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shilty(6)May 18, 2014

Have been touring our beautiful country more than usual....not too long ago it was Mississippi, Vicksburg, where one of the ironclads used in the rivers for the Civil War is on display...I was interested because the EADS gunboats were made in Illinois.

The SS Cairo is attached to the Vicksburg National Cemetery, and commemorates the Seige of Vicksburg, with the battle stations auto trip with a CD to play as you drive.
Among the many memorials and monuments is a beautiful building from Illinois, inside the names of 30,000 plus soldiers from Illinois that took part, some of which died there, forever remembered by name and rank and Division in bronze . Acoustically designed, a whisper reverberates, a place of cool quiet honor for Illinoisans, to commemorate a sad time in our country.

A large group of young kids and a few supervising adults had just arrived when we walked in....they were yelling at the top of their voices, led by one of their adult supervisors... they yelled and squealed, jostled, poked, laughed and seemed oblivious to where they were. The sound was deafening. Soon most sat down on the floor to eat their snacks and lunch, still loud, boisterous and seeming disrespectful.

I was appalled... but maybe I'm just too old.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

Unfortunately, my experiences have been that this is not unusual. You aren't too old, times have changes and you are caught in that change.

I am vocal about things (much to the embarrassment of my wife) and I would have approach the people in charge and provided my opinion on the situation and told them they were poor supervisors. Let them call me an old man who is out of touch if they want, but at least I would have let them know about the intrusion.


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Kids fulfill expectations. If supervising adults backed by parents have set the expectation of quiet respectful behavior, that's what you would have seen.
There is a time for letting off steam and boisterous play, but this was not the setting for that kind of loudness.

I echo your dismay, from one or two children screaming in stores, to misbehavior in museums, such behavior is pervasive, and is not appropriate, but I fault the adults.

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It's not just you, Shilty. The trouble is some parents don' t teach their children and the same parens are the first ones to berate people who try to correct the kids.

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It's not just you, Shilty.
It could be that the "adults" in the group thought it was acceptable behavior because they were brought up by parents who were brought up by parents who thought it was ok. It will be passed on from generation to generation,

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Same thing happened to me at the John Hancock tower in Chicago. It happens everywhere. Sucks. Kids I chaperone don't do that. So it doesn't have to happen all over. Used to be when I corrected my son in public, friends and family would say, "That's ok". And I would say, "No. It's not ok" [he needs to be polite]. I wish people wouldn't say that. Worse, then they'd quip kids will be kids. UGH! No wonder kids do what the do when people give them excuses for bad behavior. There is a time and a place for everything.

I will say, the Vanderbilt's money have left a grand legacy. If nothing else, a medical center built from the ground up with programs funded by their endowment. The endowment still stands and still funds research and education. Just one thing? This is where Blalock and Thomas began the journey to corrective heart surgery. If nothing else. But there is much much more! Sorry for the digression. I happen to be a healthcare administrator at Vanderbilt, so I have a deep love (big grin!) for this place.

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