Never experienced this on a Honda GCV160 engine

rolmNovember 29, 2011

Never experienced this on a Honda GCV160 engine

I have a MTD lawnmower with a Honda GCV160 engine. The mower came in with a broken pull cord. I repaired the pull cord and I always check the engine oil before I start an engine and to my surprise there was no oil showing on the dip stick. I added oil and tried to start the engine it took 4 pulls and it finally started but it ran very slow just above idle it also made a bit of a clunking sound. I had nothing to lose at this point, so I let it run for a few minutes and it started to pick-up speed I would say it ran 95% there was a bit of vibration. "No Smoke from the exhaust" I turned off and drained the oil by putting it on its side wheels. As the oil was draining I sharpen the blade added new oil and when I started the engine it smoked like crazy and it kept on smoking the engine was running at 95% speed once again with a bit of vibration. After 2 minutes it smoked just as heavy. I turned the mower off. Next day tried to start the engine and the engine kicked back and broke the pull cord again (my fingers are still sore from the kick-back)

I can�t seem to figure out why it did not smoke when I 1st started it and then it smoked after I changed the oil. Oil level was normal both times

The kick-back I thought was due to a broken flywheel key I did remove the flywheel and the key was perfect. Any thoughts

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I don't know why it didn't smoke the first time. All I know is the engine was cooked by insufficient oil when you got it.

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The excessive fuel in the combustion chamber from tipping or possibly that leaked through the float valve did this. That would make sense with it occurring after setting. When you service these, it's best to shut the fuel valve off and run a few extra minutes before tipping. Plus you could try leaving the valve shut off and seeing if the problem reoccurs. Of course, there is that occasional Honda fuel valve that doesn't actually shut the fuel off...

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Aside from the oil burning why it is kicking back is if the flywheel key is broken, Could it be because the cylinder is filling-up with oil and that cause pre-ignition. The smoking is probably due to worn out rings or scared piston and cylinder. Looks like I have a parts engine.

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You could be right on the parts engine due to what else you've seen in regards to the oil and noises. However, if in fact what is happening is fuel is continuing to seep into the engine when sitting, once that is corrected- all may be fine. Here's what I would do. Verify that the fuel shut off valve actually works. Run up the machine, shut the valve off and when it dies- change the oil again. Refill with oil and for good measure just remove the spark plug and walk away to ensure the fuel has evaporated. Re install the plug, turn on the valve and crank it up. Now what do you have?
Here's the way I see it. On occasion, you will find one of these that fuel slightly seeps past the float valve. This in itself could be giving you the symptoms you describe. If your test run as described above goes well, that is what has been happening. If not, I suppose that it is possible that enough wear is present, enough carbon is above the piston to make a difference etc.

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I will give it a try and update. I will not look at it till spring to busy with Snowblowers.

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