* in the kitchen garden window! :-) What a cheery sight it has been for me all winter and I always think of you when I gaze upon her.

Which reminds me...Drema, you should see the Bipolar By Golly cuttings you gave me. I have about 12 starts from them! I can't *wait* to get them outside and in some containers...They will be beautiful! Thanks again. BTW, I *will* be sending you (along with Cindy) a few plants of 'Swirling Waters'...that is once the s*&w melts here and spring returns! :-(

Anyway folks *all* of your BD pics are all so lovely....I love Idylls pics..they are *the best*! :-)

Well, I imagine Babs is off to Hocking Hills...I hope she is having a wonderful time.

Honey the DGN is just a living doll...SS and the SF could have been singing that song for her! :-)

I tell you Idyll blood really produces the most beautiful little ones; don't they? I loved the pics of McKenzie Easter Egg hunting and Eden, I never got the chance to tell you, but I so enjoyed seeing Bella's professional shots...another little doll. All of the pics were just gorgeous, but there is something, soft and moving about the black and whites especially...I don't know why, but B&W portraits just always "get" to me.

Bug thanks for sharing all the great photos of your visit with DD and family. They have really made quite a nest for themselves; haven't they? LOL about the Italian and his tomatoes! :-)

Hi to all I've missed. I've enjoyed reading about all that is going on with everyone, just not enough time to comment now.

Time to get my boots and gloves together and go pick up mom....TTYL! Ei

P.S. Has anyone read the book "The Secret"? I just picked it up from the libary, but haven't started reading it yet. Hope it's well written, I think it could make for some interesting reading....

Okay, gotta go...Have a great day all!

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Happy Birthday, Babs, Drema, Kathy and Did I miss Chelone and Honey? Sorry if I did. I'm way behind. Forgive me.

Sue, I'm stressing a bit here too. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

Those of you waiting for your plants to grow. Be thankful they are late. So many things were growing strong here and now are toast. Its really going to add to the cleanup. Trimming back etc.

Bug its always a joy to share the antics of your visits with DD and family.

Everyone else too. Thanks for sharing.

I have paperwork to do so can't stick around.

Have a great day, all. Norma

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi" to T and to Cindy too, since they must have been posting the same time as me. :-)
I hope everyone has a great day and T, make sure to leave some well deserved "nap time" for yourself. TTYL! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Okay...this place is wierd sometimes...I swear, Norma wasn't here when I just posted! So, had to post...just *one* more time and say "Good Morning" to Norma. Yes, I fear there will be a lot of ruined plants here too this spring! :-( Oh well, the life of a gardener is never dull. Really *do* have to go now (please I hope no one is posting as I write this)....


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good grief!!!!! Now they are predicting 6 to 12 inches of heavy wet snow for tomorrow. We are on the edge of the rain/snow line so Im hoping that the weather persons are exaggerating and it will all just be rain. Not to mention I could do without a power outage right about now.

Eileen, Im with you and anyone else out there who is cranky about snow covered gardens. This is middle of April for crying out loud! ~~ those singing fish are a hoot! ~~ so happy the fuchsias make you smile. Those varieties in Kathys card are Beacon Rosa and Beacon.

Chelone, sorry for the sleep issues. Ive not felt much like working for a while now. I think Im having my mid-life crisis and dont know what I want to be when I grow up. ~~ LOL about the snow, Doug is home this week and will get the snow blower out if we get any significant accumulation . I dont need to do SUV driveway clearing this time.

Monique, sorry about needing all those house repairs. I find that incredible since your house is so new. What a bummer. Poor Emma, hope all goes back to normal for her soon.

Sue, thinking of you

Hello to everyone!!!!! Ive got to run for now.

PS I just LOVE birthdays here. All these wonderful pics are a sight for sore winter weary eyes.

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Good Morning, Thank goodness for Idyll birthdays! The beautiful cards are what's getting me through yet another week of winter weather here. No snow yet today here in MI but we're expecting an inch or two later and rain too.

Ei, your birthday greeting was just great! Good to hear from you.

Chelone, I think you've been holding out on us. I loved the pictures you shared of your garden. That geranium of yours looks like Splish Splash to me too. Here's a picture of my g. Splish Splash with Graham Thomas that I've posted before but we can never have too many garden pictures while waiting for spring, right?

In answer to your question, the tree peony is 3 years old in that picture from last May.

Sue, I'll be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow. You'll do just fine!

Honey, what a cute picture of dgn in her Easter finery. I always enjoy buying Bella fancy holiday dresses. Her Christmas outfit had black gloves. I just love gloves on little girls! Day to day Megan dresses her in a more bohemian style though, lol. She does wear a lot of little everyday skirts and dresses though.

We're finally finished painting the bedroom. It came out ok. Even after months of prep work, I can still see spots on the walls that aren't completely smooth though. I guess I just need to realize that it's a 50 year old house. I still need to do window treatments, just pleated shades in black, but I'm going to have to special order them. Also I want to do a sort of gallery wall in there with some family pictures and want to fashion a headboard out of garden gates or trellises, sort of like in this picture but not as tall.

I've run out of time and need to get started on some cleaning. What fun! And no excuse to get out of it by going out to garden in this weather :( Hi to everyone I missed. Hoping for sunshine and warm temps soon!!!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

OK, guys. There 1,145 hits to my online photo accts this week! Yee Gads.

Before I forget again, Ruth says to say Hi to everyone! I invited her to IU4, but she doesnt think she can make it. She has fond memories of the first IU and of all of you!

Well the master bath vanity is cleaned, primed and ready for the finish coat today. What a pain having to work around all that formica. The wood and masonite Im painting is in bad shape. Its oak grained and the formica, sink and tile are almond. So now it will all be almond. At least it wont look as worn. Now if only we can fix the doors so they dont constantly fall off

GB, I feel so sorry for your DDs dog having so much trauma with their move. But dogs are pretty resilient. Im sure hell get used to his new place in a couple days. When we moved, we sent our dog to camp at my in-laws. When we brot him to his new house, we took him around, showed him where his bed and food was, where all his fav things were and he adjusted just fine.

When we moved here with the (indoor) cats, I sent them to the groomer for the day. After the movers left, we brought the cats here, put each in their favorite chairs and assured them they were safe. Of course, all manner of exploration and sniffing followed. Bullet led the way. After he checked out an area, Patches would follow. It seemed that once the animals determined that their people were the same and their furniture was the same, the trauma was lessened.

Thanks for the comments on our "little doll". Ill be surprised if your DD doesnt dress her DD in girly things, especially if "Grammy" bot them. What fun youll have shopping! My DS, the shopping diva, is buying all these outfits on season clearance. She got that wool coat and hat at a high end store for $25, the Easter outfit for $18. In fact, she has an entire closet of next sizes. I think shes reliving her childhood making up for rarely playing w/dolls or rather, cat dress-up.

As kids, we discarded the dolls and instead dressed up the cats (and kittens, if we had them). They couldnt run away b/c theyd step on the skirts. We had play baby bottles which we filled with milk and (force) fed the poor things. Despite all, they even purred when we did it. They even seemed to like it when we took them for a walk in the carriage, not that they had a choice!

Suzy, Cinders ate brownies, too?! Hes quite a thief. We have numerous stories of pet thievery, too. At Easter we talked about a fav kitty we had for 21 years. Mom always made a lemon meringue pie for Easter, but often it didnt make it to the table with the meringue. She blamed it on one of us kids until one year, as it was cooling, she caught Momma kitty on the counter eating the meringue off!

Babs, you had a muff, too? They were great, werent they, cause you couldnt lose them like gloves or mittens. Thanks, re DGN. She was a real hit in church that morning and in the restaurant after with her other grandparents.

Ei, your singing pix and commentary are too cute! Im reminded what a sweet, beautiful dog Scout is!

Sue, thinking of you and sending good thots and vibes your way. Im sure youll get thru it like a champ and will be back in no time.

Chelone, the insomnia might be b/c of your upcoming garage project. You have a lot on your mind with that and your Mom. Of course, the irritation of the alterations, too. Perhaps a glass of wine before bedtime would help?

Ei and V, are you telling us what to expect here later pm? I hope the predictions are wrong, but I fear were going to get it, too. Oh and Deanne, youre expecting a full-blown snow storm? Yikes. What a crazy spring.

Eden, DGN stayed in her Easter finery for about an hour, then DN changed her into her jeans. She only wears dresses for the holidays and special occasions. This year, she refused to sit on the Easter Bunnys lap for pix. She definitely didnt like that guy.

I love the headboard idea. How fun! Cant wait to see pix of it when youre all done.

Ok, Im off to the paint store. Hi to all. Stay warm and safe.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thinking of Sue these days and hoping all goes well. I'm confident it will, but know how disagreeable the whole process is. I don't know that the weather has helped with garden preparation either. Here it is windy, gloomy and cold with snow patches still.

Ei, your imagination and talent are so much fun. No wonder you don't feel able to keep up with Idylls when each contribution must be a masterpiece!

Well Honey, DD's dog is being cared for by a good friend, so I hope that works out well. She's an exceptionally obedient and intelligent dog, but is particularly nervous about letting DD out of her sight.
As for DD dressing her child in fancy attire...well I won't hold my breath. She thinks fancy clothes means cords for going to a hockey tournament. Yet, she did surprise me by wearing a dress for her wedding. We'll see!

Eden, I hope your camera is being repaired. I'm eager to see all your renovations and those spring flowers when they finally appear! Headboards are so tricky. I really have never found a comfortable arrangement for reading in bed.

Well this morning I finally started some seeds. The house is a mess but at least I can declare spring indoors! The clivia I was given last year is in bloom.

Two new hellebores:

And the three kitties making it impossible for me to make the bed. (That's my excuse)

Hi Norma!
Hi V!
Hi Suzy!
Hi sequinned Chelone
Hi to all Idylls!!!!


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Eden, I SO understand how you feel when you look at the "prepped" walls after all that work and paint and you STILL see the flaws! Take heart, and know this: only YOU see them, lol. It's true. We received the crummiest sheetrock job in the world and vistors never see it... the beauty of "distressed" finishes and interesting furniture and its placement. LOVE the idea for the headboard. Very clever. Fix the camera, willya?! ;)

Thanks for the the identification of "Slish Splash" (there's a lot of Bobby Darin bein' played here lately, coincidentally). My tree peony is a few years older than your's, Eden, and while it's lovely I am disappointed by the brief bloom period. "Maidwell Hall" came from Completely Clematis some years ago. I spoke with Sue (?), described the site and the soil condtions and she suggested it. I've done NOTHING to it in several years... but I suspect it needs some TLC, as there were some, umm... "inactive" areas. It's a "one trick pony", but it's very pretty. As for the rest of the gaHdens... some aspects are very nice, others need "work". And nearly 4 years of attention directed elsewhere hasn't helped... neither will a garage! :)

Speaking of a garage, you guys... . I need your advice. The site will have to be "filled" and at present there are many ferns in the path of destruction... Osmunda claytoniana,, Osmunda cinnamomea, Osmunda regalis. I love them and it breaks my heart to think of them plowed asunder by the tracks of bulldozers and graders. Right now they've either not broken ground or you have to get on your hands and knees to to see evidence of it. How would you guys go about "stockpiling" them for reintroduction to a newly graded site next to a garage? We will be reusing the soil and the light to the area in question will not be markedly changed... remember: Osmundas are tough as nails.

I finished up 2 big berths for a commercial fishing boat this morning. The foam was an exercise in frustration. We receive the foam coiled in a tight roll (they use a vacuum to compress it) encased in paper and plastic. Trouble is, if you don't open it immediately it retains the coil and you end up with foam that's "cupped"... and it's a bear to cut the bevel required for cushions that will lie up against the shaped hull of a boat. I steamed it, rolled and massaged it, cut it carefully and glued it carefully. And it still looked crummy. I know it will relax, but it bothers me when something I've made leaves the shop looking less than perfect. SIGH.

This would not be the time to go to the "lab." and begin hemming the sequinned monster that awaits me below... :)

More crummy weather due in later tonight... I have no idea if we'll get snow... how much... I don't care. What will be will be and I'll endure it. And long for the first 65-70 degree day. Hang in there, guys, this won't last forever!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

New look in gardens -- bare roses sitting in water bucket along w/ 10 very healthy LARGE clematis sitting in gallon pots inside recycle containers on plastic sheets -- a new look for your interior gardens.... Perhaps this is my version of Eden & Deanne's extreme light gardens?

Do you think I can set a trend if I post some pics? LOL... VERY urban trash looking - maybe I just need the right "pots"?
Seriously, it's supposed to go down into the 40s every nite for the next 5 or so w/ at least one hitting under that - somehow I dont think these babes are ready for that & w/ the $$ I "invested" I dont want to experiment!..... The containers are also sitting in front of Chloe's patio window to her backyard & she's not happy about it - I hope I dont come home tomorrow & find she's moved them somewhere else....

Who would have EVER thought April 11 would still be winter here? I know - I dont have snow like some of you -- but then none of you would have ordered them to be delivered mid-April either, right? Luckily, I had some extra soil inside because they came sans containers & needed add'l soil in the plastic pots I had (luckily) stored. Or maybe I should mail them to the West Coast to Kathy?


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Chelone, you need to take heed from Cindy. Put all those ferns in those black pots I know you have stockpiled somewhere and water them for the duration of the garage build. OR designate a holding area for them and dig them in. You must be frost-free by now, so just move them there.

OR, let's all ship our plants to Kathy to 'save' for us! That would work!

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Eh? We're not even frost free in Maryland yet. Maine no way. Spring comes earlier to the center of the US regardless of zone. I've learned that watching idyll springs over the years!

Cindy, I just finished putting all of my seedlings BACK outdoors! I've never thought I'm an optimist, but we are past the week of 20F night temps and promises of a low of 38F for the next week, so out they went! The sun is harder on new plants than the cold I think, so as long as it doesn't go to freezing everything is ok in pots in sheltered spots. Now what are you going to do with 10 clematis? Are you turning into the GB of Virginia? What did you get???

Thanks for posting that beautiful Clivia photo GB. Mine bloomed a few weeks ago (still blooming) and I had no camera to take a pic. I grew a few from seed maybe 5+ years ago. It would have bloomed sooner if I had taken care of it. I'm not very attentive with indoor plants for some reason.

Eden, I want the curtains in that bedroom photo you posted! Love the headboard idea, and I hear you on the walls. My house is 1925, and there are no straight walls and no smooth walls. I call it character :-) I'm working on painting my bedroom. Went out to the car Monday night to hit HD for caulk and a sash brush. Car wouldn't start. In case it wasn't the battery I decided to wait until Tuesday to call AAA. I called late in the afternoon after warning my garage that I might have my car towed in, and it was just the battery. AAA sells batterys now and installed a new one right in the driveway. $99,3yr full+3yr prorated warranty, no fuss no muss. I was happy.

The cards for everyone are beautiful! Kathy I don't know what that orange bloom you posted is (poppy?) but it's stunning.

Ok, I need to get ready for bed and take a traditional nap on the couch....

Bye (and thoughts to Sue - I can't remember when your surgery is, but hope it's over soon for you!)

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A good 6" of wet snow this a.m. Our road is worse than I have ever seen it. My neighbor called the county and they said they werent planning on plowing. I suppose it will be melted by tomorrow night. I followed the 4 wheel drive pickup in and out or would have never made it with the car. The snow is a foot deep in some parts where the wheels have piled it.

Tomorrow we are off to the city so DH can see an allergist. All those slush ruts will be ice by morning.

Ei, you are just so creative!

Sue, positive thoughts going out to you.

Eden, that headboard is so cool. Ive been looking for a grate or something to use in my guest room as the current headboard is too puny. I know what you mean about the walls. I see a spot in the kitchen that I told Rick the other night is just bugging me too much. I think I will work on it some more and repaint. Its just a strip along the cupboards that only about 5" wide or so but when the sun hits it I think it looks horrible.

Chelone, those prom dresses sound like a nightmare LOL My mom made my wedding dress and I beaded it. Was I crazy or what?

Id better get going and accomplish something this evening.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

We got about 4" of heavy wet snow today. So much for the spring bulbs! What the freezing temps didn't do in was crushed by the snow. Another 1" is due tonight.

This is going to be one of my least-favorite springs ever!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I was expecting this white stuff from you V. Thanks a bundle! What I wasn't expecting were the ferocious winds. NASTY BUSINESS out there! The power was off for a while too.
I remember an April 11th many years ago when DH's flight landed in Buffalo rather than Toronto due to snow. A bunch of people rented a van and drove home. YUCK.
I sure hope Deanne isn't planning on taking bird pics out in her blind tomorrow...

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Hail Idylls...Just a quickie. I swear I am going to hit the sack at 9 tonite--I need a couple extra hours of sleep;I was not on my game today. Been reading along intently and enjoying all the posts.

Honey,lol sending me the plants to "babysit", but you may never see them again- I'd I get attatched.

Chelone, I'm for the nursery bed approach on your Osmundas-dig up a chunk of them and heel them in someplace as a temporary holding area.

Cynthia, the pic is a Rose , the bug is a rose curculio which is actually a weevil relative that can be quite destructive. The rose is probably Tamora.
Hope I can post more tommorow, but my comfy bed is beckoning.

Kathy in Napa

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I think the rough nursery bed is the solution for the osmundas, too. I'll see if the helpmeet can use the neighbor's tractor and scrape out a place out back (the ground is still mostly frozen here). Then we'll go after the ferns. Some of the rhizomes are huge, there are 3-4 claytonianas that stand nearly 4' tall when fully opened (they like sharper draining soils). I'm most concerned about the "royals", they are the fussiest about moisture and shade. I have not yet broached this topic with the helpmeet, but he'll be pretty likely to go a long with it, even if he grumbles some at first. ;) Thanks for your thoughts.

AAA is a good thing. I renewed our's a few weeks ago at your prompting. What shade of prim, I mean white are you using this time, Cynthia? :)

No sign of inclemency yet, but it's due to arrive this morning and continue throughout the day, making everyone's life miserable. And then there's another windswept northeaster on its way for Sunday/Monday. Special. Good excuse to say in and hem prom gowns, I say!

That Clivia is lovely (I'm partial to the melon colored flowers, too), and so is that dark purple Hellebore. I've never pulled the plug on Hellebores... will have to add some, but right now am thinking of nothing but the impending destruction that may soon occur in our yard. :( (and bank account, lol).

Where is the mature Baptisia going to be moved? the narcissus? the Hemerocallis? and I'm worried about ferns? UGH.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning Idylls,

So is this April or January? Jeesh! Another flipping storm on the way for today and Monday. Good grief, I dont ever remember real and true winter lasting this long. Weve had storms in April but the temps before and after usually get pretty warm so the snow melts right away. I still have bits of snow here and there from the last one.

I had another outbreak of aphids on the downstairs plants again. Grrrrrr. I thought they were eliminated. Im getting really antsy to get these plants out of this house so I can take the hose to them. The abutilons seem to be the worst offenders for starting the outbreaks. They have to be living in the soil or something as I just cant figure out where they are coming from.

Eden, just love that photo using the gate for a headboard. How creative! Cant wait to see your finished room. Sounds like it is going to be marvelous. ~~ that Splish Splash/Graham Thomas combination is just gorgeous.

Honey, tell Ruth hello back for me! ~~ LOL about dressing up the cats, I recall doing much the same thing.

Bug, beautiful pics! I just love that dark purple Hellebore.

Chelone, lol sequined monster. ~~ Can you just dig the fern bed (when the snow melts of course) and put them somewhere temporarily until the garage is done?

Cindy, I feel your pain with the temp. housing for the clematis and roses. Most of the crocuses havent even begun to bloom yet here. Wicked weather.

Cynthia, So when you sent a warning to your garage that the car was going to be towed did it take any action??? LOL. Glad to hear it wasnt a major problem with the battery.

Michelle, Oh no! bummer about the snow, but you didnt need to send it here. I sure hope it melts soon since the county is not planning on plowing.

V. I feel your pain. I dont even have any spring bulbs blooming yet, just a couple early crocus and species tulips but they were mush after that last snowstorm.

OK Ive got to get some work done here. No gym this week as Ive been fighting off a cold and strenuous exercise tends to make me sicker. Thought youd enjoy this pic I took a couple weeks ago, a Mourning Dove looking angelic.

Have a great day

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

OOOPS - I posted this first on the wrong Idyll here we go again:

Good Morning Idylls!
Another early one, so I can make a quick post.

I hear you V...I *live* for's my season. Oh well, I guess this year I'll live for June! :-)

Now I'm wondering about when Sue's surgery is too Cynthia. I *thought* it was for Monday the 16th. I wrote it down in my calendar awhile back, so I wouldn't miss wishing Sue my best the night before, but from what I'm reading here now, I may have written down the wrong wouldn't surprise me. You & Bug have Clivias?!? Oh I'm green! I am not a houseplant person, houseplants don't like me. But, if there was ever a houseplant I *wished* I could grow, *that* would be the one.

Speaking of which...I just drooled over all your beautiful plant choices Bug. Your purple hellebore looks a lot like one I planted last spring. To my relief, it lived through the winter, looks to have maybe one bloom or two, but not open yet. I'm just thrilled that it made it. One of my "no-name" hellebores has made about 20 babies from my last count (that is if they didn't die from yesterday's snow). I'll check on them once the snow melts. I want to pot them up and bring them to the next place. LOL about my posting, Bug. You are probably right, but I have *so* much *fun* making them! :-)

Eden - I *love* that bedroom you posted...that is sooo just the kind of style I *love*, the soft hint of colors, the lamps, the little chest (armoire?), the curtains, the vase of fresh flowers, well *everything* and that *headboard*! That is the sweetest thing! Hope you find just the right gate/trellis and will post your creation when it is all completed. I can see that being Cynthia's style fact it reminds me a lot of some of the restful, beautiful home pics Cynthia has posted. BTW Eden...I *love* that pic of your GT and SS together...what a beautiful combo!

Chelone So sorry about the headache with Lamee? Did I spell that right?...You know...that *sparkly* cloth! :-)
Can't help it but hearing about *sparkly* things gets my blood going. Paul tells me I'm a lot like a crow...attracted to bright, shiny things...LOL!

BTW Mary...what is that *gorgeous* flower in your BD pic to Kathy? YumMm!

Oh before I forget...I wanted to share this with Deanne & Drema:

Up on the top shelf to the left is Deanne's Fuchsia and next to it is a pot of about 6 of Drema's coleus. On the bottom shelf to the right is a glass of Drema's cuttings! :-)

I know the pics are poor, but can you tell which Fuchsia this is Deanne? It's been a blooming wonder and a real joy.

A close up of some of Drema's coleus cuttings.

I don't want anyone to be misled. I'm *not* a houseplant person. The only reason these plants are still alive is because they only have to be in the house for the winter....LOL! Actually the poor begonias are crying to get out of my hands and into a container outside...hope spring comes soon!

Okay...gotta has an appointment at 08:30 and I'm not even dressed yet.

Hi to anyone I missed.

Hope you all have a great day!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

OMIGOSH! I really need to be going, but just saw Deanne's post! How cool is that? I *love* it. I was thinking maybe *royalty*...some sort of exotic bird. Thanks for sharing Deanne! I think you'll need to make a coffee table book of birds too! :-)

Okay gotta go now...TTYL!

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Good Morning, Another grey day! At least no snow! I want spring! I feel like I'm losing gardening days that I need at this point. It does look like we're going to have a little improvement next week, highs in the 50s. I'm glad you all liked the headboard idea, now I just need start hunting for something I can use. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with imperfect walls.

Chelone, lol on the sequined monster. I agree with everyone that I would make a temp bed and heel in the plants you want to save. Lots easier than watering them in pots all summer. So you have to move a baptisia? I've never had to move any of mine but have heard it's challenging with their long tap root. As far as the sleepless nights, I go through that sometimes. Last time was when my mom and dad were down and I think it was due to drinking tea or coffee with them in the afternoons. I'd go to bed at the usual time, sleep a couple of hours and then be wide awake until 5am and then would oversleep and be tired all day. Hope it doesn't last long for you.

Deanne, my plants are screaming to get outside too and I'm tired of babysitting them in the basement. That dove picture is so cool. Another one I'm saving, hope you don't mind.

Cynthia, good that it was just the battery and you could have it replaced at home. What color are you painting your room? That's always the hardest part for me, choosing the color.

Michelle, how's the kitchen remodel going? Just about finished?

Cindy, so what 10 new clematis did you choose? I've planted quite a few over the last couple of years, mostly due to the influence of Marie's beauties.

Marie, the pictures of dd's move reminded me of when we moved to this house. Jennifer was 13 months old and we moved over Memorial Day weekend. Megan was born a few days later on June 3rd. I climbed and painted and packed and unpacked and ran after Jen and don't remember it phasing me. Also with all of that moving around, I was only in labor with Megan for as long as it took to get to the hospital. She was born 20 minutes after we arrived. Oh to be 23 years old again and have all of that energy! Now days I'm more exhausted just running after Bella for the day, lol.

Sue, Oops I think I had the day wrong for your surgery. I'll still think of you today but will send good thoughts for Monday too!

Ei, your overwintered plants are so full and lush! Mine don't look half that good. My only goal is getting them through alive, lol.

I can't believe it's already 10am. I'd best get off here and get started on something. I keep telling myself that I'll be glad once I CAN get out in the garden that I've been able to get more cleaning done this year due to spring's late start. Looking for a silver lining, lol!

Have a good day!


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Good morning! Wow on the photos! Angelic birds, lush plants and just beautiful shots by everyone. I thought that *was* Eden's bedroom and was in awe of how she put it all together so perfectly... :)

Gray, wet, dismal here but nothing out of the ordinary ;o).

I'm afraid I didn't retain a thing I read above at the moment (I shouldn't admit that...). The elk have been visiting so I snapped some photos...

A yearling caught in the act (eating, er, pruning a rose bush)

Self propelled lawn mowers and manure spreaders (guess that means they aren't emissionless? groan):

What I frequently see in the upper backyard (this was taken yesterday afternoon):

And once again (yesterday afternoon):

Hope it is a good day for all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hurray!The snow was gone as soon as I woke up this morning. Of course it was raining, but that at least is what April is all about. The forecast promises temperatures in the mid 40sF as the week progresses, along with sunny moments. I'll take it!

I heard from Woody that her shed is progressing slowly but surely. The delay has been very frustrating for her. Her weather is quite a bit different from mine even though we are not even an hour's drive apart. She gets to babysit a Briard puppy tomorrow.

A friend sent me a website that offers an unusual vase. Take a peek below and tell me what you think!

I'm finally getting laundry done and a bit of house clean-up. I hope to get outdoors tomorrow to tidy up the hellebore garden. I see lots of buds there, but the ground is very squishy today. I see lots of snowdrops too. They've really been expanding- which is a fine thing! The anemone blandas are ready to pop as soon as there's a bit of sun. Every day I see a few more iris reticulata too. I really must add a ton of bulbs this Fall. The early ones make a huge difference!
Each afternoon when I look out the windows I see rabbits and groundhogs. Charlotte is less excited about chasing them this year. She's slowing down I fear. I can't even think about that. She's my first and only dog and you all know how we love her.

Thought I'd share this West African wood carving with T and others.

It is called "Mother of Twins". Can you see the second twin being carried on the mother's back? I bought this back in the 60s from the artist, Akin Fakeye, when I taught in Nigeria. I have other carvings by him as well. If you look here
you can see a horn blower carving similar to one I have.

Off to accomplish something! (Like gazing at elk or coleus!)
Overhead the geese are flying and they honk loudly as they pass by.

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Oh it's miserable outdoors right now. It was really very warm this morning as I walked to the car. I could see the red on the horizon ("red in the morning, sailors take warning..."). It began raining around 11 AM and has gotten much colder. A look in the mirror in front of me that reflects the view out the east windows shows a combination of rain and juicy fat snowflakes. Swell! I don't have to go anywhere tonight and a fire in the stove sounds pretty nice. Thinkin' of you Deanne! :)

'bug, the linked vase is sort of interesting, but I think they could have used the middle finger more effectively. I love the carving you shared; I so like the stylized representation of the a people (I love caricatures, too) and the way the mother is celebrated and magnified (as it ought to be!). Sculptures, paintings, artwork like that made Mum uncomfortable. I'm not quite sure how I managed to dodge that bullet, isn't that silly?

I'm SO with you guys on the early spring bulbs. I have one pathetic patch of snowdrops and NO aconitum or iris reticulata. Post garage, p'raps?

Deanne, I recognized the pose on the Mourning Dove immediately. And felt a pang for Larry. My favorite was the wing stretch and then the foot lifted OVER the wing to scratch his head... . What a great shot, and aren't the colors on that "common" bird a symphony in understated elegance?

LOL, about "popping" the ferns into black pots! The rhizomes are huge, NO way would they fit in one of those babies. I tried digging one several years ago and was unable to drive the pointed shovel through the rhizome... nor was the pruning saw any more effective. They'll have to be heeled in somewhere and wait out the chaos. As for the Baptisia, yeah it HAS to be relocated, the proposed driveway will go directly over the present bed. I'm thinkin' the tractor and the small bucket is going to be the solution for much of this work. There were 2 messages involving quotes on the machine when I returned home from work. I'm strangely nervous about what the return calls will reveal.

T., the elk shots are just wonderful. I marvel at them. It made me think that each of us have such a special window on the world and yet so often we tend to look past it all. The Atlantic was dead, flat calm this morning. Just like a bathtub. And when I drove past it on my way home it was grey, white capped, and clearly under the influence of low pressure and wind. All in 9 short hours! I love the little things all of you share. (lots of honking geese here, too).

Time for me to tackle the dishes and think about lighting a fire in the stove. Talk atcha later, friends.

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Let's hear it for now deceased Kurt Vonnegut! outspoken "secular humanist", noted author, and survivor of the fire bombing of beautiful Dresden, Germany.

His illustration of of the two particular sphincters we all possess in "Breakfast of Champions" still cracks me up.

May we honor his memory with our daily kindnesses to our fellow man and our thoughtfulness when we exercise our right to vote.


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Always unfortunate when someone passes away, but I found Kurt Vonnegut an odd man with odd beliefs......but then we all fit that bill to someone else.

'bug, the vase is very clever and your statue interesting. How neat that you've had the opportunity to meet the artist and have had the experiences that you've had.

Babies are both much for Idyll time.


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Odd yes. But also ahead of his time. I sat behind his daughter Edie in home room. She was unique as well, and struggled, as things were pretty buttoned down in my home town. She was brought up in a creative and free thinking atmosphere. I know I would appreciate her more now.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

The book that came to mind for me was Breakfast of Champions. Definitely a little wacky and quite racey...just the kind of book a 15-year-old girl's mother would not like her to read and so naturally, I read it cover to cover. :-) I did see the movie Breakfast of Champions when it came out, but I have to say, it didn't appeal to me at all. I haven't read the book since I was a teen - wonder what I would think of it now! :-)

Thanks Eden...but the pic is a fooler...LOL! The begonias are just hanging on for dear life...I don't know how they've even managed to flower. It will be my luck that by the time the weather allows - they'll be dead as a door nail...LOL! Believe me, I'm just tickled pink when something makes it through a winter of my care. :-)

T - I loved looking at your elk, but have to admit I was a little appalled too. I think you deserve a big gold star for your efforts in gardening. By the time you get your gardens finished you will be an expert at "Rambo Gardening". Think of the book you will be able to write!! The deer people will bow down to you. :-)

Your comment struck a cord with me Cynthia. I remember a girl who moved into our little town in about the 4th grade...named Jeannie...ironic too, that Jeannie was originally from Maryland. Anyway, she was creative and mysterious and definitely unique. I remember reading the book Harriet The Spy right about that time and thinking how much Jeannie reminded me of Harriet (I *loved* that book, BTW). Anyway, I always feel a little sad and guilty when I think of Jeannie. I *liked* Jeannie, but I'm afraid I wasn't as good a friend as I could have been. She was ignored by the kids in school back then - not liked - because she was so different...followed her own drummer. While I secretly admired that about her (following her own drummer)and considered her a friend... I also avoided her sometimes too...peer pressure and own insecurity about being on the outside looking in at the popular crowd. I hate admitting that even now, but it's the truth. She moved away the following year and we lost touch. I feel bad that I wasn't as good a friend as I should have been. Jeannie gave me more then just friendship. I really think it was Jeannie who taught me about the true depth of human beings, the value of character, how we can stretch our minds and our spirits, how to see things from another point of view, and how we are *all* a little different and *that* is what makes us special. I hope Jeannie has at least one or two good memories of me. :-)

On another note (advanced apology to anyone who read and liked the book) I've just about finished reading The Secret and while I think there was a lot of truth in it...not too much meat and I'm uncomfortable with the focus on money and possessions. I thought the book would be more about the power of "good thoughts". You know, the thoughts you think and how you send them out into the world. It was in there, but not in the way I had hoped or how I feel. Anyway, that's just my opinion, which doesn't count for much...LOL!

Well, I'm off to get my grocery list together...a long day tomorrow, but Saturday is a day in Geneva with the young "Garden Girls"...that should be fun.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Ooops! I do that a lot! Meant to tell Bug her statue is very cool and what a wonderful treasure to remind you of your adventures.

Oh and Kathy...your Tamora is gorgeous! I've heard a lot of good things about that D.A. rose. I'm a sucker for D.A. I think I'm going to try Tamora when we move....I love that kind of coloring.

Anyway, off to go check out Bug's vase now....
Good Night All! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well...just checked out Bug's vase.

LOL're too much! :-) *Now* I get your post!

Okay, I'm done pestering you guys...


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Ei, having spent more than a little time on the "outside lookin' in" when I was a teen I very much appreciate what you wrote about Jeannie. I read A LOT because (aside from my horse) there wasn't much left to me after homework. "Strange" was one of the more polite names I've been called over the years. So, I'm definitely "cool" with being called, "strange", lol. Kurt and Edie will make fine company I'm sure, IF there is an "hereafter". I'll "save a seat" just in case... ;)

I can't even feature being held as a POW in a meatlocker while an entire city was bombed above my head. And then emerging to see the absolute devastation and death all around me. No wonder people read his book and thought he was "weird"... LOL

I haven't read, "The Secret"... likely never will, either. I really like history/biographies; am presently reading "Aristocrats", something recommended by EP in late '05 and recently uncovered as a brief note on a long since past page on a daily calender. I smiled as I submitted the inter-library loan search for it. She was a lovely person and I miss her voice here.

It's snowing here now, but only JUST. I wonder about Deanne as I've heard ghastly reports of snowfall for her area. Will she snoblow or drive through it while "thumbing her nose"?! Or was "thumbing our noses" the fatal mistake...

stay tuned...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

And so it goes...

Some of the slushy mess is disappearing and it should all be gone by tomorrow. The temps should slowly rise over the weekend. The 50's predicted for next week sound downright tropical.

'bug, I loved the way the babe in front looks so much like a little man.

Computers still are taking up too much of my time at the office, but my boss expressed his heartfelt appreciation for my efforts today and that at least makes me feel better.

I need to fix a dish for a little potluck at work tomorrow, so I'll say goodnight to all!


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Hello everyone..I just have no time tonite, so a drop in to say hi.
We chatted about Vonnegut in the office today. Piano Player and Slaughterhouse 5 I remember most.

T, your elk pics are awesome.

Ei , your greenhouse window pics make my greenhouse window look pretty sorry !

Deanne, I get a pair of doves in my garden quite often, I feel as though they are the same 2 that return time after time.

Okay, gotta go..hi's to everyone..
Kathy in Napa

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We got home around 10 tonight. Spent a little time with DS and wished him a happy 25th birthday. How in the world can I have a child thats 25? I found some primulas and seeds and also picked up a couple of ornamental items for Kenzies garden. We went to a rental place that rents concrete stamps. DH thinks he would like to try that.

Eden, I also picked up the additional trim I needed for the curtains otherwise we are just waiting on the countertop guy. I dont think I will get the flooring until after I see what the counters look like. I looked at Hobby Lobby today at some of the ironwork they had but didnt see anything that thrilled me.

There must have been some complaints as the road was plowed when we got home. We are supposed to get into the 60s next week. I heard that last year on April 11 it was 81° here.

I know I need more spring bulbs and must remember to order some. I always think I will pick some up locally, but they never have much more than the very ordinary.

My word, T, you have a whole herd there. Isnt that nice of them to "help" you with your pruning.

Deanne, you just get the best shots of those birds. Its like they pose for you.

bug, I enjoyed the enthusiasm that showed in the "new" house pictures. I remember moving into our first purchased home. DS was just a little over a year old. What great times.

bedtime for me


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

A little while ago I was sitting here filling out a paper for DH to take to work tomorrow and I heard a ruckus. I looked up and saw my KITTEN (ok, well she's going to be a year old in about a month) trotting across the floor, mouse in mouth! And boy was she proud of her first catch! She wanted desperately to play with it and I did let her for a very short time, but it wasn't dead yet and I didn't want it to get away from her either. I made her give it up and offered lots of praise (as when she fetches her mousie toy for us) and kitty treats to reinforce the good behaviour. Cinders, who has been my resident mouser for years, saw what she had and then he had to go "on the hunt" for one of his own. She romped through the house gleefully for a bit and has now set up camp at the scene of the catch, hoping for a reprise. Cinders has lost interest in the hunt and returned to the sofa to resume his evening nap.

I'm off to take a hot shower for my aching shoulders and neck, hopefully that will loosen them up a bit before bedtime.

Hi to everyone!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well the good news is that we were south of the snow line yesterday so we only got about an inch of snow. Thanks for thinking of me Chelone. Have you heard the forecast for next week??? You are going to have to batten down the hatches. They are predicting a beast of a Noreaster. The weather guys are warning that this might be one of the strongest storms in the last fifty years, and are predicting some monster seas off the coast. Yikes! This is the kind of storm that re-sculpts the Cape. With the spring tides there is the possibility of some serious costal flooding. I think perhaps we need to re-name our party because Winter has been thumbing its nose at us since we had our celebration.

The gardens are in a state of stasis with the daylilies just beginning to show but they havent grown an inch in the last ten days, same thing with the daffodils. I was looking at some of my photos from last year and all the maple trees were blooming this time last year. They arent even close right now. What a strange, strange winter/spring this year.

Suzy, isnt it so funny how proud the kitties are when they catch a rodent? Mine are the same way. My Rahjii loves those little mousie toys and sometimes we will hear crashing around in the living room at night and it is Rahjii chasing his toy mice around. Too funny.

Michelle, I so know what you mean about "How in the world can I have a child thats 25" only mine is 33. Yikes!~~ RE spring bulbs, I know I planted several hundred new bulbs last fall but I havent seen a single one emerge yet. ~~ So happy you like the Dove pic. Thanks.

Kathy, it probably is a pair that is nesting in your garden so it might be the same pair you see all the time. ~~BTW, Id appreciate more spring photos when you get a chance as the ground here is still white.

V. sorry for the continued computer woes but glad to hear your boss is appreciating your efforts.

T. my goodness, youve got a whole herd in your back yard. Great pics. Id be crazed with that many that close to my gardens.

Chelone, do you ever think of getting another bird?

Bug great carving. ~~ Love the vase, thats fun.

Eden, I so know what you mean about losing gardening days. Last year at this time I was in the process of mulching all the gardens and was probably halfway done. I cant even think about that yet as the composted manure is probably still frozen and likely to remain that way for a while yet. Grrrrrr. ~~ Glad you like the dove and want to save it. Thanks!

Eileen, That fuchsia is definitely Beacon. Those coleus cuttings look really happy! Thanks for the feedback on the dove pic! Im actually thinking of putting together a book on a year in the garden including my garden birds as well as flower and garden photographs.

OK got to get ready for the day, have a good one everybody!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mornin' all!

Yesterday turned out to be quite warm here...around 45F. That means I was able to clip back some grasses and asters for a while. I was hoping to get more done today, but it is colder again and there's a small white covering on everything. GO AWAY! I'd really like to finish the grasses, tidy the hellebores and then prune clematis. That will take a while too and I fear the bugs will suddenly appear and make the job so much harder. I often need a bug jacket here...and I really hate wearing those.

Deanne, I hope you do go ahead with your book project. When I lived in Toronto I had plans to make a calendar of our local park throughout the year. Of course we moved and I only managed the winter months...

Michelle, glad the plows came through. I was concerned for your trip to town! Yes, my babies are 30 and 35. I must say though, there is still never a dull moment!

V, I guess you are wishing you knew nothing at all about computers by now. I hope this passes soon. There seems to be nothing but trouble on the forums I participate in since I returned from DD's. One forum claims that sophisticated European viruses are the source of it all. I think such problems will never go away entirely. The challenge is always there for somebody. So are you the local expert on municipal wastewater treatment plants now? Running for mayor yet?

Time to feed the critters.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Happy Friday everyone! My surgery is Monday for those of you who were wondering. Other than that things are crazy. At least the recent run of cold weather has kept the garden at somewhat of a standstill. Hopefully I'll get out this weekend and move a few last things. If not, oh well!



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I leave home and have to plow down our drive Deanne-style. When I get to work theres not a lick of snow. Im sure ours will go fast with the warm temps that are predicted.

Deanne, I see several bulb packets in the basket on my desk and I dont recall where I planted them last fall and dont see any sign of them. I read recently that even early bulbs come up late the first year after being planted. I wonder if thats true? Right now anything that was up is limp. The book idea sounds fabulous, Id buy one :o) I know everyone enjoyed your driveway garden progression pictures.

T, I was wondering if elk can jump the way deer can.

Sue, I hope you get a good weekend so you can accomplish some garden chores. Bummer that the surgery falls in the same gardening season as the Garden Conservatory deal.

Hard to believe after being gone for the day that I have only one voicemail and a couple of emails. Maybe it will be an easy Friday. Have a great one!


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Good morning!

I have the twins again today so the length of this post is dependant on how long they'll stay interested in their toys. Such is my life (and I love it!) ;o).

The elk have come into the lower backyard. We didn't see them in there, but found their 'calling card' (droppings). The fencing along the top of the wall is to hopefully keep the coyotes from jumping down into the backyard and snatching one of our dogs (Miniature Schnauzers). It isn't fool proof that they wouldn't get into the backyard (there is only a 4' fence along the sides of the yard) but we usually don't allow the dogs to be outside without one of us being nearby to try and assure their safety. We've noticed the dogs eyed by coyotes, owls and an we try to never allow only one dog out at a time and never be far from the door when they are outside by themselves.

Michelle, yes, elk are great jumpers. They don't 'hop/lope' when they run, like the deer do, I think they run more like a horse and deer seem to glide along and at times they hop. The elk don't have any problem scaling 4.5 to 6' fences.......oh, shouldn't say 'don't have any problem' because there are plenty of damaged fences and bent fence posts around here to show that they aren't all graceful and athelic. ;o) The young ones are brutal to the fences because they attempt to go where the full grown elk go, which results in a lot of fence damage. We've decided to just begin replacing fencing (as it is needed) with shorter fencing. The taller doesn't really do a good job of stopping them if they are determined to travel in that area (through the fence?). Around the area where I had my fruit trees, we put up a tall fence, over 6' and the elk bent the fence going into the area and bent it coming out on the other side (it was about 100' square). We just had to laugh....fence posts and fencing bent into the area on the south side and fence posts and fencing bent outward on the north side. Guess they were just showing me that nothing is sacred and nothing will keep them from going where they want to go. I didn't see them yesterday and they haven't made an appearance so far today either (that I've noticed). I do not live in an area that is sparsely populated, so these guys are pretty comfortable around houses. I've begun walking outside and talking, just to get them so they aren't as spooked around me..but that really isn't in their best interests (to get use to people) come hunting season.

Well, I'd better quit with the typing and get the boys a meal.

Hope the weather improves for everyone.


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Happy Birthday Babs!
This is one of our own local Botanical Garden pics:) Thought you might like it. Hope you had a lovely BD!

Happy Birthday Kathy!!! This is a pic from the New England Idyllunion, and since you hadn't joined us yet, and possibly hadn't seen any of these, that you might like it. Hope you had a great BD!

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Hi Everyone! I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! for all of the absolutely gorgeous BD cards. You guys are the bomb! I especially appreciated the fact that you all kindly sent me cards when I am the worst at keeping up with birthdays and pics... It meant a lot to me, and the burst of color was very welcome with all of the white stuff we have been getting. 17.1 inches last weekend...whew!

Ei, your fishy pics with the captions made me smile. I am happy to see that your bipolar by golly made it through the winter.. somewhere around Jan I gave up the ghost and pitched mine. I had not done a great job with them, and got tired of looking at their poor little neglected stems..... Must have been in a decluttering frenzy or something. I always think I can do more than I really can....or I am not organized or something... wait, let's blame on the no good window thing:) I have already planned my trip to the place I bought them, Baker's acres for replacements.

Eden, I love your new bedroom. It looks so clean and crisp. Just like a magazine... loved the pics of Bella

and speaking of pics, Michelle Kenzie was adorable at Easter. So sweet.

Must mention T-'s elk pics. wow, how cool is that? I would love to sit out there and watch them. I see a flower in the foreground.. what kind is it?

Deanne, your birdie pics continue to amaze! I think you should definitely publish a book, your pictures are better than half the ones I see in books. I can't tell you how often I look at garden books and think, no sense spending the $$$, I have better advice and pics on the idylls....

bug, so glad you got to go out and help your DD set up her home. Nice time to be there to visit with them, when they need you the most. If you guys hadn't been there, she would probably have tried to do too much herself.

Sue, thoughts going out to you for Monday. I hope that things are smoothing out for you, and that you are able to relax and enjoy this time to re energize and gather strength so when you are all better you can get back out there as your usual human dynamo self:)

Kathy seeing your yard gave me hopes of things to come..

Cindy.. hope your dad is doing better.. not fun doing all that, but I'm sure you're hanging in there...

Chelone... hope you are feeling more the thing.. it seems like you said something about not being able to sleep? Maybe I dreamed that, anyway, hope you are feeling better, too..

I think we all just need some sun, some heat, and some holes to fill, dirt to dig in, and weeds to pull:) I bought $40 worth of seeds.. then bought primroses, rock cress, and a hellebore at the grocery store and PLANTED them.. I have no idea if they can take the cold.. they probably weren't even hardened off, I just went out there and stuck them in the ground.. The Hellebore is hanging in there.. Skip bought me a lily when he was in North Carolina.. I stuck that in the ground too. It didn't fare as well, but I think it will come back up next year... I think the only reason I didn't put the heather (no idea why he picked that) he brought me was that I read I need to put peat moss in the dirt and didn't have any.. Obviously I am having planting issues:)

Cynthia, I keep meaning to say I am so glad you are posting again.. love the last pic of your patio. Did your figwort that we got at the same time at Variagated nursery come back last year? Mine disappeared. I think it didn't have enough water, maybe. My soil is kind of sandy, and doesn't hold water well in certain places. My petisites did though.. you know I can grow that one.....(that was a little joke, in case you wondered) I do like it though...

V- glad you got the computer up and running and more importantly that someone else appreciated it...

Babs, are you planning to go to the Botanical Gardens big thing over Memorial Day weekend? I am going to try to go to Kingwood Gardens on May 5 for their bulb fest.. Petitties opened by me.. went last weekend for my BD present..and our anniversary.. 31 years.. can you believe it??? everything was pretty much frozen, but Skip wanted me to pick a present and not wait, so I got a windchime and a candle holder. I t hink I needed to be born two months later...

Hi to Norma, Mary, Taryn, Monique, Suzy..... oh who am I forgetting.. hi if I missed you.. running out of time...
Oh I did want to tell you..... Skip said I can replace his "bamboo" (read Japanese Knotweed) around the pond with something else this year.. I just hope I can pull out all of the seedlings before it is too late. Only my DH would transplant that lovely vegetation:)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Afternoon Idylls!

Deanne I think that is a *wonderful* & clever idea and I love the idea of "A Year In My Garden". I know it will be beautiful...put me on the list. I definitely want buy your book (Im serious)! :-)

T Im afraid I made a goof last night. After I got done posting I thought to myself...I hope my comments didnt come off making "light" of your situation, but of course, I had already hit "send". If it did, I apologize....I definitely didnt mean it to be that way. I just wanted to let you know that I sympathize with your gardening challenges...admire you for making the effort and feel bad for you that you *have* such a big challenge. In my own clumsy way, I was trying to boost you up...Im afraid it didnt come off that way and you being the sweetheart you are, wouldnt let on if I did hurt your feelings. But if I did, you know Im sorry; right?

Okay, heres the thing. I know Im overly sensitive and this subject has been talked about before, so I dont want to rehash it. I *know* it is my own overly sensitive personality (not anything any of you are responsible for). But, I feel so uncomfortable when I talk to someone here and dont get a comment back. Its *silly*...I know that! Ive done it more times *myself* than I can count. The logical part of my brain tells me that its nothing personal. I remind myself of how many times I have meant to comment on something someone said and then after sending my post, realized I didnt and didnt want to go back and post again, hogging the air waves. Im sure its exactly the same for anyone/everyone else. My brain knows it, but this little voice in the back of my head keeps saying...maybe you said something wrong, or maybe that person doesnt like you, or maybe what you said was dull, or maybe people just skip over you. Again, I say, I know its silly and all *my* problem and all my own oversensitivity. Nothing to be done about it, nor would I want anyone purposely writing comments to me, just to reassure me...that would make me feel worse. I like *all* of you very much, but I think I might be the wrong person for public forums...I read too much into everything. I dont know...I think I have to take some time to think about it. Cause as much as I enjoy reading all about all of you and whats going on in your lives, I dont want to post here and be overly-sensitive and reading into everything either.

Anyway, just my thoughts. I hope I havent hurt anyones feelings by telling you how I feel? Sigh...see what I mean?


P.S. Drema....I not letting you give up *that* easily! I will send you some Bipolar ByGollys in *spring* (whenever that is) with your Swirling Water Daylilies! BTW, it's great to hear from you. :-)


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Ei, nope didn't hurt my feelings one bit and I took it exactly the way you meant it. It is a challenge to have any plants that might be perceived by the elk & deer as 'candy'. They've walked through my new front bed a number of times and I do not know how well any plants will fare. So far they've pretty much left alone most of the plants that are currently there.....but it does present a problem for any future plant placement. We've considered putting up a tall fence and making an enclosed front yard, that hopefully would deter them from coming in and eating (or stepping on) things.....but that really isn't what we want to look at ourselves. Their frequent presence is part of the reason why I'm in no hurry to begin planting....they've taken a bit of the enjoyment out of the idea of having that big curvy bed. ;o)

I don't reply to a lot because I'm usually reading too fast and too many posts at a time so I forget who said what.....then I feel badly that I might have hurt someone's feelings by not responding. But, no harm meant and no harm done when someone doesn't reply to me.

Babies are fussing......time to make a couple bottles.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Seems to me that misunderstandings occur in real face to face situations as well as on line. We're big girls and boys and can deal with it by and large I think. We know that no one means to deliberately hurt in this group of friends.

Just received fabric from Quebec for curtains for DD's baby room. I was so silly and only bought 2 yards, so I just ordered 2 more yards to save myself from too much fiddling. Chelone should be pleased with that. I'll no doubt still need her advice, even though they are only very plain and simple. A seamstress I am NOT.

Yesterday DD tells me that baby, now known as 'Sunshine', finally moved to a new position so that a strong heartbeat could be heard. They can't wait for DGS to return and hear his Brother or Sister's heartbeat.

Remember last July? Think warm. This is Perle d'Azur climbing through the lilacs. Four more clematis are on their way to the farm I am told. YEAH!

Later folks-

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Hi everyone, I just got home and had a message on my answering machine from Honey. Seems she opened an email with a worm that wiped out her computer. She wanted me to warn those of you who are in her address book not to open any emails from her or that say something to the effect of 'alert from postmaster'. I called her back and her dh said she was on her way to take the computer in for repairs.


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Happy Fri the 13th !
Im settled in to watch a ball game while simultaneously writing a lengthy and Fabulously Entertaining post. Ok, maybe just lengthy. I must say the next two months are shaping up to be very busy for me. Im just about maxed out on commitments. I have to go to Indianapolis in mid-May, will go up to Portland in late May, and have three master gardener seminars that I am participating in one way or the other between now and June. This weekend Copia is having a plant sale which is a great opportunity to get some interesting items-mostly shopping for tomatoes but Im sure other things will catch my eye.

Ei, so interesting how people become pivotal in our lives. Your friend Jeannie was in your life so briefly but I wonder what your life and your view of life-would have been like if you had never met her. I think about a fellow employee I knew back in the late 70s when I worked for a small chain of garden centers in San Diego. This guy was into organic gardening back then it was a very radical practice-on the fringe as it were. The things I learned from him in the one brief year that I knew him have never left me, and I still consider him a major influence on the way I garden.
Oh, and by the way, loved that doggie-fishie action. Scout just looks like a wonderful fellow.
I cant imagine that anyone would want to slight you or your posts, Eileen. I know that sometimes I have to be extremely brief because I have to get to work very early and have household or family issues that require my attention and I'm sure others here face the same things.I have observed that all think very highly of you -- I *really* enjoy your posts but dont always have the time to comment as I should !

bug, how I loved that kitties in the bed pic from last week ! So funny how we try not to disturb the sleeping felines in the bed ! I have one who likes to get under the covers around 4am , and when I get up at 5 I remove myself from the bed very gingerly so as not to disturb himwhat a lovely photo of Perle d Azur.

Eden, count me in as thinking the bedroom pic was of Casade Eden! That is one cool headboard. I think your pic of Graham Thomas and Splish Splash is interesting. Graham gets 10 ft plus here. What is your experience with him ?

Suzy- arent those kitties funny when they present their corpus delecti ? Mine havent presented me with a trophy in months. I think since they are "mature" they just cant be bothered anymore.!

HI Drema, I loved the photos you posted of the NE Idyllunion. What is the purple plant ? Really a spectacular photo. And 17 inches of snow. ?? Bummer. We don't go for that stuff around here in April..

Ok ,hi everyone.. and here are some pics all taken this afternoon per Deannes request..

This Iris is a dwarf , stays about a foot tall..

Reinne des Violettes and Clematis Ramona


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idyll!

Well, I sure shut things up...LOL! Sorry! Don't mind me. My problem is sometimes I say whatever is on my mind...LOL!

What beautious pics to gaze upon this a.m. Love the colors! That dwarf iris is just gorgeous...looks like a fine german porcelain...yumm! Anyway, I know what you mean, Kathy. I think people are sent into our lives for a reason. Yes, I wouldn't change a thing in my life (the good or the bad) as they are what make me who I am. Although sometimes I can't help wishing I could have learned things *faster*...LOL! You know the old have the wisdom of age and the lifetime of youth! :-) No, you *shouldn't* have to comment on everything everybody says...that was sort of my point about this being my problem and why *I* may not be suited for public forums. It would be *impossible* to comment to everyone, every time (this was talked about before on the Idylls). It isn't a slight...just that we are human and we have other things going on in our lives (which is a *good* thing)! :-) It's *my* problem, not the Idylls. This is a place to share, have fun and enjoy...everyone is very kind here...I don't doubt that. :-)

Well, at least all our snow is melted. It's suppose to rain today, but the "Garden Girls" outting is still on. We will have fun, rain or shine.

So I better get moving...we're to meet at 08:30!

TTYL...Have a good day all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A short comment for Ei. Your comment about the "good or the bad" reminded me (again!) of DD' wedding, where the person who conducted the ceremony said:
"Your joining today is not an accident. All roads lead to where you stand. Everything you have done up to this moment in time has made this day possible. Everything."
That was so true and comforting for the couple with their complicated pasts, but I believe it is true for us all.

And so today I must get running as the dump and post office close by noon and I am not yet presentable. Good thing no one can see my attire. ;-)


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning!

'bug, that's one thing I love about the Idylls, it is an ongoing party and you can stop by even if you are not presentable! If you guys could see me now... well never mind - no rush to get ready and out the door today, so I am enjoying it.

Well, we hired a landscaper to re-do our path. It runs from the driveway to the deck, and it is really the main entrance to the house. The front door is used mainly by the mail carrier and the in-laws! We had made several attempts to lay flagstones in the area, but it slopes downhill slightly, and there are some tree roots and large rocks that need to be dug out. Every spring the stones would slide on the mud - it was a total mess. They are going to lay a 4' wide path of tumbled cement pavers; and DH even had the idea to throw in a stacked field stone wall up against the house, next to the path. I'll have to get out there and take some before pics today - hopefully they'll be starting soon after the coming monsoons end.

Kathy, you are months ahead of us in the garden! Keep the pics coming, they are giving me hope. Deanne has summarized our northeast weather for you - really lousy lately! We just need a few warm, sunny days to get everything growing.

Drema, that pic from the NE Idyllunion is gorgeous. Where was that taken; Tower Hill maybe? I really have to get there one of these days.

V, sorry to hear about your ongoing technology frustrations at the office. Good to know that your hard work is being acknowledged.

Deanne, a book about your garden is an awesome idea. Your pics are so beautiful, they would make a wonderful book.

Hi Ei! I love that pic of your sunny window. Is that a begonia on the bottom left? It looks extremely happy. Mine died back almost completely, then I covered it with a plastic dome and it is re-sprouting. I guess they need the humidity. Where are the garden girls off to today?

Sue, sending positive thoughts to you for Monday. I' sure everything will be fine. Hope you get a chance to get out to the garden today.

You guys have me curious about Kurt Vonnegut, I have never read any of his books or seen the movies based on them. I'll have to look when I go to the library.

Chelone, after dealing with getting estimates from just a few landscapers, I can sympathize with you on your garage project. What you are doing is on a much larger scale of course, but the aggravations are similar. I agree with what others have said, make a temporary bed for the plants you want to move. The ferns will be fine. The baptisia has a long taproot, you'll probably have to dig deep.

Well, DD is sitting behind me waiting for her pancake breakfast so I have to run.

Enjoy the day!


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Monty is very very very very sick and we're not sure what it is. Rather than interupt with gruesome details, I've attached a link to Greytalk. Updates are at posts 1,21 and 52. You can read as guests if interested. I'm trying to decide if I can take Dannie to obedience class this morning with a postive attitude. I don't want to mess up her socialization period with my own bad vibes :-)

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Cynthia, just read about Monty. I'm so sorry he and you are going through this. You'll both be in my thoughts.


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I finally took some coleus, geranium and begonia cuttings. I had picked up a couple of large pots at Sams Club the other day to make containers for my moms front porch. She needs something substantial there. So I will fill them and give them to her for Mothers Day. Why buy plants when I have all this stuff under lights? I hope to get some wintersowing done today or I should say spring sowing.

We are going to a fund raising auction for the school today, but then the snow isnt all melted yet so I wouldnt get anything else done anyway.

Kathy, love the color of your dwarf iris. I have several different kinds and they are so nice as edging.

Wendy, Ill join you in the unpresentable. LOL Your project sounds like it will be an nice improvement.

Cynthia, poor Monty! Good vibes going out for him and you both.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thinking of Monty. With both pets and kids, waiting is horrible. Best wishes Cynthia.

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Just stopped by to wish Cynthia and Monty the best...hope things turn out ok for you Cynthia !

Kathy in Napa

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I'm in a bit of a mood. Today seems to be dragging and I'm sick of being stuck in the house. I want sunshine and warmth! And plants and flowers! I just can't seem to get motivated or concentrate on doing any 'inside' stuff. Oh well, I suppose I should go and fix something for dinner....and maybe have a glass of wine (or whine, lol). It sure hasn't been a very fun or productive Saturday here at my house.

Thinking of you Cynthia and hoping Monty's doing better.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Cynthia...I'm so sorry to hear about poor Monty! I hope the medicines keep working well for him and that the other doctor will be able to help. I know you must be just so worried and upset...anyone would. I've never heard of that kind of bleeding and it must just be so scary for you. I was glad to read that Monty is showing some good signs...I'll be keeping my good thoughts for the both of you.

P.S. I love what the person who performed the wedding ceremony said Bug. That is exactly how I see it and what I *would* have said...if I were so eloquent! :-)

Hi Wendy! Just got home from Geneva with the girls, but I'll have to tell you guys all about it some other time...I am *pooped* and going to take a little nap.

Just wanted to pop in and tell Cynthia I'll be thinking of her & Monty.


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Oh Cynthia, I'm so sorry Monty is in such a state. I truly hope they can help him. My heart goes out to you.

Eden, my day was similar to yours. I am so in limbo with the garden, because of so many things freezing back. It is supposed to start warming up tomorrow but I'm not sure if I should start cutting things back or not. I think most of the shrubs will need trimming too.

And Michelle , I can't even get enthused to take more cuttings or start seeds. My plants under lights are getting minimal care. I have been reading garden books trying to get ramped up, but its not working yet. Whine, whine whine.

I did go out yesterday in coveralls to weed one bed. It was wet and cold but I stuck it out till it was done.
We had rain all last night and today with snow flurries thrown in. I expect bad weather this time of year. The thing was the excessive warmth we had earlier that made things grow to quick. Then the extreme cold.

Kathy , nice to see your glimpses of spring and warmth.

Wendy, Nice that you are going to get that walkway taken care of, and a nice planting bed to boot. That is what the stacked stone wall is for isn't it?

Just T, thats an awesome Elk herd. I do hope you will be able to have a few flowers in your lovely curvy beds. You certainly sound busy helping to take care of the twin J's. They do both have J names don't they? Didn't you guys start on a new shelter for the animals? If so , how is it coming along.

Woody if your reading along, I'm thinking about your shed and your visit with the puppy. I forgot what breed GB said it was.

Speaking of sheds, Chelone, I hope the meetings with the contractors are going well.

Hoping Babs is having a relaxing getaway.

Sue, you better party hardy tonite because I imagine you will be fasting tomorrow night. Good luck with all that.

Yikes Honey. Sorry you got that worm. I hope no one else was affected.

GB any thoughts on my freeze damaged Clems? Should I just cut them back or wait and see? I know I will at least be picking a lot of dead leaves off. My Niobe was in heavy bud.

Deanne, I imagine you are getting a little stir crazy too, waiting to get into the garden. Your dove picture was great. I usually have three doves in my yard and there is usually a squabble going on between two of them.

Well Drema sounds like you are getting primed for garden season. I haven't been shopping much lately so I didn't even see any primroses. I watched a cute movie called Greenfingers last night. It was about some prisoners who got into gardening. It had a lady gardner in the movie who named her daughter Primrose. LOL

Hey Ei, Bet you had fun with the Young garden gals. Have you put your house on the market yet?

Cindy, Hope you don't have to keep the roses and clems in the house to long. I know Chloe will want them out of her way soon. Sounds like you should have some pretty pics for us down the line when they are happily blooming in your yard.

Suzy, I could use your kitty in my garage for awhile. LOL

Hey to anyone I missed and have a good whats left of it weekend. If I had any wine in the house I would have some. But no such luck. Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! Well sorta,'s raining here and we're expecting a spring nor'easter with 2-4" inches of rain and heavy winds. So much for my last potential garden day for at least a couple of weeks. Oh well, best I get the house cleaned anyway since that's yet another activity that will be off limits. Norma, you're right, no alcohol for 24 hours before surgery and the surgery is scheduled for 2:15 tomorrow afternoon. A nurse called from the hospital on Friday to go over a bunch of things. She also said no makeup and I told her she was killing me-no booze, no makeup, no food...good grief! At least I had somebody laughing.

Cynthia, I saw your Monty update from late last night and wanted to say how relieved I am that he appears to be doing better. What a worry when the furkids are sick. Hope he's home with you soon.

Other than that nothing much is going on around here. I keep waiting for more perennials to show their faces so I can move stuff but everything appears to be at somewhat of a standstill due to the weather. Yesterday I shuffled a few things but had limited time and ended up getting overwhelmed with the amount of work I wanted to do. I guess the worst thing that can happen is a plant stays where it is for another year, right?



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sue, I was hoping you'd pop in today with an update. You always have such a healthy approach to the junk that gets thrown your way. You're amazing! All the best to you tomorrow- and the days following. My friend who had a hysterectomy last Tuesday said no lifting for 6 weeks. She's a gardener by profession, so this digs into her income in a big way. It will be frustrating big time, but was a really good solution to a lifetime of problems. So maybe your surgery will mean lots of posting from you?

Norma, as for clematis, my philosophy is always to wait and see. Those guys are mighty tough. After all, many of them do just fine in zones 2-3! It may just mean later blooms for you this year. It is hard for me to imagine Niobe in heavy bud already when my vines are not even up out of the ground! By the way, forgive me, but I've forgotten where you live geographically. I know you are zone 5, but that means many things...since I'm considered zone 5 by some too. At least today looks very much like spring so far!

Mary, I'm missing you! I guess you are off being super Mom somewhere!

Think I'll go read up on Monty's progress, then try to clip back a few more things outdoors before DH's return from Europe this afternoon. The party's over ;-). Soon there'll be laundry!

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Good morning...

Drema, I just realized I never answered your question about the flower/shrub in the foreground of one of the is a rhodie. :o)

Norma, yes, we did start a new shelter for the animals and it is a lot nicer for them (and for us). Yesterday we tore down and burnt the old building. What a joy to see that ugly eyesore gone! There is a story to that old building though and maybe later today or soon, I'll scan some old photos and share it.

Well, running late this morning so better get out of this chair and moving.

So thankful that Monty seems to be improving!!

Hello to all!

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I have only skimmed quickly, but have a few observations.

FIRST, I want to tell Sue that I'm sure things will go smoothly tomorrow. I, too, applaud the straight ahead, practical way you approach whatever gets tossed in your path. Hang tough! (the rain has just started here, but no evidence of wind or heavy seas yet).

SECOND, I have to go back and read about Monty. Cynthia, you must be worried sick about him. I hope it all works itself out.

Friday was a long day for me. Capped off by a telephone call from Mum. Wanting to know how she was going to "get home".

Saturday involved a visit to Mum; her new "home" is every bit as depressing as the others. Her lunch was dreadful... no fresh fruit, no glass of water. The RN had to change the urostomy appliance 4 TIMES IN ONE DAY and my brother finally gave her some "tips". She was astounded to learn that when he and I apply them they last 5-7 DAYS. I saw no evidence they're using the night collection jug, nor was I able to locate her cane (I told them to find it and return it to me)... they now insist she use one of those walkers with wheels on the front legs. She doesn't need it, they're freaked out she "might fall" (which I understand). She is in a locked unit. Her most recent haircut is atrocious (too long and she hates it), but her nails look very nice. I want to vomit. She called last night asking when I was going to come and take her "home".

Our taxes are a MESS. The payroll service that took care of payroll at the shop improperly calculated the amount of employer contribution to my retirement fund for 4+ years. The net result is that I've foregone interest gains (and compouding) for those years, and they took taxes out of my bonuses that I always direct to my retirement fund. ALL my contributions are supposed to be PRE-tax dollars; so, I've paid taxes when I didn't need to, and my taxable gross hasn't been reduced as much as it could have been. Now, the payroll company has been sold and the new owners have managed to screw up the W2s. We have to file an extension... (adds to the price of our tax preparation). I am so angry and so frustrated right now I can't even think logically about how to address this gross ineptitude without an obscenity laced tirade. I spoke with our accountant at 8:30 this morning, and asked him to please deal with the payroll firm because I just couldn't face it today. He is the nicest man, we've used him as long as we've been married and he heard my voice crack. All I have to do is drop a check to the IRS at his office tomorrow and he'll take it from there. (His father is in a nursing home, too).

I haven't been able to focus on contractors, at all. John is very high on one guy, but I'm frankly not interested in paying for a "general contractor"; I told him that up front but he wasn't in "listen" mode, I guess. I've been bothered by the patronizing attitude of a couple of guys... the presence of "chesticles" makes me unworthy of a handshake, eye contact, and intelligent conversation about techniques and pricing?! I have a good sense of humor, and am an excellent judge of character... woe betide those who deign to "ignore", let alone patronize me. I'm not just interested in colors, exterior light fixtures, and trimwork... .

I am in a thoroughly black, depressed mood. I hope none of the would-be contractors call today. I need some buttered popcorn and a video. And I truly hope all the rest of you are having a better go of it right now!

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...but Chelone,if I snuck up behind you and carefully placed a straw within my armpit and gave a nice puff...would you lol just a little bit? I bet that would at least make you grin: ) OK it would be short lived but
That's the thing. Life sends us stuff. Some of it is good, fun,happy stuff and then the yucky stuff slips in too-it's inevitable. I think you are going to handle the tax stuff OK-that accountant is a godsend. Your mom's situation just stinks-no one deserves that kind of treatment-or lack of.BUT because I know you-(well,you know) will say what you think about her care and that squeaky wheel certainly will get it's oil. She's new there-they just need your input and I think you'll get results. Your brother seems really on board so at least you are a team? Does he have the same worries that you do? No facility is better than what a daughter or son would realistically want for a parent but I hope you do see an attempt from them to do better for her. I think you are exhausted from all of it-look at how long this has been going on for you. That's why you are having sleep probs,you don't want to go to work,the construction stuff is bugging you....each of these things alone are things you are capable of handling(we're talking about CHELONE here; )it's just all of them clumped together and the emotion added to it are muddling things. Take one thing at a time-you'll be OK. It's not easy but I think you will get through this too.
Hmmm we're home one day from our paradise weektrip and MIL was complaining on the phone, she wanted life to be over due to some stiff pain she's having...just what Chris wanted to hear... I keep thinking how things could be much worse than they are-it gives me perspective to deal with it.

Sue I just wanted to tell you that while I'm sure you'll have some initital discomfort, all that walking/exercise you get will probably cut your recovery down considerably-just be obedient and take things slow at the beginning. I hope you are calm(especially with no wine or food!)and things go well for you tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you...say,does this mean you'll be slowed down enough to idyll more? : )

Drema-beautiful card! Thank you! I didn't know about the program at the CBG but I'll have to look into it. I hope your newly planted items survive-would a heavy mulch at the base help? I think everything that has sprouted now will be a little deformed but get some normal regrowth when temps stablize...(crossing fingers)

Hocking Hills was fabulous if you don't mind hail storms,rain and cold : ) STRANGE weather all over the place. Hocking Hills had a couple warm weeks in the 70's before Easter but by the time we arrived they had been having freeze warnings and many plants/trees were zapped. The first night in our place we had a wind/hailstorm that brough an inch of hail!That was loud! I guess there was talk of a possible tornado but I didn't hear if it was true. Well, at least our cottage was built into a hillside so we were very safe. We had one day(Fri.) with warm breezes and full sun...and I got a sunburn from hanging out in the hot tub-odd but true. The ride back was treacherous with a slush rain snow thing happening-it was part of the storm that is going to blast the east coast-hang on you guys. Back here in Cleveland we were supposed to get snow-but they were wrong so it's dry now and the sun just came out-I hope the nor'easter is much less harsh than they predict.

I don't mean to be short(I say that alot lately) but I need to finish the laundry and get things ready for the school week. If I have time I'll be back.

Cynthia-Monty's illness sounds scary! I hope things are improving for Monty. I hope you are doing OK too.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

((((Chelone)))), sorry all these negative things are happening all at once. I can loan you my DS, for free - he comes equipped with the bendy straw that he has been following me around the house with all afternoon (he has developed quite a juicy tenor tone)and your choice of movies: his current faves are "Cars", "Over the Hedge" and "Flushed Away", all silly animated flicks - I'm assuming "Flushed Away" has plenty of bathroom humor. He makes excellent microwave popcorn, and can talk your ear off about the latest technology - anything wireless is of particular fascination. I love rainy days!!

Cynthia, I hope today finds Monty much improved and that he'll be back home with you soon. I read your update on the other forum, and it sounds like he is on the road to recovery.

Eden, I have been in a mood for most of April - this weather is awful! Last year I had so much more accomplished by this time, this year it seems as if the garden is stalled - almost the only perennials showing signs of progress are the daylilies and sedum. The pansies I planted 2 weeks ago are still alive, but not blooming - now I wish I'd bought the ones that were in full bloom. I'll share that glass of "whine" with you.

Norma, yes the stone wall is to frame a planting bed 14' long - I'm already thinking about what to plant there. It is pretty shady, so I'm thinking hosta and friends.

Sue, I hope you got heavily made up and had a huge dinner and several bottles of wine last night! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Rain, rain, go away...



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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

DS just snuck up behind me and played the guitar riff from "Smoke on the Water" with the bendy straw.

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Hi everyone

just arrived back from a fabulous few days with DS and family in DC - Cindy did you hear me calling "Hi" to you! Many hightlights to share when time allows.

The drive back was nasty indeed heading through torrential rain, snow and slush. Whew - glad we are all back safe and sound. I have mountains of laundry to do and seedlings to tend before locating snow gear for tomorrow - several inches are forecast.

Sue - good luck for your surgery tomorrow.

Hi to everyone else - I'll look forward to catching up on everyone's news and I think there are some fab photo and cards. Perhaps we'll have a snow day tomorrow.....


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Sue just wanted to send my good wishes for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and sending my good thoughts that everyting goes as smooth as silk.

I thought maybe Chelone could use a little silliness right now...

Here are a few pics that struck my phony bone, from an email my SIL sent to me entitled: "Why Dogs Bite People". I have to admit, I'd be tempted to bite somebody too... :-)

Can't help it...I *do* find this one absolutely adorable! :-)....

And here's just a few other sweet pics that I've saved over the years...I hope they make you smile:

I hope tomorrow will be a brighter day...

Have a good night all! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I would have *never* thought it of my sweet little Scout. Although, he *has* always been fascinated by Bert who swims in a vase on my kitchen counter. He often barks at Bert when Bert is particularly active and swimming around in his bowl. DH & I would often laugh at Scout's fascination with Bert; thinking it funny the way Scout would put his front paws up on the counter to get a better look. Sometimes he would even growl at Bert. We *thought* it was funny! Anyway, I *still* cant believe it *happened*! Today Im watching Scout, as he is watching Bert. Suddenly Bert jumps up and *out* of his bowl (Bert I use to do that, but his bowl was much lower, so I thought with this tall vase it wouldnt be an issue). Anyway, I was stunned at first and not thinking fast enough. Suddenly, Scout runs to where Bert lands and before I can even yell "drop it"...Bert was Scouts sushi dinner! :-( I dont even think Scout chewed!!!! Im still stunned...I keep asking myself..."did that *really* happen?!?!" Then I have a reality check by looking at the bowl. Im having a hard time looking Scout in the eye...LOL! Im so *sad* to have lost Bert...he was getting very friendly. I do have to admit though, in retrospect, it is kind of funny and very bizzare..."Im sorry Bert!" Think Ill leave the empty bowl on the counter for awhile...let it be a shameful reminder to Scout!

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They made me smile Ei. Thanks

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Geesh Ei, I can't believe that happened either. Scout, Scout, Scout! Of Course it was Berts fault to, for doing a swan dive. Silly Fish.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hey all,

I checked in to see if Deanne had posted; I hope her absence doesn't mean she's out of power. DH said New Hampshire is really getting dumped on.

Eden, your mood is most understandable given the goofy weather we've been having. I heard a discussion on the radio last Friday about how many folks are down over this weather. I decided today that we are having a Cubs fan spring - wait until next year!

Cynthia, I hope Monty is continuing to improve.

Chelone, sorry for the troubles. Nothing worse than having the folks you depend upon to get it right really screwing it up!

Today is my DD's 19th birthday. We went to visit her yesterday and see her perform in two different concerts. The percussion concert was the most interesting to me as I had never seen almost 1 1/2 hours of all percussion - very cool! DS and his fiance came for the second concert. DS has been on cloud nine all week after finding out that his application to transfer to U of I had been accepted. When the concert was over, he stood up, slowly unzipped his hoodie and began to pull it back off his chest - to show off his brand new U of I t-shirt!

We are expecting DH's coworker for an overnight visit, so I need to go and finish making the house look like no one lives here.

Good thoughts for Sue tomorrow!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The weather may be lousy but the Idylls are sure providing entertainment and diversion tonight!

DH is home...and asleep. It is late late late as far as his clock is concerned! Good grief, he brought me Austrian chocolates too. After a whole week of being a good girl, I helped him wolf them down. (blush!)

Here's a funny about DD's family:
One day as the family was leaving their house, DGS turned to his dad and said "Dad, I hope you and (DD) get divorced." Um OK where was this going "Because then I can marry her!" Laughter all around.

The excitement about organizing and planting has been largely replaced by anxiety and excitement over a new baby and my long distance family. It used to be that I couldn't sleep because I was planning a new flower bed somewhere. Now I dwell on the birth of the baby and those who will adore it. Yet, my plant babies are still important. In fact, I'd better go rescue a few from the porch right now because tonight the temperatures will fall.

Hoping Deanne is safe and warm and hunkered down.
Time for a new Tidyll, but I am not inspired tonight.

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