He doesn't get to pick the B-B Que sauce again

gandle(4 NE)May 6, 2013

Oh, the flavor was very good if you could get close enough for the flames. That was the volcanic hot sauce. Even he who practically drinks Tobasco sauce said thats pretty warm. The brand was Famous Dave's but the heat level was atomic blast hot. I scraped as muchof the sauce off but it was still hot enough to start a grass fire. Famous Dave must make several levels of heat.

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Did something similar this weekend. I made a dish that had been bland and decided to add a jalapeno to it, but with the seeds and membrane. A whole jalapeno. We were guzzling milk and finally just gave up and threw it out. We're gonna try again with half of a jalapeno and NO seeds or membrane. Guess the boy and I are heat wimps!

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I like spicy, but Joann is the one who loves super-heated. When we eat the a Thai restaurant, she always makes sure er order is "extra spicy", I think she just doesn't want to share (smiling)

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Add my younger son to the "extra spicy" set at Thai restaurants. I too like spicy but like to keep my mouth blister free.

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Lol, no hot/spicy/salty stuff while I'm cooking. I cook bland, and if someone want's hot, they can BYO. I won't feel insulted.

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Have been working on a bottle of habanero sauce and bought a ghost pepper plant last week, jalapeno is just every day stuff. Have always liked the spicy ones but not just peppers, there are horse radish, wasabi, gingers and other pepper like condiments.

Look under "Culinary herbs and spices" for the link to "Main article: List of culinary herbs and spices" in the link below that gives some of the spicy spices used. Mixing these into recipes can be an art and result in some that sneak up on you or just get it over with quickly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spice

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