Governor Set-Up - Techumseh 8 hp (?)

cityboyinburbs(7b)December 7, 2013

Sears 8 hp Leaf Vac --
Motor is a Sears Model 143.979005
It's a Techumseh

I rebuilt the Carb, but, did not note OEM position of Governor

Actually, I did mark it with magic marker
- which did not survive carburetor-cleaner spray. (Dumb)

Motor will now Start -reluctantly- but once warm will stall.

Anyone with same device (or similar ??) who can tell me in
which position (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ) that rod should go?

Thanks in advance

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That should be a Tecumseh HM90-156005C (9 HP)

Service manual at the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Service manual

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Link looks good. Could possibly be in 4.Had you installed a new kit? Observation of the float level and quality of the fuel line? I also believe that the fuel cap vents through the threads -may be related to the stall warm.

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Rebuilt carb, - new everything except welch plugs.
I think I set float correctly,
I Installed new fuel lines, + added a fuel filter (& shutoff ahead of filter).
As to the governor, I'm having a problem reading/interpreting the manual somehow, there doesn't seem to be a definitive spot for the arm, .....or am I missing something.

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The person that is missing something is the one that wrote the manual. FYI: Many times the hole that the link is in is worn shiny. From an operation standpoint, the float is just above level. If you had followed along in the manual, they have a measurement that you do when the carb is off and inverted. As far as you know, is this carb original? I assume that the new line is run through the shroud. Placement of a 125/ 150 micron filter is OK as long as somehow in its mounting it isn't creating a vapor lock condition. If you are using too fine of a filter, or a filter with a large body- that could be problematic. Is the fuel tank mounted on the engine? If I recall, the tank was not on the diagram. On a gravity feed system, the tank mounting has to be high enough to supply a steady stream of fuel through the filter.

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Just wanted to drop back in and tell you your advice on
*wear marks* was invaluable; haven't used it on leaf vac,
but magical in getting my snowblower working properly.


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