What was your favorite Far Side cartoon?

rob333May 8, 2008

I still laugh heartily (even snort!) at When Potato Salad goes Bad, but the one with the dog in the corner oh please, oh please... and the dryer has a sign that says "cat fud" crudely written with the cat peering into the dryer, still makes me giggle pretty well too. My husband's fav is Midvale School for the Gifted.

What's your fav?

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

I'm with your hubby! When I was in Jr High, I bought my dad a t-shirt with that one it, for Father's Day.

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Midvale school for the gifted since I used to be a Mensan, and I do things like that all the time. I just discovered not so long ago, thanks to my husband informing me, that the silverware basket lifts out of my dishwasher and I can actually carry it to the drawer to sort out the flatware, instead of making multiple trips back and forth. Duh.

I also like the one with two deer conversing, and one of them has a series of concentric rings resembling a target on his midsection. The other deer says "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal"

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Our silverware basket is zip-tied to the dishwasher. I have no idea why.

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It was done for shipping purposes Tisha. You can unzip it now.

That's kinda like pockets or pleats being sewn together on nice suits. It kills me to see someone not know they are meant to be unsewn once purchased, wearing their skirt with the kick pleat and a big ol' X across it.

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There's the one of dogs sitting at those tall round tables having drinks. The two dogs in the foreground are wearing collars, the rest of the dogs in this crowded place are not.

Dog in f.g. to other dog: "Rover, I think we're in a stray bar?"

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I use his cartoons to teach English as a second language. The higher level classes love when I use the cartoons to teach about what's funny in English. Larson is as twisted as you please, and I love his stuff. His book "There's a Hair in my Dirt" was one of my kids' favorites. Batya

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There were so many but for some reason two of them stand out. One showed two big spiders in a kids playground and they had just put a big web up at the end of a slide. The other showed a mailman coming home from work and walking through the front door. There were a bunch of Dashounds hanging off of his pant legs and he was looking at his wife and saying..." I stumbled into a nest of weiner dogs."

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

Two spiders on a web, one is wearing a paper bag with a face drawn on it on his head, the other has a trail of silk coming from his backside, ending in a pile underneath him....the caption..."Hey Bob, did I scare you or what??"

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My favorite is the one where whales are surrounding an underwater microphone singing "Louie Louie".
Or any of the ones where the lady snake,mantis,etc is wearing those winged glasses.

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I have a scrapbbok of my favorites somewhere. One I liked was the birdbath which was really a giant frog of somesorts with his mouth wide open.

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Pope John Paul with George and Ringo crossing Abbey Road :-)

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marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)

My favorite was two birds standing on the back of a rhino.
A papa bird is saying to a little bird, "Someday son, this will be all yours."

My mother planned to leave my daughter a very old, in very poor condition, falling down house with years of back taxes on it.

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Me too Minnie. When I was away at university mom would cut them out and save them for me. Still have them.

There are still loads coming to mind. I always loved when he'd juxtapose things that wouldn't belong together like the place playing loud music next to the institute for migraine study. He had loads of those. And the science geek ones were good too, like when there are cats lying about the room with E=MC(2) on the board. Or as simple as the bonless chicken ranch with... boneless chickens of course! I put cat fud on as my desktop. When boss came through, he glanced over to see what the change was and only said, "Yea, we all miss him".

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I have several saved in a special scrapbook. (Yes, I cut up the book!) DH and I teach English to Japanese, and sometimes I use cartoons. I was interested to see that someone else here does that, too.

One in my notebook shows two leopards or cheetahs watching a herd of zebras, one cat saying, "Listen...I'm fed up with this 'weeding out the sick and the old' business...I want something in its prime."

Does anyone remember the one where the police are arresting a bunch of bank robbers, and one of the robbers is saying, "I knew it!! I just knew it...'Shave-and-a-Haircut' was a lousy secret knock."

In another cartoon, there is a bar for fleas, and the bartender is warning a (flea) customer: "You're a long way from Big Poodle, stranger...This here is Dead Skunk, and if I were you I'd just keep on movin'."

Lastly, the mother of a family whose facial features are out of place (like having one eye above the other, or the mouth way over to one side and tilted) is looking at her young son's report card and saying, "Good heavens! Pablo got an 'F' in art!...Well, I'm just going to go down to that school myself and meet this teacher face to face!"

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The Midvale School for the Gifted and one that shows a man washing his car. There is a power line above the car, and the lone bird sitting on it is thinking 'you are mine, all mine'.

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There was one where a very large chicken was walking away from a farmhouse carrying the farmer's baby in its wings. I think about that one when I'm gathering eggs.

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andie_rathbone(Tyler, TX - 7B)

Very interesting - no duplicates yet in this thread.

Mine are:

Dinosaurs smoking cigarettes with the tag line reading "The real reason dinosaurs are extinct"

The other one is a picture of a large dog falling out of a window with the tag line: The dog threw himself out of the window when he realized the family was going to name him Binky."

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Dh and my favorite: poodles lounging on the Veldt. The caption reads "poodles of the Serengeti".

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There was one where two groups of accountants were going to have a rumble and their weapons were calculators.

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There is one where a man comes upon his wife bound and gagged in the back yard. When he takes off the gag, she says:
"Aphids, Henry! Aphids have taken over the garden!"

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ell_in_or(z8 OR)

I like the one where there's two wolves in the foreground talking together and they're watching a third one who is sitting in a clearing at a campfire with a caveman. One wolf says to the other, "Look at that glassy stare, those vacuous eyes... He's been domesticated I tell you!"

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