May Day, I repeat, May Day

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)May 1, 2011

Such an apt day to be born.

Happy Birthday Jazmynsmom, uhmm, Michelle.

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Happy Birthday, Michelle! Have a nice one, full of goodies and dog kisses - and other kisses -enjoy!

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Have a happy day!!!

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Happy Birthday! Even the sun showed up for a few minutes to say all the best wishes,

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Happy Birthday, Michelle---may this year have much happiness in store!

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Happy Birthday, Jazmynsmom, aka Michelle.

P.S. Could/would you post some new doggie pictures?

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nice! Many happy returns of the day, m'dear............

May Day, yes. Workers of the World, Unite!!

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I was thinking more of dancing around a maypole....

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Happy Birthday, Michelle.
I know you are living life to the fullest each and
every day so may each and every day be filled to the brim
with love and laughter.

I miss your parties and the critter

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Thank you all! I'm grateful to be remembered. There's been so much fun and celebration lately I'm a little overwhelmed. Earlier in the week I went out to dinner and Cirque du Soleil with a couple of good friends. Yesterday I had my third of three cocktail making classes, went home to recover from the "homework" for a little while, and then went to an unbelievably fabulous dinner with a couple we really like to celebrate her birthday and mine, which are within days of one another's. Tonight, this same friend and I are ditching our husbands to go out and celebrate all over again with a girlfriend. Tomorrow night Steve and I are meeting a couple and their young child for dinner to celebrate my birthday and her "Name Day" (a big deal in Eastern European circles).

Later in the week Steve and I hop on a plane to spend nine days in Lisbon, Portugal. He's speaking at a medical conference and I'm along for the adventure. I have a market tour/cooking class scheduled for myself on one of the days he's busy, and I'm confident I can entertain myself for a couple days until his conference is over and we can both go play for the rest of the trip.

I'm still tutoring ESL about six hours a week, and learning new things at work. In a nutshell, I'm busy, but it's mostly "good busy."

Dorph, I love the whole pagan-fertility-festival aspect of my birthday. Spring is, by far, my favorite season, and if I could have chosen a day to be born, this would have been it!

mwheel, be careful what you wish for! Here are a couple photos I snapped earlier today:

Izzy is on the "injured reserve list" after piercing her paw with an unknown object while standing in nasty dirty muck yesterday (she was having a the time of her life up until that moment). She's dazed and confused on pain killers and doesn't seem to mind her inflatable airplane pillow at all.

This is Toolie out by the daffodils in our back yard. She's getting so big, but is still much smaller than Izzy.

Tallulah isn't very good at sitting still for photos. This one made me laugh.

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Happy birthday Michelle, I hope you have many many more. So sorry to see your injured dog.

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Oh, Michelle, thanks so much for posting the pictures; hope Izzy's injured paw heals quickly.

I like the way you celebrate your birthday; much more fun than doing it all in 24 hours. :>)

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Happy birthday Michelle if a bit late but the week is yours and sounds like a blast.

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I know I've already said it, but I have to say it again "Happy Birthday!" I'm certain you enjoyed it. Hope you get to rest from all your revelry!

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gandle(4 NE)

Have been away from a computer for a few days but Happy belated birthday. Know you will enjoy Lisbon, we love it and the surrounding cities.

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