Unexpected daytime visitors

anneliese_32(6)May 15, 2013

I keep a bowl of cat kibbles at the backdoor for those roaming neighborhood cats, the mockingbirds like them when other food is scarces and jays, blackbirds and the occasional chipmunk like them too. Of course the nightshift of cats, racoons and possums don't say no either.
Since about 4 weeks a racoon showed up before it got dark, then in early evening and the last couple of days around noon, There is nothing wrong, it's lively, rollypolly and a speed climber who then stretches out on an oak branch and watches what's going on in the neighborhood.

This morning around 8 AM, the possum also visited, might have done so before, I just did not see it. What's going on, those guys are supposed to be in bed!

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He--and all your other visitors--know a good restaurant when they find it. :>)

My neighbor also keeps a bowl of dry cat food on her patio for the cats who roam, but the black birds and blue jays seem to eat most of it. The cats are too cautious to appear in the daytime, but not the birds. They come and go in a steady stream. I'm not sure about raccoons, though; there may be some in the area, but it may be too developed for them. I haven't seen any, anyway.

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I wonder if they have changed their habits, because we changed their habitat? They are trying to adjust.

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Just found out why the racoon comes during the day. It is blind on the right eye and most likely does not see well at night. My husband has the same problem and hates to go anywhere at night unless it is well lit, since his depth perception is gone and his sight is worse at night.

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