Not much contention at town board meetings

gandle(4 NE)May 8, 2013

The village of Monowi Nebraska is incorporated and has a population of one. Elsie is the mayor, town clerk and librarian, yes, Monowi has a 5000 volume library. Elsie also runs the tavern and cafe, surprisingly busy. It is really more of a pub than a tavern because there is a big box of toys over in the corner and if you want to buy a cup of coffee and read a book shes happy to have you. Ranchers from miles around come to eat and have a beer there. A sign behind the bar advertises"The Coldest Beer in Town". That it is since it is the only beer in town. Elsie has to submit an annual town plan to the state to get funding to pay for the elecrticty used in the 4 lights that light the town. If you want to check out a book from the library just ask Elsie for the key and sign you name on the register by the door. Elsie has been known to fire up a tractor with a grader behind it to take care of the towns street system. One street. Oh yes, she has to pay taxes- to herself and the amount reported to the state with a breakdown of what the taxes are used for.

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I love that! Can't get smaller than this and there is no gossip, no politics, no local crime ` a bit lonely for Elsie, how far is the next municipality?

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gandle(4 NE)

About 30 miles/

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Better than a one-horse town. You go Elsie!

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Yes "You go Elsie!"

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