Honda 3013 Hydrostatic

Blanket(7b, 9b)December 3, 2012

I have busted a tire finally on a late-1990s era Honda hydrostatic lawn mower. The bag system alone is worth $200, but I've found out it would cost that to replace all four tires. Since I cannot replace the tires myself, I'd have to pay a serviceman, and I figure it's best to replace all of them since that is one area of wear that can't be easily fixed in a pinch. The engine had a $650 refurbishment a couple years ago and runs great, but without a front tire, it's awful hard to maneuver..... So I'm wondering whether I should sell it if I don't want to spend $200 just on tires or piece it out for sale or IF THERE IS A WAY to repair a tire with a torn sidewall????? What would you do??? Any buyers out there??? Deere has a rebate and I'd accept $200 in a cash, as-is sale. Anyone? What would you do?

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You can get front tires online for A tire shop would probably mount the pair (if you really feel they must match) for This seems to be more of a veiled for sale ad to me.

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