A piddling storm

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)May 26, 2011

Survived last month's tornado outbreak last month with no damage to my property. A "minor* storm came through last night with high straight line winds. They only lasted for a few minutes. But that was enough to cause a large tree limb to fall on a power line that connects with the pole that leads power to my house. It did not break the lines, but put so much weight on the line that it cause to the power pole to pull on the line leading to my house, resulting in damage to my upper wall on that side where the line leads into my house. The power people are out here right now getting the limb off the line. I'm off to the insurance agent and have him to come out and give me an estimate.

I guess it wasn't really a piddling storm. There are reports of other new damage across the valley.

I'm tired of spring this year. Give me the halcyon days of summer. I promise that I won't complain at all about the heat and humidity.

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We lost power 3 times last night and this morning. Not so much the wind itself but the soggy ground does not hold the roots of the trees and they topple over.
Hope you get your house repaired soon.

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Anne, that's the main reason we've lost so many Oaks since '03--the drought/rain, drought/rain periods, which have been bad around here especially, since '99

Anne, good luck with replanting...and Michael, I'm so sorry about your house! Are the A's OK?
Be careful!

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The pack is fine, and not fazed a bit.

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Would you believe there was a tornado in California? Late yesterday in the Sierra foothills. It's far from me, but all day yesterday, watching the clouds, it looked as though there was tornado-building going on up there.
It is still unsettled, I am usually planting my tomatoes and other tender vegs by now, probably not until early June or so this year.

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Oh, yea, we did have tornados here in CA.

Years ago I thought we had a "piddling" wind storm, Not so. The liqiuid amber tree in the front yard split in two and laid itself between two houses. We called the insurance company, and they said to get three bids from licensed CA tree services. We did and the claim was paid. I hope you have an easy claim.

"I promise that I won't complain at all about the heat and humidity." Oh, go ahead and complain (share). When it get's to 90% humidity and 100 degrees and the clothes stick to your body before 5am, it's time. Done that, been there.

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Michael, sorry about the damage.
Never say never! I have a feeling before this summer
is over you will be forced to break your promise.

I've already started complaining. :0)

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