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rob333May 19, 2011

If it isn't already. The coolest proposal I've ever seen. It has action, comedy, romance. Ah. All of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marriage proposal

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I can't believe no one has watched this! It's so cute. He has her brother take her to a movie theater to see a special showing of a movie coming out. She thinks. The movie starts up and all it shows is from the neck down, two men talking. She immediately knows the voices: her dad and her about to be fiance. There is more, much more. It's awesome!

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Hon; I DID see it, but lightning took out my sound, so I figured I'd better wait 'til I fix 'whatever' before I'd say anything...

It WAS cute to at least watch, though---thank you!

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Sounds is really important. The first few moments the dad's talk is so wonderful.

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