John Deere R92, 11HP Briggs & Strattion 400cc Engine

dixie74801December 7, 2011

I have a John Deere R92 Lawn Tractor with a 11HP Briggs & Stratton 400cc engine on it. To get it started you have to hold the choke on the carburator, it is sticking, once you get it started it will run fine through all 5 gears till you engage the blades. You can run in 1st gear with the blades engaged all you want, but as soon as you put it in 2nd gear with them engaged it sputters then stalls out. Does it every time and I can't figure out why. Also the governor is not connected, it is connected to the carb but not to whereever it connects on the other part. I know nothing about motors on lawn mowers and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to hook it up and what would cause it to stall in 2nd gear when the blades are engaged? Please help, Thanks.

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The Governer linkage MUST be connected at both ends, to allow the engine to speed up, to address the additional load being put on it. You can't control engine speed by only using the throttle handle. The gov. link must be connected at both ends.Might i suggest talking to a local person who can observe your engine, and deduce the problem.

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Where does it hook to? I looked everywhere and could not find where it hooks to and I can't afford to pay someone to come and hook it up right now. Any ideas?

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Go to the Briggs and Stratton website and look up the owners manual and parts manuals for your engine. Those brochures should give you enough information to figure out how and where the governor should be connected.

Also do a google search for Briggs and Stratton Governor and several Youtube videos should appear. Peruse those for mnore information and possibly a picture of your engine.

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According to another website, that engine should be a Briggs-
That should help you find the correct IPL from the Briggs website.

The governor shaft comes out of the block.
Carb side, opposite end of the spark plug.

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