Pump for changing small engine oil

globe199December 10, 2012

I need to change the oil in both my snowblower and lawnmower. It occurred to me that I could use some sort of cheap hand pump instead of tipping the beasts over and draining the oil. That could be messy and potentially unsafe.

I'd rather not spend $50+ on something designed to do this. I think I could rig up something with a cheap plastic tube. Has anyone out there done this or could you recommend something?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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You pretty much need a pump that can be used w/ petroleum products. I have an electric Walbro fuel pump that I had gotten cheap that works well. In fact, I will be redesigning that so it is mounted to a receptacle with a battery so it is a bit more convenient to use. Oil extractors are available in hand pump models- so maybe you have something that you could convert?

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I bought a battery operated pump a year or so ago (cheapo), wasn't too impressed with it. Gave it to my son in law.

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Ace hardware use to carry the Handi-pump. mechanical diaphram crank pump. has tow long hoses inlet and outlet of course, you put outlet in container and pump away.

I have had one for 10 years. I suck gas, oil, powersteering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and anything else I need to empty. TO do oil it need to be hot or is slow pump.

I especially like it to do transmission fluid in my truck I can suck all fluid in the pan and make little mess when I drop it. Handi-pump can be goggled and cost ranges from 29 to 45 or bucks depending on where you get them. Would be GREAT Xmas gift for the HANDI-Man!!

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Sorry I misidentified the name of the ACE hardware Hand pump kit

Goggle ACE HARDWARE Hand Pump Kit (093606) IF interested. Cost still abour $38 bucks.

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I bought a vacuum oil change canister from J.C. Whitney in 2000 for a new car that I couldn't get under without ramps or jacking up. It worked great for that, and now I mainly use it for the lawn mowers. Quick and clean. It's a kettle-shaped steel vessel of about 2 gal. capacity, with a pump cylinder on top and a pour spout/hose cap with a long hose. You stick the hose in the crankcase and work the pump to create a vacuum. For a car it goes right down the dipstick tube. I think I paid about $65 for it but it's a heavy-duty piece of equipment. Check marine supply houses for cheaper ones that really work fine. They have a lot of uses around boats. These are particularly useful when you want to take out only a certain amount of fluid because you can see it in the plastic vessel.

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Automotive Supply stores also have syphon pumps for removing differential fluid from sealed units. I did same with my former Diesel and just recently with my newer Dodge 2500 when I changed to full Synthetic Hypoid this fall.

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Are you talking about the cheap push pull types and the acordian plastic type (they won't pump oil or any thick fluid unless the oil is hot enough to melt the plastic). Didn't work for me. Other than elect. or air operated pumps the pump from Ace hardware and elsewhere online under different names IMO works the best. Works on all fluids and mine is over 10 years old and still works like the day I brought it. Even they are pricey (25 to 40 bucks depending on where you buy them, but they work on thick fluids. Can't see someone spending 100 bucks or more for home occassionally use or wasting 10 to 20 bucks on the cheaper ones that don't pull thick fluids or last very long like the ones you get at harbor freight and other low end suppliers.

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Actually RC the unit I have I purchased from Princess Auto out of Winnipeg. It is designed for differential or transmission oil removal. Sae 70 or 90 weight Hypoid is very thick and I have used this unit numerous times . I see it now is priced just under $40.00 . It comes with 4 feet of oil line and a evacuation cannister . It is a manual steel pump handle actuated. I think I paid $25.00 back in the day for it .

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Hey got Part number or manufactures name and part number. I like to see it (goggle images). Is it hand crank, push pull, elect., or acordian type? I had no luck with the ones I got from autoparts stores in the US or harbor freight types.

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No Problem RC . Princess Auto PN SKU8057425 .
As I said it has a steel plunger (push pull) style. I have had mine for over 15 yrs . Have not needed to use for the OP"s application since all my mowers or blowers have had a drain plug under the sump , but this unit would do the job easily .

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goggled it and you are right that would do the job. Haven't seen them in my neck of the woods for 30 or so years (or maybe I have been looking for them???) Gas station that I worked at back in the 60's had exact or similar one and it indeed done it all... Thanks for the infor that is well worth the 40 bucks listed. Hopefully they are available down here in the land of the china knockoffs.

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