rob333May 6, 2014

âÂÂI donâÂÂt wanna read this book. Seems like it is about a girl who gets raped.â [and IâÂÂm a boy so I wonâÂÂt relate at all! And how can it be anything but a downer]

âÂÂYou have to read it. ItâÂÂs required reading to be DONE by the end of July.â [get started so you wonâÂÂt have to read it all in one night]

I take the book and read the page entitled âÂÂthe first ten lies they tell you in high schoolâÂÂ.

We are here to help you [his ears perk up]
You will have enough time to get to your next class before the bell rings [he laughs!]
The dress code will be enforced [he smirks]
No smoking is allowed on school grounds [I donâÂÂt even look at him cause I donâÂÂt wanna know]
Our football team will win the championship this year
We expect more of you here [downright guffaws!]
Guidance counselors are always avaiable to listen
Your schedule was created with your needs in mind
Your locker combination is private [we look at each other and burst out laughing! Someone locked his lock and he didnâÂÂt have his books one day. The next, he found out, the combination is in the office]
These will be the best years of your life [he shouts Lies! Lies! TheyâÂÂre all lies!]

âÂÂGive me that bookâ and he proceeds to read it, then reads some to me, reads some moreâ¦

âÂÂTime to put it down. ItâÂÂs time for dinnerâÂÂ

âÂÂAw mom, do I hafta?âÂÂ

CanâÂÂt get them into the bath, canâÂÂt get them out. Kids!

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Robb, your relationship with your son is great! Sure hope it stays that way, especially over the next few years, as he meets new challenges and ideas. But with you as his Mother, I know he has his feet firmly on the ground. Congratulations on a job, well done.

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I just luv your last line "CanâÂÂt get them into the bath, canâÂÂt get them out. Kids!"
So true.
You did good in getting him in and out.
It's not easy, but rewarding.

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Aw. All parents have to acquire this skill. It was just funny to me! Kids are just such a delight.

He "hates" that book so much, he hasn't put it down. Even though he has a recreational book I bought him for fun? Guess he's hooked. It's good book, tackling a really tough subject. But well done with the main character's point of view through irony. A real testament to high school and the nuances each kid must face, some parts even harder than others. I assume, since we haven't gotten there yet, that it'll apply to many situations, not "just" unwanted sexual encounters. It's called Speak and it's about how to handle speaking up in tough situations. The main character is raped. But she doesn't say anything. The first time. She practically can't say anything! The next time she's faced with the situation, she's processed what happened and reinvented herself; she is stronger and doesn't let it happen again.

I hope, with all my heart that the boy (almost 15 now) A) learns that when a girl says no it means no (since he is a boy, he can relate to that side of it), but also, B) that he learns it's right to stand up whenever something bad/wrong/inappropriate is going on. He's learned how to stand up to bullies and no longer deals with any in his life. But will it last? When the going gets really tough, will he fight to the end?

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I had not heard of the book "Speak" so I looked it up on the net and kudos to the teacher/school that made it required reading.
Especially for the age group you mentioned.
I saw that the book had been banned in some places, sigh and double sigh.
Glad you are taking such an interest in your child's education.
Kudos to you.

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That book was required by all ninth grade kids within our school only. I think.

This book is required reading by all middle and high school children, i.e. our whole school. They've encouraged we read it along with our kids for a commuity-wide discussion. Which I think is totally brilliant.

"EnriqueâÂÂs Journey recounts the unforgettable quest of a Honduran boy looking for his mother, eleven years after she is forced to leave her starving family to find work in the United States. Braving unimaginable peril, often clinging to the sides and tops of freight trains, Enrique travels through hostile worlds full of thugs, bandits, and corrupt cops. But he pushes forward, relying on his wit, courage, hope, and the kindness of strangers. As Isabel Allende writes: 'This is a twenty-first-century Odyssey. If you are going to read only one nonfiction book this year, it has to be this one.' Now updated with a new Epilogue and Afterword, photos of Enrique and his family, an author interview and more, this is a classic of contemporary America."

Here is a link that might be useful: Enrique's Journey

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