Is there something else that I can use as seat in a Tec.carb?

andyma_gwDecember 1, 2011

A few weeks ago I was talking about rebuilding the carb to an HM100. Carb parts cost me $38. This carb just needs the viton seat. I called my parts guy and he want 18$ for the entire kit. A bowl gasket , some welch plugs, a new main jet . and a needle and seat. Somebody mentioned that a B+S seat worked better and provided a p/n . Silly me, I should have written it down. So now I'm relying upon the kindness of strangers.

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I found the post with the B+S p/n once I started looking. And you know what? I can buy it closer and from a better outfit than the pirate. Thank you Tom Plum

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Here's where that came from. Sorry it's a bit long. For a while Tec N&S kits (631021b) were difficult to get from some Tecumseh distributors. The replacement at the time was the OEP kit, which had some issues w/ the seat. In fact, OEP recalled a bunch. What worked on the standard WPM engines was the seat from the Briggs 398188 (IE Quantum N&S kit). The ID of the seat is close, but smaller than the standard Tec, required a small float adjustment that you'd do anyways. Would smaller affect a 10 HP, I dunno. Briggs color codes their seats. The Quantum style is reddish brown, the 394681(IE the old OP twin style) is green with a slightly larger hole than the Tec kit. I don't know how well how well either would work on the medium frame Tecumseh. So if you have that old fruit jar filled w/ misc carb odds and ends, you may have one! This is assuming that your carb takes the standard Tec N&S kits and you don't have the old Walbro on your hands. An FYI a lot of the common carbs you see like on CV Kohler, Walbro on Briggs use similar bowl gaskets /seals too. Some Kawasaki's- (like in a Deere X300) use a bowl seal and float valve same as a Walbro /Briggs spec. Stens also has OEM Tec N&S kits (Stens # 056-154)if you are having difficulty sourcing them and you want to PU a handful.

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Thank you for the Stens p/n, Tomplum. Prolly makes no difference but this carb is a Tecumseh on an HM70 snow thrower. Ive got 3-4 old flat head Tecumsehs , so a few extras would be great to have.

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I called the guy closest to me. I gave him the B+S p/n :398188. 4.80 $ out the door. I put evrything together and after a prime, it fired off without drama. Once again, this was in a Tecumseh HM 70. I ran the engine for 5 minutes. So .yes, there is something you can use. Thankyou for your help. Tomplum

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Cool beans. Glad it worked out for you!

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