don_socalMay 11, 2011

I checked classic Google this morning when I saw another doodle that honored Martha Graham's 117th birthday. Clicking on pictures turned up this blog with a quote. Made me want to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha Graham Rare Photos : Martha Graham Quote :

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Martha Graham was certainly a force that
moved like liquid, like wind and rain torrents,
like silk and then burlap,
like love and then sheer terror.

I always felt she was mentally removed from the rest of humanity, somehow; that is until I read the piece in the link you offered.
She wasn't removed, she was in the very MARROW of humanity.
What she said hit the center of BEING.

Thanks, brother---that main pic of her looks so much like my deceased DMIL, it's uncanny!
--Esp. the piercing eyes and the total command of every muscle in her face.
Thanks again and hope you are feeling better!

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I always wished I could have seen her dance, live I mean. Her vitality must have been so much stronger, taken in consideration how how much she commanded her audience even on film.

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Thanks for the post, Don. It brings back memories.
I have always loved dancing, bring it on, lol. After I had my three children I decided to take up dancing again, and I enrolled in a modern dance (ballet) class at our local community college. That's were I met a teacher with a passion for Martha Graham and she transferred that passion to the class. Most of us were 20-40 yo, but we had a ball trying out the moves and moving to the music.
BTW, I remember some of the moves, and use them in my warm ups.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha Graham Classes

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