Bragging....just bragging

agnespuffinMay 18, 2012

#3 son and his youngest step-child.


I was driving Luke home from school yesterday when he mentioned that his assignment for his English class was to write a poem about himself. By the time we got home, I had written this for him:

I heard a voice say "Luke, my man,

You are the greatest in the land."

It was a whisper, barely heard,

But as I focused on each word

The praises grew, the voice got clearer -

Until my mom said

"Get away from that mirror!"


Yeah, I still brag when I have a chance. Anyway, I though it was sort of cute....even if he sort of messed up on the meter in one place. (I'll never tell HIM)

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I thought I would just add on to this one instead of starting another thread.

I get the uneasy feeling that a lot of the forums are being taken over by folks that don't have friends. And judging by their comments, it's no wonder! I think they must relieve the frustrations of school, job, or whatever by saying, or arguing as much as possible with the Unknowns on the Internet Forums. They just MUST have the last word.


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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Agnespuffin, your poem is super-cute!

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Although I don't know what a " meter" is I sure enjoyed the poem

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agnespuffin's sort of like tempo. For example, if he had said "on every word" instead of "on each word" it would have had a better flow.

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Sounds like he has some talent toward writing poetry, that's great. How old is he?

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Agnes, that was a wonderful little story----isn't he just the most fun?!!!

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#3 son is a cute kid....I raised him like that. He has a step-son by his first wife, who died a few years ago, 3 of his own kids, and 3 step children by his second wife.

The first step-son asked if he could stay with #3 after his mother died as he liked him more than his own dad. He helped a lot raising the 3 little ones. When the second wife and her 3 came along, everyone just seemed to mesh together well. It has really become a good lesson in how kids can get along. But my house is toooooo small for family get-togethers because they usually bring two or three friends too.

First step-son is now married, has a step-daughter and is expecting his first child.

If anyone wants to help sort out the relationships among this bunch, be my guest. I gave up. They get along and we are proud as punch with all of them.

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Agnes, to think that you started all this. If you had not done such a good job in bringing up your son, he would not have been able to pass it on. All too often it is just the other way around.

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Cute! Dunno how I hadn't seen this sooner? Cute though.

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