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ejmoore510(7)May 8, 2011

Time, thy name is sorrow, says the stricken

Heart of life, laid waste with wasting flame

Ere the change of things and thoughts requicken,

Time, thy name.

Girt about with shadow, blind and lame,

Ghosts of things that smite and thoughts that sicken

Hunt and hound thee down to death and shame.

Eyes of hours whose paces halt or quicken

Read in bloodred lines of loss and blame,

Writ where cloud and darkness round it thicken,

Time, thy name.

from Time And Life by Algernon Charles Swinburne

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ej---I'm sorry----I thought I left a message on here two hours ago!
The brain is really on 2 cylinders today! :o)

This quote is like something that comes in the night---it also reminds me of a time when I was in the hospital with viral meningitis some years back. The pain was so bad in my head I begged to die...moaning for days, screaming if someone forgot and turned on the big light, having all kinds of hallucinations----if there is a Hell you can visit and come back from, I was there, and your quote nailed it.

You've made me grateful to be alive, all over again!

Thank you, my friend.

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