What is this plant?

alarimerMay 31, 2014

These have popped up all over. Does anyone know what it is?

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lycopus(z5 NY)


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Milkweed forms extensive root systems from which new plants shoot up. Very hard to eradicate. Similar to Canadian thistle in that regard.

Unless you are intentionally trying to attract monarch larvae, I would eliminate.

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If you have the room, and it does not need much, consider growing a bit of it.
Some go to great lengths to grow milkweed for the Monarchs. Even a seed exchange for those that want it. You have it growing naturally and easily.
And very easily pulled where you don't want it. Just wear gloves or wash hands.
Not necessarily toxic, but the milk sap can damage your eyes if it gets into them.

I've let a meadow grow wild with milkweed but i have the room for it...about a 1/2 acre just for them and other natives.
It pops up in my veg garden but not a problem. The flowers are gorgeous.

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Yep..............I leave them for the Monarchs as well. They need all the help they can get with survival because of destruction of their habitat. I also love to see those flowering in the fields and they are abundant around here in summer.

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what area in the country do you live in. There are many
plants that look similar.


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