Toro 20016/SN 220422054 front drive assembly

mvronDecember 27, 2011

I received this Toro minus all hardware(including the missing pinion gears) from the pinion gear out to the wheel. I got on Partstree,com and thought I had all the parts I needed. It seems to me that when I get the front axle together, there is nothing in place to keep the pinion gear from engaging when the front axle is engaged. It looks like the pinion gear spins freely - nothing to the attach the gear to spin the drive wheel. I noticed a slot (maybe a key slot) in the front drive axle. I think that all the washers are in place preceeding the pinion gear (I might be wrong). Is there something that goes in that slot that attaches to the pinion gear to drive the wheels? Appreciate any ideas.

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There is a spring and a pawl that goes in the slot, compressed slightly as the gear is put on. Use a good coating of grease too. These gears are directional and typically marked as so. Does the transmission work? Some pull the gears off to create less drag when the box dies.

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Does that pawl extend to the end of the drive shaft? If so, it looks like the pawl is broken because there is nothing showing in that slot. Are the parts #'s 39-9650 for the spring and 612066 for the pawl? I guess that the pawl is suppose to extend to the end of the drive shaft - is that correct(to lock in to the pinion gear)? Thanks much for the tip tomplum. I got this mower free. Everything from the wheel cup to the end of the drive shaft was missing.

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Yes, those are the correct #s. The spring recesses in the center of the slot, holding tension on the key. The flat side goes up into the gear. Grease the inside of the gears and slot liberally. Install the spring, then the key holding down on the key to slide the gear on. Then the locator washer and clip. The "R" on the gear should face the right hand side (from the operator position.)

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Thank you very much tomplum. I will further investigate - whether replacement or cleaning is involved with the spring and key.

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I haven't started the process of taking the remaining parts off the front drive yet. Other than making sure I keep all the parts off in sequence so I can replace them in the same order, is there anything else I should look out for? I was wondering if the drive shaft key runs completely along the slot in the drive shaft - back to front? That's how it engages the pinion gear? Hopefully today.
thanks again.

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After looking at the front drive shaft(no key slot in the most of the shaft), I will assume that the springs/keys fit on the end of the drive shaft between the wheel adjust lever and the end of the shaft. About how long on these springs/keys? One on each end of the shaft(two). Will I have to take the washers that fit between the wheel adjust lever and the end of the shaft off to fit the springs/keys in? thanks again for more questions than you really want to reply to.

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Correct. At least on the first part. First install the hardware that retain the adjuster. Clean up the shaft, slot and inner gear, then apply grease.You basically have the inner set of hardware, a washer outside the clip that retains the adjuster, the spring, key and gear go on next- then the final washer and clip. Having the parts break down next to you will help.

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