Snowblower Chute

sboricic(5a)December 18, 2010

I'm not sure if this is the correct category but I'll post it anyways.

Does anyone have any tricks of keeping the snowblower chute lubed and snow doesn't stick to it and clog it up? I have an old beast and sometimes it clogs...depending on how wet the snow is. I've tried Pam pan spray and vegetable oil before but neither seemed to help too much.

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Our Ariens snowblower is only three or four years old, and the chute has very smooth paint that seems to prevent clogging. I might try paste wax to restore the surface where the original paint is missing.

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Keep the chute as clean (friction free) as possible . Fresh paint or waxing will help . The best method I have used was to insert a few pieces of plastic (flexy flyer) from my Grandson's sliding carpet within the chute surface . I have either pop riveted these in or used contact cement . Unfortunately this latter installation was required due to the Craftsman Muffler Placement ( Exhaust Direction) caused warming of the chute exterior / interior and icing . All the Best with your Solution Dude :)

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dennyin(Central Indiana)

Spray it with WD-40 before you begin blowing snow.

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den: Yeah did that for several yrs , but even WD-40 could not overcome the icing lol . The Teflon / Plastic however certainly did lol .

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Get yourself some liquid floor wax and a paint brush and put a few coats on the metal surfaces of the chute, auger housing and the rakes.Do this as part of your pre season maintenance and let the wax dry over night. I put as many coats as it takes to get a white build up. The wax will last a season and it works very well. Think of stepping in water on a freshly waxed tile floor.Very slippery!!

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Thanks for the tips. From what has been posted it sounds like these would also work for a lawn mower deck. I have a 42" deck, that's DECK, lol, that get clogged with grass clippings when I cut with the mulcher on. Even cutting late in the afternoon it does it when it's dry. So I think I'll give it a couple coats of high gloss paint and floor wax. Agree?

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sboricic, there has been some threads on deck coating here. Some claim to have luck. My experience hasn't been very good. It seems that the debris whipping around the under there are like a self contained sandblaster and the coating doesn't last long.
The slippy slide chute idea sounds like a slick idea. I've tried car wax- but the floor wax certainly is tough stuff too.

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I've looked in Home Depot and another hardware store but neither seem to carry liquid floor wax. They have some similar stuff but the bottle shows NO WAX. Is there a certain type of floor wax I should be looking for? I've even looked for Mop N' Glow to try and see what it has it in but they didn't carry it.

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Any Commercial High Quality Automotive Wax will suffice . However normally this is a short term fix . Debris with the snow always acts like and abrasive and quickly removes the wax. Give it a try along with perhaps WD-40 ..etc. Otherwise try my plastic insert route for a longer term solution if you wish if you feel its warranted :)

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try using teflon spray
sold at mower shops for mower decks
it also prevents rust

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