Snapper Commercial

mowernutNovember 7, 2012

Does anyone know why Snapper quit using the Kawasaki F180 engine on their 21" commercial walk behinds? Now its a choice between a B&S or Honda engine. The Kawi is a great engine with lots of torque/power.

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Price is usually the deciding factor in what engine to use, when building new machines. Same holds true in lots of other manufacturing venues. After all, a Dollar saved on each machine, or whatever the product is, and you are building 10,000 machines, is quite a sum. It all goes back to the "Bottom line!" And that keeps the share-holders happy!

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Actually, I just learned from Snapper themselves that the issue with the Kawi engine was they weren't able to provide an engine for Snapper that meets the new EPA standards. Too bad - its a strong engine.

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